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February 3, 2020 Volume 16, Edition 18
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Dany Beaupre3

Play Makers...Assts
Tim Hopkins3
Who's Hot…
The Thunderbolts with the tie stay on the Hot List for another week.

The Rangers get on this list for the first time this season as they are now on a five game unbeaten streak.

...and NOT…
The Galaxies are now six games without a win....though they do have one tie in that stretch.

The Falcons losing streak increases to four games now.

The Focus are seeing things a bit blurry right now with a five game losing streak.
Week 18 Intro :
Late update this week as I was out in Austin, TX all last week and I'm still travelling today to get back home. Finally found some time to work on the laptop to bang out this issue of the Gazette.

So...full slate of write-ups from the Reps which is good as I can let them take it from here.

Week 18 in Review :
Rangers 5   Broncos 3 :
Moczydlowsky: For the first time since what has to be mid September we had the as drafted Rangers taking the ice. It was nice to have everyone in attendance especially since it was a 5:00 Monday skate.

Hard fought W for the Rangers as they take on the top seeded Broncos for the second time this year. We felt like we took it to the Broncos all game. We had a lot of possession, a strong fore check, our back checking was outstanding, and Marc stood on his head. At times it was like there was an impenetrable force at our own blue line that kept bottling up the Broncs and prevented them from entering our zone. There was a little controversy over a penalty shot that may had left the broncos saddles a bit chapped if you know what I mean. Big Jay was hauled down from behind on a clear breakaway and busted his elbow and shoulder off the ice, not able to take the shot RANGERS REP DIRECTS Beaupre who was on the ice to take the shot. Penalty shot ends up with a big glove save by Dare. Broncos bench was happy needless to say but Rangers have a history of not making other teams happy so why start.

Big Game coming up this week Wednesday against the Marauders. Rangers look to keep their 5 wee point streak alive and keep gaining momentum into the playoffs.

Kluegel: Not the best game for the Broncos. The Rangers outplayed us the majority of the game. The Broncos were down 3-0 and managed to cut the lead to 3-2 with 2:10 to go in the contest. The Rangers responded with 2 goals in a 30 second span to ice the game. Alex Lince added one more in garbage time for the Broncos. 5-3 Final. Congrats to Tomek on scoring his first goal of the year!

Time to regroup and get ready for the Cobras.

Special thanks to "Tony" B for subbing on short notice!
Cobras 3   Falcons 1 :
Filar: Great game from Cobras this week, though sledding against a strong defensive Falcons team. Joe Z, got us OB the board in the first, Owen picked up a rebound off a bomb from Jude to give us a 2-0 lead after 2. Tons of pressure from Falcons get us on our heels but could only get one by Caldwell. Sweet 200 foot snipe seals it for us this week.

Bordeau: "As drafted" Falcons face off against the Cobras in week #18. Falcons take it to the Cobras early and can not "penetrate" the strong net minding from Little Caldwell!
Cobras score the first goal late in the first for the lead. Cobras score the next goal mid way thru the second period, as the Falcons still can not put the puck in the net. Between strong goaltending and blocked shots from the Cobras we had many of quality chances with a zero still on the score board.
Falcons finally get a great tic-tac-toe pass play to find the back of the net off of Brendan's goal stick at the 3 minute mark of the 3rd period. 2-1 Cobras. Falcons throw the kitchen at the Cobras for the last minute but can only result in giving Tom F an long range empty net goal.
Another strong Falcon effort but come up 1 goal short.
OUCH!! Next week the struggling Focus.
Blackbirds 7   Galaxies 3 :
Akins: Galaxies' free-fall continues.

Galaxies got down 2 goals early, tied it up, and yada, yada, yada, they lost.

Another game where we skated hard, got chances, and came up empty-handed. Too many critical breakdowns at the most inopportune times to win hockey games. Despite our efforts, and despite a good locker room, we just don't click when it counts most. 5 more games to go.

Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 18

Blackbirds swoop into week 18 looking to extend their undefeated streak in 2020 as we face-off in a pivotal game against the Galaxies. Must win game for us is the pregame message...then again i'd say every game here on out is must win. Game is tight in the first as we score two goals early in the first but manage to give them right back to the Galaxies. We pot another before the end of the 1st to go up 3-2. 2nd and 3rd play out differently as we manage to minimize mistakes and out score the Galaxies 4-1 the rest of the way. Birds win 7-3. To quote Johnny Drama's from Entourage.....VICCCCCTORRRRYYY!!!!

