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January 27, 2020 Volume 16, Edition 17
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Rhett Schaefer5
Brett McKenzie4
Albert Quattrin4
Joseph Zalewski4

Play Makers...Assts
Austin Mazur5
Austin Chapman3
Dale Cunningham3
Adam Quattrin3
Who's Hot…
Had to go pretty far down the standings to find a team with a winning streak right now. But the 6th place Thunderbolts have put together three wins in a row and represent the only team on the Hot List. Tough competition out there.
...and NOT…
The Galaxies have lost three in a row and find themselves mentioned on the Cold list for the fourth time this season.

Likewise the Falcons have also lost three in a row and are now on the Cold list again.

The Focus have their longest losing streak of the season going, now up to four games.
Week 17 Intro :
Week 17 in the FHL goes in the books now as most teams are starting to think heavily about the upcoming Playoffs. I love this time of the season when teams try to jockey for position or to just get in. It also helps with the write-ups as the fear of Gazette Karma starts to increase and no one wants to risk not putting in a write-up.

So, full slate of write-ups on deck means I can cut this short. So I will.

Week 17 in Review :
Bullitts 3   Blackbirds 3 :
DePaoli: In opposite fashion of last week, the Bullitts came out strong, then fizzled in the end. We opened up the game with a 2-0 lead, then just made bad decisions for the rest of the game, and allowed the Birds to climb their way back, to the point that we were lucky to get away with a tie. On a good note, it was a fast paced game with a bit a grit thrown in, so it was fun to play, just not the result anyone was looking for.

Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 17

Birds roll into week 17 hot off their big victory against the Focus. Birds look to stay undefeated in 2020. This week we duel with our week 1 opponent the Bullitts. Good game by both teams Bullitts take an early lead but the Birds claw their way back. Bullitts dominate the 1st period but we win the next two. Game ends in a tie 3-3. Good effort by both teams. I was impressed by our no quit attitude. We move onto week 18 and a pivotal game against the Galaxies to keep any playoff hopes alive.

2020 score count: Blackbirds 12, Bumble 11. Bobby out scores us this week.

Onto week 18.......
Cobras 6   Marauders 2 :
Filar: Joe Z. the man the myth the legend. Joey put us on his back tonight and carried the Cobras to victory. 4 goals and a helper on the stat sheet but great 2 way play from him got the rest of us motivated to be our best selves out there and have one of our best performances as a team this week.

Soper: Joe Z all over the ice with 4 goals. Story of the night. JK and Owen add nice markers.
Blair and Bobby with nice goals for us.
Hope you are ok Jimbo. That clearing puck was just a nasty shot you took and from RK no less. :(
GTs next up.
Thunderbolts 10   GranTorinos 8 :
Tymczak: Defensive struggle.....its real! Being down 5-1 was not an issue, the thunderbolts rose to the challenge! We welcome back to the league Adam Quattrin, who made his presence felt right off the rip with a goal 1:30 into the game! Adam and Mazur seem to find good chemistry during the game getting some good chances. But the story of the game was the comeback led by Brett, Albert and Jimmy. All of our forwards took it upon themselves to make sure we would steal the victory from the Gran Torinos! See Rhett's write-up about his officiating grievance. Great effort by the guys! They never quit being down by several goals on multiple occasions! Awesome win!

Schaefer: The first half of the game started very strong with us leading 5-1. Sadly after that we imploded and decided to stop playing hard, mainly defensively. Had the bad refs who missed at least a couple calls and made one horrible penalty call.
Broncos 2   Diesels 2 :
Kluegel: Tough game against a hot Diesels team. Frankly, we were fortunate to get out of this one with a point. Peters and Diesels sub, Lefevre, were buzzing around all game. Jeff Dare made multiple "Hasek-Like" saves to help us get out of this one with a tie.

The Broncos played this one without Rookie of the Year Cam Barron, Alex Lince, or Doug Wilson. Subs Eric Chase and Matt Schultz played really well. Eric scored the first Bronco goal off of assists from Olszewski and Kluegel. Schultz played great D all game. Thanks to them for subbing on short notice.

Special recognition to Poodle for not only scoring the game tying goal for the Broncos with just under 4 minutes to go, but also having extra gear in his bag. He was able to supply Curtis Clark with an extra jock strap and Tomek with an extra glove!

Next up, the Rangers!

Radl: Diesels hit the ice with a vengeance after losing in their first meeting with the Broncos. There weren't going to be any Bronco 4 goal shifts this time. Diesels dominated the play all three periods and must have had a record number of shots on a goalie in the FHL. Jeff Dare stood on his head, sprawled on the ice, closed his eyes and flailed to keep his team in the game. This game could have easily been 10-2 but the Diesels could only slide two by the net-minder. Goals tallied by LeFevre and Radl. Broncos managed to get two of their own to tie the game up. Great game! Can't wait for our next meeting!
Rangers 5   Galaxies 4 :
Akins: Galaxies' cursed season continues.

As has happened all too frequently this season, the Galaxies allowed a goal in the waning moments of a period. Rangers got on the board with literally .01 seconds left in the first. They added another in the second and were up 2-0 after two. Galaxies tied it up in the 3rd on a couple of outstanding individual efforts. Jones carried it up and sniped one top corner from just inside the blue line. Later, Kalinski stole it along the boards in the zone, took it to the net, and buried it from a tough angle. The tie didn't last long and the Rangers went up 3-2 on a flukey tip. Hinkle got it back not long after with a low shot from the point. Once again, the tie didn't hold and the Galaxies suddenly found themselves down two goals. Jones carried another one into the zone and found the back of the net to bring the score within one. With Zach pulled late the Galaxies got some decent pressure, and even had the puck sitting on the goal line at one point, but couldn't put one in.

