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October 15, 2018 Volume 15, Edition 5
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Rhett Schaefer6
Austin Chapman3
Albert Quattrin3

Play Makers...Assts
Ed Rose5
Pat DiMarco3
Bryan Steckler3
Who's Hot…
Three teams on the list this week. The Rangers keep their spot with a tie, the Thunderbolts get another win to keep things rolling with four in a row now and the FordTough join the party with three straight wins.
...and NOT…
The Cold list is empty this week... Several teams are on the cusp though, so we'll have to see how the games go this week.
Week 5 Intro :
Quick intro this week as I let the football game get in the way of working on the Gazette until late. What can you say...83 total points scored and the winner not decided until the final play. Now, on to the write-ups.

Week 5 in Review :
GranTorinos 12   Diesels 4 :

Schaefer: After waiting all year for our offense to finish their scoring chances, today was that day. The floodgates busted open after 3 goals in the first period and finishing with a total of 12 by the end of the game. Andy gave us some solid goaltending - subbing for Marc. Hopefully we can keep the goals coming next week.
Boss 3   Rangers 3 :
Finger: Boss geared up for the highest scoring team in the league and prepared to face that weaponized Fink of 1000 cuts. We know he can embarrass and beat you multiple ways and his early success has us rattled. Keeping him mostly in check and limiting his time and space with the puck, what we did not count on was coach Vincent doing all the heavy lifting. CV walks away with 2 grapes and an apple. For the Boss, the ghost, making a statement with 2 goals and an assist and just like that.. he will vanish for the next two weeks. The mystery known as Bryan (how did he do that) Steckler gets bumped to the first line and continues his point assault with the big playmaker . Who is this guy? where did he come from? Get his autograph! That's just good scouting right there. Game is back and forth. We hit 4 posts, they cause multiple goal mouth scrambles and the GOUGH doth stand tall. My personal problem is when my nemesis Long John Pearson scores their second goal with a patented 1-timer.. Booooooo!
Boss take a late lead on Hall's "I have no hands" goal but the CV Rangers pull the goalie and get one with 1/2 a minute to go. Boss dodge a bullet in the last 5 seconds when the Rags nearly score late. Again apologies to Mr. Fink for an accidental collision.. Thanks to Kenny Boom Boom Kasper for sitting in for us.

Vincent: This Monday night match up was a real good one. Coach Finger and the Boss boyz brought a powerful offense that was very difficult to slow down. The game was back and forth with multiple lead changes and some chippiness throughout that resulted in surprisingly 0 pim's for either squad. The game ends in a hard fought tie. Special thanks to Jason Blair and Long John Pearson for subbing in.
FordTough 4   Blackbirds 2 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces rookie team rep and FHL team Blackbirds. Tough open scoring as the D Pat Dimarco feeds Tommy Bryans and he finds opening to put the Tough up 1-0. Tough score again a few minutes later as Steve Upplegger gets on the board from the point off nice pass from Nick Menard 2-0 tough. With 1 second left, the Birds Rookie Nick Harris gets on the board to cut lead 2-1 end of first.

2nd period the birds out skate the Tough and get a nice tip in from sub Crisi to tie game 2-2. Thank you to our amazing goalie to keep the Tough in this period and game thus far.

3rd period, Tough power play, Nick Menard holds onto puck and snipes a roof top water bottle shaker to get the go ahead goal 3-2 Tough.

And like the week before, when there is an open net, you know who is at the blue line ready to skate faster than fast, you guessed it, our brother the D in for the game sealer!! 4-2 Tough!!

Ryan Reagle showcased his amazing abilities once again. The Tough get barely by this week to be on the HOT LIST for the first time this year!!! BUILT FORD TOUGH!!!

Up next the high flying Gran Torinos off a 12-4 beatdown on the Defending champ rep.....

Lacaria: Volume 1, Issue 5

Week 5 of the FHL season sees the Birds against Fordtough. Blackbirds start the game similar to last week, come out with a ton of speed and pressure on the FT, but FT netminder Reagle is equal to the task. FT get on the board first due to some sloppy play by the birds in our own zone. Bryans finds the twine. 1-0 FT. FT get on the board again in the first when Uppleger fires a wrister at the net from the point into a collection of bodies. Birds sub Gadulka never saw it. 2-0 FT end of 1. 2nd period action and the birds claw their way back into the game on a dump pass up to Garrett from Birds rep (thanks for the point Garrett), I didn't do much. 2-1 FT. Super sub Crisi comes through and ties the game up for the birds to make it 2-2. 3rd period plays back and forth by both teams looking to break the game. FT finally break through late in the 3rd on a nice goal by Menard. 3-2 FT. Blackbirds pull the netminder and have the puck past the goal line but Reagle like a true veteran kicks the net off to negate the goal in the refs eyes. FT get the empty netter to win 4-2.

Really hard fought game that we feel like we should have had. Mistakes early and penalties play a factor. We move on to next week and look to get off the snide against the Marauders. Thanks Crisi, Vic and Gadulka for subbing.
Raiders 6   Focus 3 :
McCaig: Well we're 4 games in and the best has yet to be seen. The Raiders definitely put the pressure on in the latter half of the game and were able to keep us at bay for the win. Great game by the Hoyt, Conti, and Raymond line. Once we work out the kinks, a hot streak shouldn't be too far behind.

