June 24, 2019

Welcome back! Hope you're enjoying your summer. After taking the last couple months off we're now back at it getting the website ready for the 2019-2020 FHL Season. If you look around you'll notice that most pages are off right now, but you can still read all about the league in the Info sections. You'll also notice that the Archives are now up to date with all the stats from last season. We've also moved our champions picture there with all the rest now.

Right now we're in recruit mode...so if you want to join the league, or know someone that wants to join the league, have them fill out their info using the link below to our "Join League" page. That's the best and easiest way to get on the list if we have any openings this season.

Speaking of openings, we'll be sending out the email to register for the upcoming season on July 8th. So that's when to look for the email from us so you can respond and let us know if you'll be playing. The rest of the calendar info that we know right now is also online, which includes the date of the Rate Skate, Rep Meeting, Draft and the date of the first game. We've also blocked off the dates that we know we will not be playing, however, we do not have any of the game detail on there yet.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the summer and get ready for another season of FHL Hockey…