We really needed this one. Good effort again from the team, and from sub Chris O., but the bounces are not going our way. Only 6 games left to make something happen!

Moczydlowsky: Phew. That was close! First period was a hard fought battle back and forth with big saves coming from both goalies. It’s not until the end of the first period with maybe less than a second on the clock that sub Pat knocks one him when a feed fhl corner finds its way to his tape after tipping off sub Wypych’s stick.

Second period is a lot like the first with play going both ways until Tyson finds the back of the net after a nice dangle or two. ....this is when things get interesting. Game is 2-0 until about six minutes left in the 3rd and Jones from galaxies rtwisys a nice twister home from the top of the circles 2-1. Moments later kalinski come flying in and snaps another one past Marc 2-2. Very next shift Pat takes a shot from the point after a great keep in by Cunningham and JC gets a tip from the high slot that sneaks through the wickets of the galaxies goalie. Moments later the galaxies tie the game again but the Rangers won’t be denied the W. Big Jay finds the back of the net as he touches a goal home between the legs of the galaxies tender from a nice pass by Tyson across the crease. 4-3 Rangers. Very next Shift Dale C hits Wypych on the fly who takes it end to end and puts the Rangers up 5-3. Galaxies end up scoring another in the last minute to make it 5-4. With about 40 seconds in the clock Galaxies gain control in the Ranger zone and play breaks down. Mad scramble to the end but no more goals and the Rangers win.

Great game. Dale C with his 2nd ever playmaker and it happens in 2 consecutive FHL games. Congrats Dale. Thanks for subbing Korepta, Wypych, and Coliton you guys were great.
SuperChiefs 5   Focus 1 :
McCaig: In regards to this losing streak, somebody stop this ride I want to get off.

Vincent: The standings are tight. With a win we would be in a multi-team tie for 3rd place as the playoffs get closer. We played a very solid game all around doing our best protecting Sauve, who subbed for Gardner. We had a multi goal game from Mitch. A laser of a shot from Sparks, and a breakaway goal from Warren. Besides the goal scorers, the whole team played as a 5 man unit with great defensive play throughout. Special shout out's to Captain John Stadwick who had an excellent game defensively. Dan "Iron-Man" Vincent who kept his Games Played streak alive battling through flu-like symptoms making it since 2017 the last time he missed a game, dedication! And Bryan Sauve who stepped in the day of to sub for us and played a considerable role in our W. Thunderbolts next!
FordTough 4   Falcons 2 :
Bordeau: Falcons face off against the high scoring Ford Tough. With no leader Richie D the FT out score the Falcons by 2 to get another Win.
Falcons score first and than trade off a goal late in the 1st period to end it at a 1-1 tie. Second period the Falcons score first again at the 1/2 way mark, but cannot hold off the FT offense who score 3 goals in 4 minutes to end the second period. 4-2. OUCH!
Third period is scoreless for a FT 4-2 win. Falcons come up short once again. And we helped Andy's GAA. Next up Monday against the Cobras.

Samyn: Still fuming over the GT beer theft from last week the Ford Tough roll into a rematch with the Falcons missing Rep Rich for the second week.
Nate Nalder again steps up with David McLean to round out the troops.

Even start to the game as both teams get chances. Tough start to carry the play but Sauve shows no ill effects from subbing the previous game and gobbles them up. Falcons get some pressure, hold the zone and Alderman pays us back for the free ice time last week with a nice tip in goal. Tough come back with some pressure and Middleton walks out from behind the net and fires a high shot to even the score.

Back and forth second period as each team gets some good chances. Tough get caught pressing a bit and on the break out Alderman lofts a nice pass to Bordeau breaking in. I see it coming and choose to stay in net opposite the calls from Menard and Tom slips it under my blocker. The lesson for this night, next time lay Tommy out...
Tough come right back with some zone pressure and tip a cross ice feed in to tie the score. Middleton get some space in the slot and fires a hard shot to take the lead. In the closing seconds Ryan jumps on a loose puck and scores to make it 4-2

No scoring in the third as both team get chances but the goalies yield no ground. Nice D from Nate Nalder as he blocks several shots at the end and the Tough hang on to close it out.
Good clean game from both teams

Tough enjoy a FULL, COMPLETE, FRESH case of beer as we ponder what post game BS was pulled last week to end up with 13 skunky beers.......

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Jan 27, 20205:00 PMBroncos at Rangers
Mon - Jan 27, 20206:00 PMFalcons at Cobras
Mon - Jan 27, 20207:00 PMBlackbirds at Galaxies
Tue - Jan 28, 20206:00 PMBullitts at Focus
Tue - Jan 28, 20207:00 PMFordTough at Diesels
Thu - Jan 30, 20206:00 PMGranTorinos at Marauders
Thu - Jan 30, 20207:00 PMThunderbolts at SuperChiefs

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Another 10-8 game this week and thus quite a few goals in that one. The Committee Had to put the guy from the winning team in the first spot. And sorry Albert, but we couldn't have three guys from the same game.
Brett McKenzie
Rhett Schaefer
Joseph Zalewski