McKenzie: Game starts off the drop with Bob-E giving it a backdoor attempt. Raiders then go down two and things are looking tough. Big Joe gets us on the board off a great pass from Eastman. Alberto ties it up and we square it off in the first.

Second period starts with another Hoyt goal. Bryan makes a couple of huge saves to keep us in it. Albert squares us up again off a pass long pass from Adam. McKenzie ties it up after his 10th attempt at the face-off goal. Raiders up 4-3 after two.

Third period goes back and forth for awhile, when the Raiders get a 5-3 powerplay. Still tough when Focus can throw out Hoyt and McCaig to kill it. We get enough space to put one in, Raiders up 5-3. Albert finishes it off with the final nail. Big win for the good guys, Focus have a lot of firepower.

Up next is Boss.
Thunderbolts 3   Marauders 2 :
Tymczak: Tbolts come out thirsty against the streaking Marauders this week ... and by thirsty, I mean we had no water bottles.

23 seconds in Soap and his gang of thieves go up 1-0 ... 26 seconds later, Brett scores and the game is tied 1-1. 2 goals in under a minute ... wowza! 30 seconds later, Donakowski rips a "blistering" shot from the point that had defied gravity with it's tremendous hang time ... very Jordan-esque ... to make it 2-1 Tbolts. Many chances by both squads until we go up 3-1 in the 2nd period with Brett netting his second of the night. Sharlow makes it 3-2 late in the 3rd, Marauders then get a penalty and still somehow almost tie it up. Both goalies played great, and a big thanks to Soap for letting us use one of his water bottles.

Soper: Special Thanks to Al and Finger for subbing.
Rauds get out to a quick start with a nice pass play from Soap to Al to J and J makes to mistake beating Cholette. Tbolts come right back and Brett gets a quick shot off that handcuffs Dare. Then Donakowski goes upstairs with traffic in front of Dare. 2-1 Tbolts EOF.
Game gets exciting with both teams getting excellent scoring chances and both net minders making great saves.
Brett gets another from Vinny. 3-1 Tbolts EOS.
Halway thru 3rd, Al get Soap the biscuit and Soap dishes it to Sharlow who goes wide and deposits it just past Cholette's pad. Rauds put on pressure but Tbolts secure the W.
Blackbirds up next with Rookie Rep G
Cobras 3   Falcons 1 :
Filar: Great game by the Cobras , especially Kaput and Grashik. Great hustle from all the guys, even JC got back to make a defensive play! Glad to have Wypych back to keep us off the cold list. Rangers on deck.

Broncos 3   Bullitts 2 :
DePaoli: Bullitts play a pretty evenly matched game against a tough Broncos team, but come up short in the goal department. Bullitts still waiting to play as drafted, I have to thank the subs for showing up or sticking around from the earlier game. Conner, Chris and Jude all played a good game and gave us a chance to win. Gardner was solid in net and also gave us a chance to win, we just didn't get it done. We won't come in as drafted next week either as we have almost half the team missing. It looks like the GM/Coach/player has his work cut out for him, except in the player category since I'll be gone too.
Good luck boys!! GO BULLITTS!!

Kluegel: The game started off with one of the Broncos' defensemen (Matt Springer) being late to the game, which made the Broncos uneasy as Springer also had beer duty! Fortunately for us, Springer got on the ice and avenged his tardiness by scoring the first goal of the game on his first shift with 5:38 to go...assist from Lucatch. 1-0 Broncos End of 1.

The 2nd period featured a goal by each team. The first coming on a Bullitts 2-on-1 where Collin Peters picked the top corner to knot the game at 1. The Broncos responded late in the period when Pearson fed the puck to Kluegel at the point, Kluegel got a snap shot on net and Pearson banged home the rebound. 2-1 Broncos End of 2.

Eric Peters would score a pretty unassisted goal with 7:00 to go in the contest to give the Broncos a two goal edge. Feeling the noose tightening, DePaoli decided to load up one line with his 3 top players for the last 4 minutes of the game. The Bullitts were able to get one more tally, but the Broncos hung on for a 3-2 Victory.

Once again, another outstanding performance by Broncos goalie, Chris Gadulka. Back at it to take on the Thunderbolts next Thursday!

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Oct 15, 20185:30 PMRangers at Cobras
Mon - Oct 15, 20186:30 PMFocus at Bullitts
Tue - Oct 16, 20185:00 PMFalcons at Diesels
Tue - Oct 16, 20186:00 PMBlackbirds at Marauders
Tue - Oct 16, 20187:00 PMFordTough at GranTorinos
Thu - Oct 18, 20185:00 PMBroncos at Thunderbolts
Thu - Oct 18, 20186:00 PMRaiders at Boss

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Coming in to this week we had one rookie Rep that had not gotten his first win on the season...well that's taken care of now as Rhett comes out and puts up six goals and two assists to help his team get their first 'W'. Austin and Albert take the next two spots each with the hat-trick this week.
Rhett Schaefer
Austin Chapman
Albert Quattrin