I thought we played a very complete game this week. We made a few mistakes to let the Galaxies creep back into the game. We were making good heads up plays offensively and a few of our goals were great tape to tape plays. Excellent effort by the whole team. Thanks to Brett McKenzie for subbing.

2020 Score count: Blackbird 19, Bobby Bumble 13

Most people practice Dry January, Bobby went with a "Wet" January. Didn't keep up with the Birds score for January but it was a admirable month.

Onto week 19.....
Bullitts 6   Focus 2 :
McCaig: Switched things up a bit and went well for a while there. We have been battling these last 4 or 5 weeks and while we still didn't get the result we were looking for, we'll still compete and keep pushing for that win. Great game by the Bullitts, took advantage of the opportunities they got and somehow only kept us to 2.

DePaoli: The Bullitts jump out to a good start.... well, we got the first bounce as the Focus pinned us in our own zone for the first 3 shifts of the game, and had several scoring chances that Caldwell turned aside, until Garrett picked up a bouncing puck in the neutral zone for a break away goal. The Bullitts add another in the first as Perniciaro.... wait, is that right?? YES, Perniciaro steals the puck out of mid air, sets it down, gets in a shooting position, looks up, and snipes it up where Mama keeps the peanut butter. Late in the 1st, the Bullitts get lazy and the Focus take advantage and get on the board, and the Bullitts start seeing flashbacks of the week before. The 2nd period starts better for us and Maloney nets one 3 minutes in, then an explosion of goals with just 1:29 to go in the 2nd, as Layer one, the Pearson with less than a minute, but then the Focus come back with 38 seconds left to make it 5-2, and they pull their goalie with 5.6 seconds left and an offensive zone face-off. Garrett wins the draw cleanly back to sub Korepta, and from goal line to goal line, HE SCORES with .009 on the board. That would be the end of the scoring as Caldwell made several huge saves including stacking the pads and swinging the glove around the world on a point blank Conti breakaway. Great game Boys!!! McCaig, win or lose, always a class act and fun to play against!!
FordTough 4   Diesels 3 :
Kundinger: Last match-up against the Tough was a heart-breaker, as the Diesels surrendered a 4-0 lead to lose 6-5. Both teams came out as if it was a semi-final match in the playoffs. The Tough seemed to have a little more energy, but it was the Diesels that were able to fend off the early pressure and put in a nice rebound goal. Unfortunately, the next shift put the Tough on the PP and the Tough score on a screened shot from the point. Diesels answer with a breakaway beauty from Bob Jones to put the Diesels up 2-1 after 1. Second period is full of action both ways, but the only tally comes from the Tough after Danny Middleton capitalizes on a bad pinch by Coach Deke, tie game 2-2. Tough keep the momentum going in the third as Danny Middleton uses his patience to carry the puck across the slot and finally net it by a sprawling Coach Deke and Brandon. Diesels now down a goal late in the third and pull the goalie. Good clear by Tough finds Lucatch flying the zone to bury the easy empty net. 30 seconds left in the game and some confusion ensues as Scotty runs the clock after the EN goal, but big Joe Korepta smashes some ice to call order. "Stop the clock and put the time back!!" Off the center face-off, Joe grabs the puck and sends a lazer to the upper right corner on Andy, taking only 5 seconds off the clock! Diesels have all the momentum and manage to get the puck deep again for a final shot. Face-off at the circle in the Tough zone with 2 seconds left. The entire team stacked in front of the net waiting for the perfect bounce, but it never gets there with a perfectly defended face-off by the Tough.

Great playoff style game and hopefully a look at what may be the Finals matchup!

Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces rival Diesels in battle for Presidents Cup...

Ford Tough comes in with a couple of subs- Nalder and Shin.

Diesels come in with a winning streak and revenge on their mind as they lost the last 2 times we have faced one another. (Toilet Bowl, and early season collapse by the Diesels via a Tough comeback).

Coach Dalimonte returns to action after 1 month off.

