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December 9, 2019 Volume 16, Edition 12
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Patrick Maloney3
Austin Mazur3

Play Makers...Assts
Tim Alderman3
Anthony Batalucco3
Mark DePaoli3
Brett McKenzie3
Rhett Schaefer3
Shin Scott3
Garrett White3
Who's Hot…
Three wins in a row or five games undefeated gets you on the Hot List. Right now, no team qualifies....which is the first time in a while for that.
...and NOT…
The Blackbirds find themselves back on the Not list with three losses in a row.

The Marauders slide continues now with five straight losses.
Week 12 Intro :
Only one more game (for most teams) and then we start to get the rematches underway. Still a bunch of makeup games on the schedule and some Friday games coming. Make sure you look at the calendar and note that the Friday games are not on Friday on the calendar cause the do not fit (and hopefully we don't have many of them) so I didn't bother redoing that entire web page for a one-off event.

In other news, look at all the assists (Play Makers) this week. The list is huge. I don't think we've seen a list that long in quite some time. Nice work.

Alright, on with the show. Most of the Reps managed to get a write-up in before the (modified) deadline.

Week 12 in Review :
Galaxies 3   Marauders 0 :
Akins: Hardly recognizable Galaxies roster puts down the Marauders.

Let's see... Hall? Out. Heikkila? Out. Akins? Out. Cholette? Out. Hinkle? Out.

In were Nalder, Hopkins, Bordeau, and Contreraz. Hinkle was unexpectedly held over at work, so no time to get a sub for him and the Galaxies ran with 9.

Looks like Kalinski got the first goal barely a minute into the game. Boismier got his first of the season late in the first. Kalinski added another in the second and the game ended 3-0.

I'm going to assume Alex didn't see any shots in the 3rd on the way to his shutout. I guess we'll never know. This had to be bittersweet for fellow rep Bordeau, as both our teams are vying to stay out of the basement currently. And I'm hearing that Nalder and Hopkins played great on the blue line, so big thanks to all the subs! Looks like ol' Cpt. Galaxie should probably schedule more work stuff on game nights.

Soper: Thanks to Shin and Konstantino for subbing.
Marauders riding the struggle bus ... scoring is an issue.
Ford Tough next.
Cobras 5   Focus 4 :
McCaig: Well we ran into a hot goalie and threw everything we had at Caldwell. I even tried to put a few right through him. Cobra Kai gets the best of the focus this week, but we will take it in stride and come out better next week.

Filar: These guys are fast! Focus dominate start and end of game but Cobras hang on tight and pull out the win. I'm still trying to figure out where McCaig stores the puck when he does his toe/heel drag around me(after he's by me), pretty sure it's not legal!
A shake up in the lines seemed to work this week let's keep it going.
Diesels 3   Thunderbolts 3 :

Tymczak: Tie is not a loss, a tie is not a loss. We are good..had a chance late to win it but Brandon stoned Mazur on a break away with under a minute to go. Last game before we have rematches!
Falcons 5   GranTorinos 5 :
Bordeau: Falcons face off against the High scoring Gran Torinos. Back and forth battle all game! We traded goals every other shift it seamed like. "A" lines playing against "B" lines. Many of saves made by each goalie.
Two goals from each Rhett and Austin with one from Bryan S. for the Gran Torinos. They ran 5 Forwards and they were all good. Strong offense. Falcons are getting better every game.
Thanks to Dan M for subbing and netting a few goals for the Falcon cause. Two games next week/ make up with the Bullits

Schaefer: Bad bounces and didn't finish enough scoring chances...tied another team we should have easily beat.
SuperChiefs 4   Blackbirds 3 :
Vincent: The Chiefs have had back to back losses for the first time since week 2 so we were ready to get back in the W column. Facing off against a bruised, battered, and beaten Blackbird flock. The 1st period was back and forth with a beautiful dangle, snipe, celly from Wypych. The Birds took the lead in the 2nd but in the 3rd period, again our leading goal scorer, potted his 2nd of the game with a nice feed from Warren. It was quickly followed up by another goal from Fink who pounced on a rebound in front to take a 3-2 lead in the 3rd period. The Chiefs added an insurance goal from Dan V on a beautiful shorthanded breakaway from our blue line. Birds fought back with 1 more at the end to make it 4-3, but the Chiefs were able to hang on to the victory. Gardner made big saves throughout the game to help keep us in it.

Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 12

Rep forgot to write a write-up before Monday morning......Bad rep. We lost, they won. Close game, we had the lead going into the 3rd but we forgot how to play defense for about 90 seconds to start the 3rd and gave up two goals. Onto the Falcons in week 13.....
FordTough 5   Broncos 2 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces his protege cousin Matt’s undefeated Broncos.

Tough open game without our star goalie who recently got his first shutout of the year vs Galaxies. Unfortunately, Andy shows up to game as a healthy scratch due to not enough time to prepare for the matchup.

Marc Degagne joins the Tough for this barnburner.

Tough open scoring by former Bronco Brian Lucatch. Broncos tie game on a nice tip by Chris 0 1-1. Tough take the lead on a great passing play between Rookie Ryan Zach and Andrew Daehn. 2-1 Tough!!

Another star Rookie Danny Middleton then gets on the board to increase lead 3-1. Bitter for Bronco make his former rep pay, scores again. The Danny gets another to increase lead 5-1.

Broncos score late goal to cut lead 5-2. Game ends.

Tough outshoot Broncos 36-8. Jeff Dare played great considering the 5 goals.

Up next Superchiefs and Mauraders as the Tough try to climb to first place!!


Kluegel: Well, we don't have to worry about being undefeated anymore. We got outplayed and outhustled all game long. The Tough have a very good team and possessed the puck very well. We got what we deserved on this night, our first L of the year.

Despite the loss on the ice, the Broncos did defeat the Tough in attendance at the Oakwood by a score of 5-0.

Every year, it seems that the FHL has to implement a new "Richie Dalimonte Rule." A couple years ago they tried to buy out their lowest rated player and play with 9 for the season. This year, we need to review whether it's legal (and/or within the "spirit" of the FHL) to substitute your goalie even though your regular goalie is in attendance and 100% healthy. In an FHL first, the Tough subbed Marc DeGagne for Andy Samyn even though Andy was at the rink in plenty of time to least 20-30 minutes before game time. When confronted by Kluegel before the game, Andy claimed that he is "old and that is not enough time to stretch." Andy proceeded to watch the game from behind the glass. SHAMEFUL!

The Broncos are truly flattered at the lengths the Tough went to (including playing 9 guys) to hand us our first L of the season!

Do I sound bitter?

Next up, we look to get back on track against the Gran Torinos!
Bullitts 8   Rangers 3 :
DePaoli: Bullitts come out strong against a heavily subbed Ranger team, minus their Rep. Dave Gaines stepped in as rep and put a pretty solid team together, but we were running on all cylinders this game, and as the game went on, we took over. It was a tie game at the half way point, but then the Bullitts scored 5 unanswered to finish out the game. The turning point was in the 2nd when we went down on a break-away and 2 of our wingers following it up uncontested, and we didn't get a shot on goal, and the Rangers went right back down the ice with a shot, and the rebound left a wide open slam dunk shot, that somehow Caldwell stopped, and that started our scoring barrage. The Bullitts have 2 games next week, which gives us an opportunity to leap frog ahead a lot of teams if we can play like we did tonight.

Moczydlowsky: Word from the Lockeroom since rep JC was out:

Middeton subbed, got hatty, was a beast. We traded goals until it was 3 -3, then we had a few defensive lapses and Bullits 5 -3, Bullits were mauling Dany and Middleton. (especially Lefevre) Lefevre Dany and Middleton were playing hack in whack. Wasn't much of a hockey game in the 3rd as it was payback time. Refs could have made a few calls on some blatent hooks in the beginning of the game but they didn't so the game got out of control. All our subs were great.

Sounds like a typical FHL gongshow. I wasn't there but I could picture it now.Ref saying" you are a better skater than him you should just skate through that", then follows up by waiving off all the icings through the second half of the game because he realizes the voice is on and he forgot to hit record before he left the house, so rather than doing a job he is paid to do he just lets everything go.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Dec 09, 20195:00 PMFalcons at Blackbirds
Mon - Dec 09, 20196:00 PMThunderbolts at Rangers
Mon - Dec 09, 20197:00 PMDiesels at Bullitts
Tue - Dec 10, 20196:00 PMGalaxies at Focus
Tue - Dec 10, 20197:00 PMCobras at SuperChiefs
Thu - Dec 12, 20196:00 PMGranTorinos at Broncos
Thu - Dec 12, 20197:00 PMFordTough at Marauders

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Goals, goals, and assists get our three guys on the list this week. Props to Alex for the shutout in a subbing does not count in the standings though.
Patrick Maloney
Austin Mazur
Garrett White