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September 16, 2019 Volume 16, Edition 1
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Rhett Schaefer6
Cam Barron3
Bo Beaupre3
Austin Mazur3

Play Makers...Assts
Ed Rose4
Brett McKenzie3
Matthew Schultz3
Who's Hot…
it's not political, it's science.

The facts are that the earth is getting hotter. If it gets too hot it will make it more difficult to make ice, and that will raise your costs for playing in any hockey league...so really, doing something about this is all about keeping hockey (somewhat) affordable.

...and NOT…
This section of the Gazette is usually for teams on a Hot streak or a Cold streak. But no teams in the league start out that way. It takes three wins in a row to get on the Hot list while three losses in a row will get you on the cold list. Important to note, a tie is neither a win or a loss...so a streak continues (either one) with a tie.

A team that has not lost in 5 games or that has not won in 5 games will also find themselves on one of these lists.

There you go...those are the rules.
Week 1 Intro :
Has it been that long? The little box up in the right corner now says that this is the 16th season that we've had an FHL Gazette. For me, this is personally my 18th season in the league. We have stats online that go all the way back to 1994, and the league was actually formed a couple years before that back in 1992. None of those stats from 1992 are around, but Tom Martin took over the reigns a couple years later and had everything stored in numerous Excel spreadsheets. Several years later I took over the task and brought the FHL into the Internet era and moved all the stats from Excel files into an online database.

To give you a little perspective on how long this league has been going, we currently have 12 players in the league this season who were born after 1992. Our youngest guys in the league were born in 1995, while our oldest was born in 1955. We have players in this league spanning four decades.

What's all that mean? Well, perhaps it's a message to the young gun rookies out there. Play safe, have fun, and remember, we've all got to go to work the next day. There are no NHL scouts in the stands and at the end of the season, each member of the Championship team gets a hat. So try to keep things in perspective.

Week 1 in Review :
Rangers 8   Galaxies 5 :
Moczydlowsky: Week one is in the books!

We had a good old fashioned barn burner.

Lots of goals both ways with the Rangers coming out on top.

Lots of creaky bones out there.

Lots of beers in the locker room.

It’s been a while since this returning rep has had to do a write up so stay tuned for my normal weekly commentary.


Akins: And so commences the era of the Galaxies with less of a bang, and more of a fizzle.

The Rangers opened the scoring early. From there the teams traded goals through the first 2 periods, with the Rangers putting up their 5th to go up 5-4 at the end of two. Unfortunately, the Galaxies forgot to match that 5th goal until late in the 3rd after the Rangers had already tacked on 3 more. Definitely glad to see the boys showing plenty of heart late to get that last one despite being down 4.

Not exactly the low-scoring defensive showing some may have expected from the Galaxies following the draft. Plenty to build on, however, and looks to be a fun season. Special thanks to Tim Raymond (2G!) and John Crisi (does every rep just go ahead and give him an extra jersey to keep or is that just me?) for subbing.
GranTorinos 8   Thunderbolts 5 :
Schaefer: Rough start to year with 3 missing players--opting to play with 9 players. The GT's got down early trailing for much of the 1st and 2nd periods. But near the end of the 2nd period, the GT's were able to tie the game up and take the lead, 5-4. The lead did not last long as the Thunderbolts came back to quickly tie the game early in the 3rd period, 5-5. Thankfully for the GT's their defense held for the rest of the game while adding 2 goals and an empty netter to finish off a 8-5 win.

Tymczak: First game of the season, and a rematch of of a thrilling playoff game from last season! We came out pretty fast, gt then started to carry the play for a little bit. Back and forth kinda thing..Rhett scores 2 more 3 straight goals to ice the game. I think only a couple guys have been skating and it showed for us. We'll be fine. We have another great group of guys! Fun fact, Rhett Schafer is on pace to score 140 goals with 0 assists.
Cobras 3   Marauders 2 :
Soper: Playoff style game. Great, I mean "amazing" goaltending on both sides. Thanks to JC (Crisi) and Ron "Oggie" Martina for subbing.
Sharlow opens the scoring season for the Marauders with a nice feed from Sladdy and Jay takes it the length of the ice and slips it by "June bug" Caldwell. 1-0 Rauds EOF.
Cobra-kai get one in the 2nd to tie it. Then it was time for the "Screaming and Fist pumping" Jude show to take over!! LOL. A shot off the post and in for a 2-1 Cobra lead EOS. Midway through the 3rd. Jay gets another off the draw from sub Crisi and Soap to tie it, 2-2. Then "say it isn't so" Jude bangs one home to seal it for the Kai.
Great back and forth game.
Ryan "Special K" Kirchiver grabs the POG honors on this night with 38 saves. Nice Rauder turnout at the Oakwood after.
Welcome back everyone, should be a fun season.

Filar: Welcome back to the FHL!

2 of the top rated reps faceoff with their terrible goalies in a preview of the FHL finals. Apparently I have that backwards, the two rookie goalies stood out tonight as both teams had some quality chances but were turned away by outstanding net-minding.

Jude B, in an effort to avoid being forced to play D with me, scored two goals with help coming from his rookie linemate Tony Batalucco. Joe Z added his first of the year as the Cobras hold off a strong Marauders team in our season opener.

Voodoo Winkler kept his curses pointed away from the Cobras proving my theory 'You don't s#!t where you eat' was a solid draft strategy.
Focus 6   SuperChiefs 1 :
Vincent: Kicking off the FHL season for the newly formed SuperChiefs against the year 2 McCaig Focus. The Focus got on the board quick and often with their new rookie Beau Beaupre. SuperChiefs struggled in their 1st game assembled and were only able to get on the board once with a beauty of a goal from Wypych. Besides that the Chiefs were held off the scoreboard and the Focus skated their way to an easy victory. Next up is Kluegels Broncos and we’ll be looking for a bounce back to get in the Win column.

