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January 1, 2018 Volume 14, Edition 16
Happy New Year
I probably should have made this the Christmas edition, but we had so many write-ups that were not turned in that I opted to wait...

Maybe that will be the last time I do that...but Happy New Year.
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Jason Blair3

Play Makers...Assts
Brett McKenzie4
Joseph Zalewski4
Kevin Caldwell3
Mitchell Fink3
Who's Hot…
FordTough stay hot with another win, and now have eight in a row.

The Bullitts also remain on this list now with their fourth win in a row.

The Mavericks get a tie, but that keeps their winning streak going.

The Broncos are also undefeated over their last five games and find themselves on the Hot List for the first time this season.
...and NOT…
The Focus get a tie, but a tie is not a win and that keeps them on this list for another week.

The GT have now gone eight games without a win.
Week 16 Intro :
Sixteen games are in the books now. Looks like we've got a week of jumbled games coming well as seven more games to make a push for Playoff rankings. Should be interesting.

Week 16 in Review :
Falcons 8   Cobras 4 :
Filar: Merry Christmas!

Bordeau: Falcons face-off against Cobras in final game of 2017 and team reps final game this season, going on IR for shoulder surgery. Falcons have another 3.5 rated player missing and able to get an early look at a possible 3.5 replacement for rep. Tom B. Anthony M. Thanks Tom F for giving me an early Christmas present.
Falcons score the first 4 goals early into the 2nd period, but the speedy Cobras fight back and score the next 3 goals by the end of the period to get with-in 1 goal.
Both teams trade goals early in the 3rd period and than the Falcons get strong goaltending from Kal S and also score 3 late goals to finish off the hard charging Cobras.
Thanks to my 2 subs Vic Q and Anthony M
Happy Holidays to all from the Falcons. See you all next year pulling off my best Richie D impression from behind the bench.
Bullitts 2   GranTorinos 1 :
DePaoli: What a way to end the year for the team that started out the year winning the championship!! The Bullitts face off against a hungry GT team that came out gunning for us. GT had a strategy for tonight, and it would've worked except Gardner had other things in mind, and he was able to shut them down. We were able to get 2 in, and that was all we needed. Unfortunately we were terribly outplayed in the postgame festivities, with the GT fielding 6 men to our 1.5. (Chris was late getting there, left early, and left his wallet at home).
All in all, the Bullitts enter the holiday season right where they want to be.
Happy holidays to all you FHL'ers!!! Be safe, have fun, and we will see you next year.
Im sure we will all miss 2017(year of the Bullitts).

Michell: GT come out trying to go into the holidays on a good note. I think we did that, playing a good defensive game against a solid Bullitts squad. This is the type of play we need to close out the regular season and be playoff ready.
Hope everyone has a great holiday season and we will bring it back in the new year!
FordTough 7   Raiders 0 :
McKenzie: Not a great end to the FHL Year, but we'll start back over with our full team.

Happy holidays!

Dalimonte: Ford Tough tries to avenge a few losses in a row to the top rated Raiders.

Tough open scoring at the 2:09 mark of 1st period as rookie sensation 3.5 Jason Blair gets the Tough on the board late in the 1st with fancy roof top water bottle goal. 1-0 Tough. 10 seconds later, another rookie sensation Chapman from Rea to put the Tough up 2-0 end of 1st. both goals scored while Tough and Raiders playing 4 on 4.

2nd period, Jason Blair get his second goal from Spencer and Chapman. 3-0 Tough. Raiders take 3 penalties in this period and Tough try to extend lead only to have goalie stop all chances.

3rd period- The rookie Fink Chapman Blair show as the Tough put 4 more in as the Raiders cannot stop the Tough offense and youth movement. 7-0 Tough.

Note to league, rookies taking a ton of cheap shots behind play (Slew foots, spears, slashes, take downs, etc). We all have to work in am. Please FHL brothers, you all know who you are, please stop the cheap shots on the new guys. I stress every game to keep our heads up as some players do not give a shit about safety. It is a no check league and we all have injuries we wish we could have avoided. I will continue to remind my team to not engage in this type of actions if provoked by opposing teams. We apologize if we have initiated this type of behavior. I promise to stress clean play every game.

Merry Christmas to all our FHL brothers and Happy New Year!
Marauders 6   Boss 5 :
Finger: Well Boss find themselves repeating bad habits of the past. We jump out to a 4-1 lead and give it all back. Hmmmm. Might need to get back to the war room and solve that. We get the early jump on goals by Smith, Rose (a beauty blast that beats Caldwell glove side) and Pearson Short handed.(slowly climbing on the all time list.

Joe Z answers with a rare slapper from the point (usually he is all "POOF" here I am now "POOF" I'm Over there teleporting but he took the lazy way out and scored from the point..We love Joe.. We do..

The Real problem was Ryan Jones Yes sir. Not only does he net the hat trick subbing for Soper, (who would have coughed up the puck several times, we were counting on it) but he also stunk up the joint last week when he subbed for us. Jonesy has now become our nemesis. You did not want to be on that list.

Rough game, lots of contact.. Boss fail to score on a 5 on 3 PP.. Pearson does gets his second of the game (short handed) Smith his second goal on a fake deke.(he actually did nothing and still found the net) but the slow bleed continued and the Rads pass us by. Got to hand it to the rads. They never quit.. Joe Z ices it with the GWG, another point slapper. yeah huh, two from way outside.

