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December 2, 2019 Volume 16, Edition 11
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Patrick Maloney3
Matt McCaig3
Nathan Radl3
Rhett Schaefer3

Play Makers...Assts
Jason Blair4
Who's Hot…
This is the Week 11 issue of the Gazette and as such all results are based on the known results up to Week 11 and at this time, the Broncos are still undefeated on the season. Only one tie blemishes their perfect record thus far. They do need to makeup a game for Week 10 though.
...and NOT…
The Marauders losing streak is up to four games now.
Week 11 Intro :
Well, so much for that pre-holiday issue of the Gazette that I was expecting to deliver. I had hoped that I would be able to get everything done on Wednesday, but that would have required all the teams that played on Tuesday to do their stats immediately and that didn't happen. But I did wait long enough to get all but one of them.

The schedule will stay weird in December, with a couple teams playing twice in the same week. I try not to do that, but we're running out of days where we can put makeup games. In fact, we'll actually be playing our first ever (since I've been in the league anyway) Friday night games later this month. Let's see how that goes.

Alright on with the show.

Week 11 in Review :
Broncos 5   Blackbirds 2 :
Kluegel: After a week off due to the Zamboni breaking down (again), we were a bit rusty in this one. We were finally able to open up a 2-0 lead early in the second period off of goals from Barron and Lince. The Blackbirds responded with 2 straight goals from Gorski and Peters to tie it up.

Matching roughing penalties on Barron and Hopkins seemed to light the fire for the Broncos, who scored 3 goals in 5 minutes of game action between the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd period...2 by Olszewski and one by Barron.

The Broncos would go on to win 5-2 and remain undefeated headed into the Thanksgiving break.

Big game from Chris Olszewski with 2G, 2A and the POG beer. Rookie of the Year, Cam Barron, chipped in 2G, 1A as well. Jeff Dare was feeling under the weather but played through it and played well. As he put it, this was his "Michael Jordan Flu Game."

Next up, Cousin Richie and Ford Tough on December 5th after the long break!

Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 11

Worst vs Best, Last vs First. Blackbirds vs Broncos.

Overall real close game. Broncos net the first goal and the period end 1-0. 2nd period Broncos score again to make it 2-0. Birds claw back with a few of there own. (Eric Luebke gave me permission to gloat about one of them so i will) Broncos are deep in our zone. Broncos take the puck around the back of our net but Birds rep takes the inside lane and as the Broncos forward tries to dish it out in front I lay down the lumber, block the pass, get the puck and saucer a pass down ice to Adam for a breakaway. Adam does the rest beating Dare top shelf over his glove. 2-1. Birds tie in up in the 2nd with goal by Eric Peters who out works the Broncos. 2-2.

Then the wheels kind of fell off. Birds jaw at the refs a little for multiple missed/terrible calls. Broncos score a questionable goal that involves a player swatting the puck with his hand past Kal. Ref says said player touched the puck with his stick before it crossed the goal line. Can the FHL get Toronto on the line? Broncos get 3 late in the 2nd through the 3rd. Birds can't buy another one. Broncos win 5-2. Overall really good game, I can confirm the Broncos are a good team.

Birds channel their inner Taylor Swift and "Shake it off." Monday we play our week 15 game week 12??? We face-off against the always potent GTs.
Focus 4   FordTough 4 :
McCaig: Somehow, some way, the Focus manage to escape this one with a tie at 20 seconds left in the game. Ford Tough might be the fastest team in the league and that creates some dangerous offense for them.

Focus came out flat and let Richie's team dictate the pace for most of the game. They played a solid defensive game and clogged up the neutral zone quite well. Big shout out to Dibble for sacrificing himself to block a shot with 5 seconds left that could have turned this one into a loss. Next week back to basics and smart hockey.

Next up, Filar's Cobras.

Samyn: Big match up as the Tough go up against one of the hot teams The Focus
Tough write up as I don’t have the score sheet and the game is a week old now………

But to the best of my recollection…
Quick start again with too fast teams. Even play, not many scoring chances but they are good when they happen.
Focus finally get one past the Focus goalie to take the lead.

Focus come right back with two goals, one off a McCaig backhander in the second.
Tough come back to take a 4-2 lead (I think)
Focus put together a fast line of Beaupre and McCaig. The Tough D hold the fort but McCaig manages to cut in and gets one to cut the lead to 4-3
Tough hold on but as the last second tick down McCaig takes a swing with his 9 Iron blade and slaps one in off my stick to tie the game.
Final 4-4.
Tough will rebound with a Turkey week pull ahead game with the Galaxies
Thunderbolts 2   Galaxies 0 :
Akins: Galaxies can't solve Tymczak, lose another one.