FordTough 5   Falcons 3 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough opens season after picking first for the first time in club history.

Tough open scoring with Rookie Dan Middleton getting his first goal of the season from linemates, Lucatch and Menard. 1-0 Tough. Tough score again in the first to put the Tough up 2-0.

Falcons get on the board in the 2nd to cut Tough lead 2-1. Tough Sub Brett Meckenzie scores nice goal in sub role playing defense. 3-1 Tough.

Falcons do not go away as they cut Tough lead 3-2.

3rd Period, Tough score again by Rookie Middleton. 4-2. Falcons do not go away and score again late 4-3.

Falcons pull goalie and the James Yizzie gets the empty netter to seal the victory 5-3 Tough.

Falcons have solid defensive game. Samyn plays great in net for the Tough.

Looking forward to having the # 1 pick in action Monday night.

Thank you to Brett Mckenzie for subbing.

Bordeau: Wow what a pace to the first game!!! Richie has some speedy talented players!!
We gave them a few goals and keep trying to play catch up. Solid effort from the Falcons in week #1. No complaints. We will go at the T-Bolts next week.
Bullitts 6   Blackbirds 5 :
Lacaria: Volume 2, Issue 1

Season 2 of the Blackbirds. 2019 FHL season. New look Blackbirds trying to change their fortune after a quick out in 2018. Kal and myself return for the 2019 campaign. 2019 starts off the same way 2018 ended for the birds against DePaoli and the Bullitts.

Puck is dropped at 6:01pm (I have no idea what time the puck was dropped), game starts? Game gets underway? 1st period action and birds rep finds ways to hand goals to the Bullitts. Kal is equal to it until Bullitts sub Chapman streaks through the neutral zone untouched for a breakaway and scores. Birds fight back when Eric Peters puts one on Caldwell that slips through his legs. 1-1 after the first. 2nd period the Blackbirds come out firing. Score 2 goals to put us up 3-1. Bullitts answer back to pull within 1 but the Birds are equal to it and answer right back. 4-2 after 2. Rep is pleased with the first 2 periods of the season. Birds get complacent in the third and the long break from 2018 shows. We allow 4 unanswered goals throughout the 3rd. Birds get one back at the end but it's too late.

Bullitts take advantage of us and take game 1. Feels like we let this one slip away. Oh well, first game of the season and there was a lot to like about our play, rep isn't worried. We'll shake off the rust next week.

DePaoli: And so the season begins. There's a lot of new faces out there, and the pace seems a little faster.... or maybe I'm a little slower. The Bullitts and Blackbirds battled back and forth all game, with the Birds holding a 2 goal lead through most of the game, that is until half way through the 3rd period when the Bullitts sniped 4 in 4 minutes to take a 2 goal lead. The Birds kept coming and they brought it within 1 with 45 seconds left, but that would be the way it ended. It was a good clean game, and it's great to be back in FHL action.
Broncos 6   Diesels 1 :
Kundinger: Coming off their worst season in franchise, the Diesels enter the new season with high hopes. The game started fast and unfortunately it also started with a Broncos goal. Diesels rally back and tie it up. Most of the game stayed tight with the exception of 2 minutes in the third where the Diesels forgot how to play hockey and gave up 4 goals. That was it from there. Not the start the Diesels were looking for, but they are ready to get back at it in week 2!

Kluegel: Great opening night for the Broncos. After some steady pressure in the Diesels' zone, Nate Nalder slammed home a loose puck to score the first goal of the year and put the Broncos up 1-0. The Diesels responded less than 30 seconds later to tie the game at 1. 1-1 End of 1.

The tide seemed to turn in the 2nd period with the Broncos having several prolonged possessions in the Diesels' zone. Curtis Clark was finally able to crack DeMars on a beautiful unassisted goal, which was Sports Center Top 10 worthy. He walked at least 2 Diesels before pulling the puck to the far side of the net and putting it home. 2-1 Broncos End of 2.

**It is important to note that the author of this write-up (Kluegel) had to go get bandaged up due to a forearm injury with about 3 minutes left in the in the 2nd and did not return until about 6 minutes left in the 3rd. Therefore, I did not see any of the Broncos goals, which were scored in the 3rd**

When I emerged from the locker room, I saw that my team was up 6-1. Apparently Rookie Cam Barron went off and scored a hat trick in less than 2 minutes of game time...great job, Rook! Blake Smith added a tally as well in between Cam's 2nd and 3rd goals. Maybe I will stay in the locker room permanently from now on!

6-1 Broncos - Final.

Great performance in net by Jeff Dare, who bailed us out on multiple occasions!

Next up, the SuperChiefs on Monday! Short turnaround for the Broncos but we are up for it!

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Sep 16, 20195:00 PMRangers at FordTough
Mon - Sep 16, 20196:00 PMGranTorinos at Bullitts
Mon - Sep 16, 20197:00 PMBroncos at SuperChiefs
Tue - Sep 17, 20196:00 PMDiesels at Blackbirds
Tue - Sep 17, 20197:00 PMGalaxies at Cobras
Thu - Sep 19, 20196:00 PMThunderbolts at Falcons
Thu - Sep 19, 20197:00 PMMarauders at Focus

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
The leading scorer from the FHL starts off where he ended last season by putting in six goals in his first game. Ties go to the rookies in the race of those with at least three goals, but Cam Barron gets the next spot with a five point night (3g, 2a) and Bo Beaupre grabs the third spot this week.
Rhett Schaefer
Cam Barron
Bo Beaupre