Diesels open scoring on rebound goal by Ryan Jones. 1-0 Tough respond with Ryan Zack doing some fancy moves and getting a great pass from Middleton. 1-1

Diesels get a breakaway goal from the other Jones, Bob Jones to take a 1st period lead 2-1.

Tough tie the game on the 10th Danny Middleton Shot on net top corner over Demars glove, it was a beauty!! GO GREEN!! GO WHITE!!! 2-2 end of 2.

Danny Fires another rocket past U of M Demars 3-2 early 3rd to give the Tough the lead. Tough and Diesels defensive battle to the 30 sec left in game and LSSU Lucatch gets past the Diesel d for the empty netter.

Scotty runs clock to 10 sec and the Diesels yell and say WTF!!! Clock goes back to 32 sec 4-2 Tough lead.

Tough lose faceoff to Former Tough Member Joe Korepta and he rifles a wrist shot before the blue line over Andys's left shoulder to cut the lead 4-3 with 25 sec left (Puck is still climbing from my view).

Tough and Diesels battle to the end and the Tough Prevail!!! 4-3.

Andy Samyn plays out of his mind and is our POG!! Classic FHL Hockey Game! Demars plays unbelievable also. 42-24 T-D shots on net

Up next, another Ford Tough Legacy led FHL team- B- U-L-L-I-T-T-S !!!! CLAP CLAP - Repeat... MArk D:-)

I have your water bottles and will bring pre-filled for game...hmmmm
Marauders 4   GranTorinos 4 :
Soper: GTs jump out to a quick 2 nil lead on goals by sub Pat Coliton (after his own rebound) and Austin. Rauds come back with 4 straight. Conner gets us on the board on a nice shot from Sharlow and Sub Doug Sparks. Avila gets a roof top shot up where momma hides the cookies ... from Radcliffe and Dougie Fresh Sparks. Conner gets the 3rd on a sweet move after Soap and sub Vic feed CC with the biscuit. 3-2 EOF.
Vic makes no mistake down low from Avila and Soap on the Power Play. Sub Pat C. drives to the net and takes a shot on Krich ... Pat doesn't exactly get everything on it and the flutter puck slips past Krich for a 4-3 score, Rauds EOS.
Game goes back and forth till the GTs get the tying goal from Rhett with a little over 2 minutes to play.
Thanks to Doug and Vic for subbing for us.
Great reffing in this game by Scott and Jamie ... as always.
POG to Doug Sparks.
Big game against the Rangers this week.

Schaefer: Tough game, Soper's team is a lot better than their record indicates. Hard fought game, GT's got down early in the game 4-2 through the first half. But in the second half of the game were able to scrap back into it and manage to get 1 point out of it. Also watch out for the ginger, he's very sensitive LOL.
SuperChiefs 3   Thunderbolts 3 :
Vincent: Pretty big game as us and the Thunderbolts are tied for points through 17 games. Two very similar teams go head to head for the 2nd time this season. The first time we played them the game ended in a 3-3 tie. To no one's surprise, this game also ends in a 3-3 tie. Goals scored from Mitch, and Doug who both had strong games, along with excellent goaltending from Gardner in net. Oh and I also got in on the goal scoring action with an amazingly, beautiful, all talent tally to beat my former tender, Alex. That or as Alex told me after the game, "You're welcome for the gift goal!" I'll take it. Thanks to "The Wolf of Wall Street" aka Nate Nalder for subbing in.

Tymczak: Playing the superchiefs is like making out with your sister, played them twice..same result. 3-3. They match-up well with our 2 lines. Good game, we had the lead late only to give it up with 2 and a half left in the game. Oh well, still on the hot list. Up next the black birds with Mccaig subbing for Adam. I wonder how that will turn out?

Upcoming FHL Action :
Wed - Jan 22, 20206:00 PMThunderbolts at Blackbirds
Mon - Feb 03, 20205:00 PMBullitts at FordTough
Mon - Feb 03, 20206:00 PMGalaxies at Diesels
Mon - Feb 03, 20207:00 PMFalcons at Focus
Tue - Feb 04, 20206:00 PMGranTorinos at SuperChiefs
Tue - Feb 04, 20207:00 PMCobras at Broncos
Wed - Feb 05, 20207:00 PMMarauders at Rangers

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Dany Beaupre
Tim Hopkins
Dan Middleton