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December 16, 2010 Volume 16, Edition 13
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Brett McKenzie3
John Pearson3

Play Makers...Assts
Tim Alderman5
Tom LeFevre4
Chris Perniciaro3
Albert Quattrin3
Who's Hot…
The Bullitts are the sole team on the Hot list right now having put together three wins in a row.

Honorable mention to the FordTough who would be on this list if we counted the order in which the games were played rather than the Week when they were supposed to be played...but we have to have some rules otherwise it gets too confusing, especially this season.
...and NOT…
Four losses in a row for the Blackbirds sees them on this list for another week.

Three losses in a row for the Ranges and now they are once again back on the cold list.

Six losses in a row is the count for the Marauders now.
Week 13 Intro :
The rematches begin this week and the schedule is weird once again. Make sure you check your individual Team page for the exact date and time of your games as that one always has all the full detail...meaning it has more information on it than I can cram into the calendar.

Alright, almost a full slate of write ups this let's get on with that.

Week 13 in Review :
Falcons 7   Blackbirds 4 :
Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 13

Heavily subbed Birds faceoff with the Falcons. We play a competitive game for a while but we make too many mistakes and the Falcons take advantage. Birds have one more game before the break hoping to carry some momentum into the new year. Thanks to Chapman and Garrett for subbing, they skated their tails off, we just could put it together.

Bordeau: Falcons face off against the struggling Blackbirds with 3 subs. No goals scored until late in the first period by the Falcons who get 2 goals in 4 minutes. We traded off 2 goals each in the second Falcons 3, Blackbirds 2 at the end of 2 periods.
Third period the Falcons out score the Blackbirds 4-2 for a important W against another team at the bottom of the standings.
Looking like it is going to be a battle for the #12 spot in the standings.
Thunderbolts 6   Rangers 2 :
Moczydlowsky: Well at least the beer was cold....

Tough to win subbing four and five guys every week.
Ref's continue to amaze me. Wave off almost all icings, calling offsides from the far blue line, I feel bad for the thunderbolts since the Rangers were given a goal (which did go in) but the nearest ref to the goal line was hovering somewhere near the blue line. He pretty much gave us the goal because we celebrated it. There was no way he saw anything.

Thank You to Wypych, Dustin Jones, Bordeau, and Dan Vincent for subbing.

Tymczak: A short staffed rangers team showed up to play, we did what had to be done. Great team win with everyone contributing! Looks to be a discrepancy on the scoresheet. So we'll have to figure it out.
Bullitts 6   Diesels 2 :
DePaoli: The Bullitts come out hot and jump out to a 4-0 lead. We let off the gas a little in the beginning of the 3rd, and the Diesels got a couple back, but then we finished it out with 2 more late in the 3rd. The common play of the day was LeFevre to Pearson for the tap in, as JP gets the hatty. Caldwell remains solid in net and stopped all scoring chances in the first 2 periods, which allowed us to get a comfortable lead.

Kundinger: Diesels tempted fate of the Gazette Karma this week with blank write-up last week. Even with Hockey God on our side, we were no match for the Gazette Karma. Bullitts score on 4 or 5 tipped goals to control the game early. Old man Caldwell plays great in net and the Diesels can only find a way to score twice. Big thanks to Vinny and Albert for subbing. Hopefully we break the curse with this submission!
Focus 8   Galaxies 2 :
McCaig: After that tough loss to the Cobras, the boys came out buzzin' and got things going early. Lots of production around the team and good chemistry throughout the game. 2 from Caron, 2 from Yamin, 2 from Beaupre, and 2 from Mccaig rounded out the scoring with Gadulka getting a couple helpers as well.

Next up, the marauders...

Akins: Galaxies get clowned by McCaig and Co.

