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January 20, 2020 Volume 16, Edition 16
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Rhett Schaefer6
Mitchell Fink5
Eric Peters5
Bo Beaupre3
Jude Berthault3
Patrick Maloney3
Owen Winkler3

Play Makers...Assts
Austin Chapman6
James Konstantino4
Rhett Schaefer4
Cameron Schmidt4
Bo Beaupre3
Roderic Dolega3
Chris Finger3
Tom LeFevre3
Collin Peters3
Victor Quattrin3
Chris Vincent3
Joseph Zalewski3
Who's Hot…
The GT have now gone seven games without a loss, with a big win this week.

The Diesels find themselves back on the Hot list for the third time this season with another three game winning streak.
...and NOT…
That "a tie is not a win" thing must have inspired some folks, as this list is empty this week.
Week 16 Intro :
Lucky for the Gazette that we're using some dynamic tables for the Recognition section as otherwise that would have been quite a bit of typing. There are weeks when those lists only have one or two names in them, but not this week. That's probably as full as I've ever seen it. Quite the offensive outpouring this week (and we didn't even get all the scores from all the games submitted by press time).

Week 16 in Review :
Diesels 3   Falcons 2 :
Kundinger: Always a tough, physical game when the Diesels and Falcons meet up. Tonight was no different. Last match ended up with a fury of goals by both sides. This time, the defense tightened up as well as the goal-tending. Brandon had another stellar outing as well as Sauve on the other end. Diesels will take the 3-2 win and run! Really could have gone either way. Diesels get a day off before they finally get to play the Galaxies from week 10!

Bordeau: Falcons face off against te Diesels in week #16 already.
Tight game until early in the 2nd period, Falcons score first. But the Diesels fight right back and score 3 goals in 4 1/2 minutes.
Period ends 3-1. Falcons keep battling in the 3rd period and get the next goal with 8 minutes left to get within one goal. Strong goaltending for the Diesels keeps the Falcons off the board for the rest of the period and get the 3-2 Win. Another strong performance from the Falcons but 1 goal short again!! Keep working boys!!!
Thanks to Matt Springer for subbing.
Thunderbolts 4   Marauders 3 :
Soper: Rematch from Week 3. Rauds getting the win at that time.
Welcome back Ryan ... back from IR. And special thanks to Tom LeFevre for subbing for Slady last minute.
Mazur Lazer gets T bolts on the board first with a nice "stutter step" goal.
Bobby gets a tough angle goal in on Rogie from Soap. 1-1 EOF
Game continues back and forth. Wysocki gets a "how bout another bounce" goal ... off soap, Avila and bounces in. Conner ties it back up from Jerry. Mazur gets another and Avila ties it back up on a Slapper from Radman and Boom Boom. 3-3 EOS.
Albert gets the game winner with a couple left in the game. Puck bounces off Tommy Lef and right back to Longhair and while it's sitting on its edge he tucks it up under the bar. Unreal. Nice goal.
Final 4-3 TBOLTS.
POG to Boom Boom on his assist.
Cobras next week on MLK day.

SuperChiefs 10   Bullitts 8 :
Vincent: This was a wild game. SuperChiefs start the game with a blistering attack on the Bullitts and are able to take a commanding lead up 8-1 halfway through the game. But the home crowd played a big factor as chants of "BULL-ITTS, clap clap, BULL-ITTS! raged through the arena. The Chiefs soon saw their 7 goal lead slip to just 2! The clock ticked slowly by as the final buzzer eventually went off and the Chiefs captured the W. Great job by Doug Sparks bringing a variety of cold brews in the locker room, and hats off to Magic Mitch Fink for putting up a monster game (5G, 1A)! The Oakwood was full with the Marauders, Thunderbolts, Bullitts, Falcons, and SuperChiefs which is what hockey is all about! #makebeerleaguegreatagain

DePaoli: Well, apparently it takes the Bullitts a little longer to recover from the holidays, after getting our a$$ kicked last week, we find ourselves down 3-0 after 3 minutes and 8-1 half way through the game. That's when we finally got the holidays out of our system and started playing hockey. We scored 3 straight to make it 8-4 as the Bullitt chant got louder and louder with each goal, then 9-7, then 10-8 is where the game would end as we couldn't find a way to score in the last 6 minutes of the game. It was a wild roller coaster ride and a fun game to be a part of.
Broncos 3   Galaxies 2 :
Akins: Galaxies come up short, again.