Thank you so much to Bryan Suave subbing for Andy and keeping it as close as he did. Too the drawing board. Mythinks the team avg age contributes to the leads being lost. Better work on our conditioning. Merry Christmas every one. 2 a days start next week!

Soper: What a come back......Marauders go down 1-4 with an upcoming penalty shot....the penalty shot attempt goes wide. Marauders kill a 5-3 and battle back for a 6-5 victory. Great way to head into the break! Marauders want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!
Broncos 4   Diesels 1 :
Kundinger: Good riddance to 2017 for the Diesels! Too many subs and too much inconsistent play shows up in the L column. Big thanks to Reagle, Konstantino and Martina for subbing! Have a merry Christmas everyone and a blessed New Year!

Kluegel: Another big win for the Broncos, who move to 4-0-1 in their last 5 games.

The Broncos would take a 2-0 lead by the end of the 1st period on goals from sub Jason Blair and Doug Wilson.

The Diesels finally got one by Brad Gough with about 7 minutes to go in the 3rd to make it a one score game. The Broncos would answer a few minutes later with a goal by Wypych, assisted by Maloney and Cam Schmidt. Maloney added an empty netter to finish off the Diesels. 4-1 Final.

Overall a great team win. Great goal tending on both sides as Brad Gough held the Diesels to one goal and Reagle stood on his head for the Diesels, thwarting many breakaways and prime scoring opportunities for the Broncos.

The entire Broncos squad (except Avila, out of town) went to the Sports Venue to celebrate the big W. Good times were had by all.

Merry Christmas! Looking forward to getting back on the ice to take on the 1st Place Ford Tough squad after the break.
Rangers 3   Thunderbolts 2 :
Vincent: This feels good to write. A solid win for the Rangers against a strong team in the Tymzcak-Bolts. Game started off with some strong play by both teams and finally the scoreless game was broken by Big Jay Adams with a beauty of a pass by Kenny Kasper. The TBolts fight back quick with a goal but the Rags add another with a slash filled mini breakaway tuck behind Alex. Rangers add another to go up by 2 and then are on their heels for the rest of the game as McCaig and the bolts turn up the heat. Rangers hold on to a 1 goal lead for the victory. And then the beer tasted colder, music sounded better and we go into the break happy. Great game by Reagle and thanks to Tom Lefevre for subbing for us, you played awesome!

Tymczak: We lost, Kepshire went Kepshire at the end of the game killing the last 3:40 of the game. Explanation I got at the end of the game was that we (the refs) have been getting bitched at by all of us reps for not calling penalties and getting the calls right that we will from here on out take our time to make the calls. So there went over 3 minutes at the end of a game. So instead of Kepshire going to the box like a good penalty taker, he goes section 8. And by the way the refs aren't going to step in and break up a scurmish. They don't get paid enough. Why can't we all just get along? Why do guys think that the scouts are there recruiting sweet fhl players? No one should be out here checking guys, cross checking guys, running guys. I guess I'm sick of writing this kind of write up. We knew what kind of game it was going to be when 2 minutes into it someone on our bench said "what the hell is wrong with that guy?" Just shook my head. Oh well, on to the next game.
Mavericks 2   Focus 2 :

Scollard: The Focus play the last game of 2017 against the Mavericks who have a damn good team this year. JC stayed on as a rep this year after two Toilet Bowl appearances and the FHL is better off as a result of this and his team will not be in the TB this year. The game was closely contested but the Mavs controlled the puck much more than the Focus did and had more scoring opportunities but Focus goalie Bryan Sauve played his best game of the year and kept the game close. It wasn’t until the middle of the second period when the Mavs broke the scoring seal and then scored shortly afterward to go up 2-0 after 2.

Bryan continued to keep his Focus team in this game until Boilermaker Rhett had enough of this and put one past underrated Mavs goalie Zach Cholette with the assists coming from Harpo Mark and Spitfire Julian. A few minutes later the Beer Burglar gives a cross-ice feed to Tom LeFevre who brings the puck into the Mavs zone and dishes to BM Rhett who gets a quality shot off which goes off of Tom’s glove for the tying goal. The action intensifies as neither teams wants to leave the rink with a tie but the Mavs put on more pressure than the Focus are able to and Bryan continues to stand tall. With 20 seconds left the Mavs try to feed a cherry-picker breaking towards the Focus zone from their zone but sub Long Hair Albert jumps 8 feet in the air (horizontally not vertically since this is a hockey game not a basketball game) and thwarts the attempt the game ends in a 2-2 tie to end 2017 for the FHL.

To all in the FHL have a great Christmas and 2018 on behalf of the entire Focus hockey team!

Upcoming FHL Action :
Wed - Jan 03, 20186:00 PMCobras at Marauders
Wed - Jan 03, 20187:00 PMMavericks at Boss
Thu - Jan 04, 20186:00 PMRaiders at Diesels
Thu - Jan 04, 20187:00 PMThunderbolts at Falcons
Mon - Jan 08, 20186:00 PMBroncos at FordTough
Mon - Jan 08, 20187:00 PMBullitts at Focus
Wed - Jan 10, 20186:00 PMRangers at GranTorinos

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Shutouts have been few and far between this season, but Brandon DeMars gets one and takes the Top spot this week. Jason Blair gets the hat-trick and Joe Z. puts up a six point night (2g, 4a).
Brandon DeMars
Jason Blair
Joseph Zalewski