Tymczak?!?!? Yes, you read that right. Former FHL net-minder turned T-bolts rep was between the pipes and pitched a shutout against the Galaxies. Not that the G-men didn't have their chances. Mikey T just looked like his old self last night, including a big toe save late, and the rebounds he did give up didn't bounce the Galaxies' way.

McKenzie's sneaky ass opened the scoring on the second shift of the game on a nifty goal straight of the face-off that caught everyone off-guard. Thanks to Safah, who did an outstanding job filling in for Cholette, it remained 1-0, despite the Galaxies' parade of turnovers, until 4 minutes into the 3rd when the Bolts added another one. The T-Bolts' inability to hit the net from point blank range also helped. Some Galaxies pressure late in the game came up empty.

We were playing for the first time in 2 weeks, and only our second game in 27 days. And it showed. Hopefully a stretch of regular play will help us get the offensive chemistry going again. At least until our 4-week break over the holidays, that is.

Tymczak: Goals by Brett and Mazur, great goaltending by coach were enough to seal a victory, just kidding. The team played a Great defensive game, picking up loose pucks in front and tying up sticks. Close game throughout, but it felt like we had controlled the play for the most part. Crazy seeing Akin play forward. I guess you have to when you draft 9 guys that play d. Thanks to Vic for subbing.
Falcons 5   Rangers 4 :

Bordeau: Falcons face off against Returning REP "JC". I was out of town for the Holiday.
Looking at the stats sheet: Rangers score 2 goals in the first 2 minutes of the game, Falcons score 2 goals of their own to end the 1st period tied a 2 each.
The 2nd period had 5 goals scored, the first 2 again from the Rangers, and the Falcons score the next 3 goals to end the 2nd period with a 5-4 lead.
Shut down D from the Falcons? End the game with a very important 2 points!! Great Job Falcons and Chris P for subbing. Ref to JC's comments. ??

Bullitts 7   Marauders 3 :
Soper: Stuck in Cleveland ... see Bullitts writeup.
Happy Thanksgiving all.

DePaoli: The Bullitts come out strong and finally generate some goal scoring. It's hard to believe by looking at the score, but Krichiver played an outstanding game. We peppered him with shot after shot from all over the offensive zone. Congratulations to Pat Maloney who got the hat trick on his 40th birthday!!!
Diesels 5   SuperChiefs 1 :
Vincent: The Chiefs go into the Thanksgiving break riding a 2 game losing streak. The Diesels played a very consistent game throughout and the Chiefs were unable to find the back of the net except one time from Fink. SuperChiefs look to put this loss in the rear view and prepare for the Blackbirds.

Kundinger: Diesels come off a extra bye week with the last minute cancellation and you could tell they were rusty! Fortunately, Brandon was up to task to keep the team in the game shutting down numerous Superchief opportunities. Late in the first, Diesels strike first on a screened shot from the point. That seemed to spark things for the Diesels as they seemed to score almost at will the rest of the night. Nate had a great outing with 3G and Jason Blair with a 4A night. POG honors stayed with Brandon though with his first half performance allowing the Diesels to get warmed up.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone next week and good luck to all the hunters!
GranTorinos 10   Cobras 3 :
Filar: Scoreboard.

Schaefer: It was a close through the first half of the game. I wasn't expecting our team to get more than 4 goals but we got lucky and caught Brendan on a bad day. Relatively speaking the refs were good, the Zamboni driver was awful...left a huge pile of snow 2 feet away from the doors--game got started 20 minutes late.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Dec 02, 20195:00 PMMarauders at Galaxies
Mon - Dec 02, 20196:00 PMCobras at Focus
Mon - Dec 02, 20197:00 PMThunderbolts at Diesels
Tue - Dec 03, 20196:00 PMGranTorinos at Falcons
Tue - Dec 03, 20197:00 PMBlackbirds at SuperChiefs
Thu - Dec 05, 20196:00 PMBroncos at FordTough
Thu - Dec 05, 20197:00 PMRangers at Bullitts

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Four players with hat-tricks in Week 11, but only three slots available. Nice shutout by Tymczak in a subbing role for his own team.
Nathan Radl
Patrick Maloney
Matt McCaig