What's a Gordie Howe Hat Trick again? Is it when a guy takes a penalty, blows it on a breakaway, and commits a crucial turnover that leads to the GWG? If so, then put me down for one of those! Sheesh, what a night...

Someone evidently forgot to tell the Broncos the game was underway, as Jones opened the scoring for the Galaxies just 8 seconds in. From there, the Broncos applied near-constant pressure. Thanks to Zach standing on his head (after Ubering from Ohio to get to the game!), the Broncos were held off the board until the final minute of the 2nd. Broncos went ahead early in the 3rd. Galaxies tied it up with just under 4mins to go on a really sweet play from Chase to Kalinski to Hall in the slot, who buried it with authority. Galaxies tried to hold on for at least a point, but Cap'n Galaxie flubbed a clearing attempt and the Broncos worked it around for a goal from the slot. Galaxies got some pressure and some shots late with Zach pulled, but couldn't get one past Dare.

Despite a ton of pressure from the Broncos (which, by the way, has to be the tallest team on average in the history of the FHL; I'm talking '97 Flyers tall), we played strong and for the most part made the defensive plays when we needed to or got a big save from Zach. Moral victories ain't gonna cut it though. G-men need to turn it up and get some wins down the stretch in order to have a shot at the playoffs.

Kluegel: The game didn't start well for the Broncos with the Galaxies scoring the first goal 0:08 into the game. Some miscommunication by the Broncos allowed Dustin Jones to walk in and get an uncontested shot. 1-0 Galaxies.

The Broncos had plenty of flurries and puck possession but were not able to put one by Cholette until less than a minute left in the 2nd period when Kluegel scored his FIRST GOAL OF THE SEASON (Reps, as I've been saying for 2 years, I need to be downgraded).

Curtis Clark gave the Broncos the 2-1 lead with a clapper from the point, which found the back of the net off one of the pipes.

The Galaxies were able to tie the game with 3:49 to go but the Broncos responded less than a minute later when Alex Lince found Cam Barron in the slot...The Rook buried it.

3-2 Broncos - Final.

Highlight of the night was Doug Wilson showing up to the rink AND the Oakwood after last week's "event!" The Broncos continue to win the Oakwood attendance battle with 6 Broncos going out after the game.
Blackbirds 9   Focus 7 :
McCaig: Wanted...

FHL team seeks consistent goalie. Must stop pucks and make tape to tape breakout our team. Will settle for someone who stops most pucks, but would be a last minute choice. Send in all resumes no later than Wednesday night.

P.S. Pads must match!

This ad paid for by Chris Gadulka

In all seriousness, both teams were putting on a shooting gallery this game. Constant back and forth action with just a couple more breakdowns on our end. Bo with a big 6 point night, Tommy with 2 ginos, and a lot of good offensive production out of the Focus. The Blackbirds buried the puck when they had their chances and we definitely hung Chris out to dry a few times. Still working out the kinks before playoffs, but now is the time to get some momentum before the end of the season.

Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 16

Blackbirds stumble into 2020 with 2 broken wings, a broken beak and a twisted ankle, things are looking bleak. In our first true game of 2020 the Birds take on the always dangerous Focus. Blackbirds New Years resolution borrows a line from Galaxy Quest "Never give up! Never surrender!" Birds come out on the attack early putting a lot of pressure in the Focus. Eric Peters gets us started right with goal early in the game to go up 1-0. Not to be upstaged by the last place team the Focus come right back and score 2 goals in 25 seconds, that McCaig guy is pretty good. Birds don't quit and return the favor with a goal of their own by Super Sub Vic Quattrin to tie it up at 2. Not a lot of defense being played as Birds rep swipes at the puck like its a beach ball and doesn't come close, Bo walks around me like a cone to put the Focus back up 3-2. Bo get another one mid way through the first to make it 4-2. Starting to look like the 2019 Birds are back until Eric Peter (#2) gets one with a few minutes left to pull us close 4-3. 1st period ends after with 7 goals on the board combined. 2nd period is no different as the Birds come out hungry and scored 5 straight goals. Adam gets 2, Eric pots 2 more for his 3rd and 4th goal, Beastman gets in on the action with 1. What team is this? I think we scored more goals in the 1st and 2nd period than the previous 3 games. Birds up 8-4. Rep reminds team that the Focus are not a team you can stop playing against as they can score in bunches. As the words leave my mouth the Focus put 2 in to end the 2nd 8-6. 3rd period i think both teams got tired of scoring and decide to lock down on D. Game gets a little chippy as the refs let us play. Birds do get a penalty late in the 3rd on what was a pretty mild penalty
given what some of the others that could have been looked like. Bo takes advantage of the extra man and scored with 3 minutes left in the 3rd to pull them within 1. The Birds sense a familiar feeling of letting a game slip away. EP answers the call will a minute remaining to cap a great night (5g and 1a). Bird lead 9-7 and that's how it would end. Focus pull the goalie late in the game but they don't score.

Game was a really enjoyable, lots of great scoring opportunities and perhaps 1 that was missed by the refs for the Focus.

Thanks to the 3 subs we had Brian Lucatch, Pat Coliton and Vic Q. They all played great. The line of Eric P, Vic and Brian scored 6 of the 9 goals. Electric!

As an additional part of the Blackbirds 2020 write-ups we will be tracking our scoring versus Bobby Bumble

Scoring for 2020: Blackbirds 9, Bobby Bumble 7

Bobby has some catching up to do on the Bumble.

Birds have two games next week as the schedule is more confusing than whether the Mach-E is a Mustang. Monday v Bullitts and Wednesday v Tbolts. Birds look to keep the drive alive.

GranTorinos 11   FordTough 4 :
Schaefer: This was probably the GT's best game all year. Came out strong scoring the first 7 goals of the game. Naturally as the game went on we started slowing down a bit. Wasn't happy with the last 5 minutes of the game/3rd period where we gave up 3 goals to make it an 11-4 game instead of 11-1.

Rangers 8   Cobras 8 :
Gaines Reporting:

Again, with lots of subs, Rangers are forced to play run in gun for the second straight week. Both teams were flying with very few whistles except to line up at center ice after another goal was scored. It seemed at times like a drop in game with lots of breakaways and not a lot of defense. Subs Rhett and Albert seemed like they played on the same line all year because lots of blind passes by Albert seemed to find Rhett and spring him for another breakaway.
As the 8-8 score implies, plus another 4-5 pucks that clanged off the crossbars, I am sure both goalies had nightmares at all the rubber they saw in this game.
Thanks again to Rhett, Albert, Nick Menard and Giuseppe for filling in. Despite the score, Nick, Giuseppe and especially Matt S played really good defense in the 3rd to keep the score close.


Rangers somehow had 11 subs this week, while we played as drafted. Rangers spent the first period introducing themselves to one another and putting their name tags on. The name tags were very confusing to our defense, who consistently made beautiful tape to tape passes to anyone with one on. Rhett alone had 4 breakaways on perfect passes from us! Caldwell played pretty well but it was a shooting gallery out there.
Cobras proved they are resilient with a strong come back led by Owen and Jude with hatties and playmakers from Joe Z and Konstantino(4a). Great goal by Owen going end to end and roofing a backhand to help get us a late lead only to have Tyson bomb one in the corner late to send us to the locker room with a tie and real dirty feeling about the whole thing.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Jan 20, 20205:00 PMBlackbirds at Bullitts
Mon - Jan 20, 20206:00 PMMarauders at Cobras
Mon - Jan 20, 20207:00 PMGranTorinos at Thunderbolts
Tue - Jan 21, 20206:00 PMDiesels at Broncos
Tue - Jan 21, 20207:00 PMRangers at Galaxies
Thu - Jan 23, 20206:00 PMSuperChiefs at Focus
Thu - Jan 23, 20207:00 PMFordTough at Falcons

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
If the "Rangers Subs" could earn a spot, they would have the top honors this week because collectively they had 7 goals. That's not how it works though.
Rhett Schaefer
Mitchell Fink
Eric Peters