Seems like it was 2-0 before the puck dropped, and it didn't improve from there. Not a good effort from the Galaxies. Gotta move on from that stinker and play better in our 2 games next week.
SuperChiefs 3   Cobras 2 :
Vincent: The Chiefs first game in a back to back schedule is against the Cobras. Filar sneaks in the locker room pregame to find out our team strategy which was to have the Cobras take as many penalties as possible! The refs were definitely involved a lot in this one, technically in our favor, although we didn't score on our 5 power play chances, and the Cobras netted a shortie. Anyways, tight game throughout with the Cobras up 2-0 when Wypych netted a beauty in the 2nd, and Magic Mitch tied it up in the 3rd. Alex "Win Big" Wypych got the game winner and the game had hard fought battles all over the ice up until the last second. Solid games from the Guardian and Captain Adorable "Sparks". It was nice to finally have our full roster available for just the 2nd time all season. Springer looked well rested.

Filar: We jump out to an early 2 goal lead courtesy of Joe Z, but the superchiefs rally back and score the last 3 to win. Refs were as good as the outcome in this one.
GranTorinos 5   Broncos 2 :
Kluegel: Got our a$$es kicked, credit the GT’s. We were able to cut a 3 goal deficit to 1 early in the third but that’s as close as we would get. Donald Trump would have called us “low energy” on this night.

Next up, the Super Chiefs

Schaefer: Overall it was good effort and game by the GT's. We should have scored another 4 goals or so--lots of missed scoring chances. Thanks to Tom and Pat for subbing, they played well.
FordTough 5   Marauders 4 :
Soper: Ford Tough are a solid team.
Good back and forth battle.
Kirch played great in net, lots of saves.
We just couldn't overcome the Tough scoring machine.
See Samyn write up.
Marauder scoring: Soapdaddy (2G), Sharlow and Cecott (1G,1A), Blair, Normand, Kenny and Kirch (1 A).

Normand took down the $32 pot in "Can-Up".
Good turnout at the Wood.

Focus up next.

Ford Tough have the second of back to back game looking to fight off fatigue and keep the momentum going against the Marauders and goalie rival Ryan Krichiver.
The forwards succeed, their goalie does not.

Tough carry the play in the first but can't find the back of the net as Ryan keeps them in the game with some outstanding goaltending.
Finally Ryan Z. sneaks one through and Middleton snaps one over the glove to build a 2 goal lead

Tough keep it up in the second but Soper makes a nice tip past the D and catches me flat footed and slaps one past my glove
A bad bounce out front finds its way to Soper again and the Marauders are back in it .
Tough keep the pressure and Yizze get the go ahead goal. 3-2 Tough.

Tough keep the pressure in the third and build a 5-2 lead off Middleton and Daehn.
Tough keep the pressure but take a late penalty and Cecott is able to slam home a rebound.
Just off the face off we lose the puck near the boards and Sharlow snaps a cheapy far side goal and the Marauders are back in it.
Facing a oh-crap moment the Tough forwards hold off the pressure and hold on for a 5-4 win
Thanks to Nate Nalder for subbing for the traveling Rich and thanks to my team for hard working win with no help from me.
On to MNH and the Rangers to finish the year.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Dec 16, 20195:00 PMFocus at Marauders
Mon - Dec 16, 20196:00 PMSuperChiefs at Broncos
Mon - Dec 16, 20197:00 PMFordTough at Rangers
Tue - Dec 17, 20196:00 PMBullitts at GranTorinos
Tue - Dec 17, 20197:00 PMFalcons at Thunderbolts
Wed - Dec 18, 20196:00 PMCobras at Galaxies
Wed - Dec 18, 20197:00 PMBlackbirds at Diesels

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Someone on the Thunderbolts needs to complain to their Team Rep that if he does not even enter his team's stats before Monday that there is no way that anyone on his team can possibly win any of the Three Stars of the Week.

Pearson with the Hat Trick and a bunch of assists between Alderman and LeFever round out the top honors this week.
John Pearson
Tim Alderman
Tom LeFevre