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January 22, 2018 Volume 14, Edition 18
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Rhett Schaefer6
Robert Eastman4
Mitchell Fink3
Cooper Strahan3
Joseph Zalewski3

Play Makers...Assts
Jason Blair3
Rich Dalimonte3
Matt McCaig3
Mike Normand3
Who's Hot…
The FordTough have now rattled all 10 wins in a row. That's now equal to the all-time record set by two other FHL teams. One more win and they own the record all to themselves.

Six games undefeated keeps the Bullitts on the Hot List for another week.

The Marauders make it back on the Hot List for the second time this season with three wins in a row.
...and NOT…
The GranTorinos are still in their slump. Now 10 games in a row without a win.

The Cobras have lost three in a row placing them on the Not List again.

The Boss stay without a win for a fourth game in a row.
Week 18 Intro :
Very nice. We have write-ups from every team this week. That's a good thing.

In other news, the FHL Banquet at the end of the season will once again be held at the Broadcast Booth in Allen Park. Yes, it will be a bit of a drive if the Finals end up going to three games, but I've been assured by some of the top contenders that they're all planning to win the series in just two games. So there's that.

Now on with the rest of the Gazette.

Week 18 in Review :
Marauders 7   Mavericks 4 :
Moczydlowsky: we lost

we stink

Soper: Barnburner!

"Bobby" Eastman scores first 4 goals of game, gathering POG honors for the Marads. Mavs comeback with the Sharlow Express. A 5-4 game is taken into Joe Z's hands and he scores the next 3. Rauds win 7-4. Great goaltending on both ends. Marauders back above .500 for the first time since August. special thanks to Jim Radcliffe for subbing. Reggie takes the “flip can” pot of $38 down in the room after.

Rematch next week: Battle of the Bays on the LC (Soapdaddy vs Beer Burglar).
Focus 7   Falcons 4 :
Scollard: The Focus come into the game one man short not subbing for Shinpad Denny but then sub John Crisi thought the game was at 7 not 6 so are now two men short playing against a good Falcons team with rep TB behind the bench recovering from rotator cuff surgery working the line changes and strategy discussions. The Falcons go up 2-0 in the middle of the first period and it looks like it will be long night for the Focus until Boilermaker Rhett gets the Focus on the board with the assist coming from Harpo Mark. The Falcons get another to retake control of the game until the Focus reel off four unanswered goals 3 from BM Rhett and one from G Man.

The Falcons get a PP goal with 6 seconds left in the second period but in the third period Crisi shows up to relieve the cardio issues a bit and BM Rhett get two more goals to not only give him a hat trick but 2 hat tricks in the game! Bryan played solid in goal and beer tasted good in the dressing room on this night as the Focus finally get of the Not List! Next up Soap Daddy and the Rauds and a bet payment will have to be made by the Beer Burglar from the last meeting - this goes against how he earned this name in the first place but a bet is a bet and must be paid up!

Bordeau: Wow we beat up a top team last week 3-0 and this week we get schooled 7-4 by the last place team!!! Got to come to play each week. Rhett S with 6 goals and an assist. Maybe next time someone should cover him????
Boss 3   Broncos 3 :
Finger: OK so it was going to be that day.. Moments before the start, coach is informed that the bookends of my draft would not be able to make it. Boss without #1 draft scoring but worse yet.. no Jimmy T who was responsible for Beverages. Boss spirits broken for both reasons but we forge on. Coach plucks two from the game before. Thank you so much to Brett Mckenzie and Nemesis Jones for subbing in late notice. But the biggest thanks goes to the Big Broncos who generously sent over a 6 pack after a toughly contested battle. (true sportsmanship and a grateful Boss for sure) what? the game? Oh right.. the game. Close one. Eric "Franchise" Peters starts us off with a blistering shot from the point that no one would stop with only 5 seconds left in first. Bronco's counter punch on a ridiculous display of hands by Wypych, from his knees dazzling the crowd and finding 5 hole. A rose by any other name scores during an uncharacteristic burst of speed getting to an opening where sub Brett blazed a perfect pass for a tip in. Broncos get the next two with Wypych (I warned us about him in the scouting report) Take the D wide and fakes Andy off his post. Later NATE follows suit with the same move. Brad Gawseome saves the game for the B-cos with an amazing, full split toe save on a pass across one-timer. WOW. time ticking away, Boss pull goalie and control the play for the last 1:50 finally cracking Gawsome with 5 seconds left.. Lazy old Ryan Jones was supposed to give us a hat trick but only gets one :) the goal mouth last second scramble. Great game, great sportsmanship. So this is what it is like to be in the other end of a last minute tying goal. Thanks for Champ Kluegs for keeping it clean and all the sportsmanship. He gets my vote for Rep of the year.

Kluegel: Another hard fought battle against the Boss, which ended in a tie for the second time this season.

The scoring opened when the Boss fired a slap shot from the top of the circle on a 2-on-1, beating Brad Gough off the post. 1-0 Boss end of 1.

Alex Wypych added the only tally of the 2nd period. 2-2 end of 2.

The 3rd period featured a lot of back and forth action. The Boss would open the scoring 0:27 into the period. The Broncos would score 2 unanswered goals by Wypych and an unassisted goal by The Pres Nate Radl. The Boss left their top line out for the final 3 or 4 minutes of the game and created a ton of pressure in the Broncos zone and the Broncos were unable to clear the puck. With the goalie pulled, the Boss finally jammed home the equalizer with 0:09 seconds to go. 3-3 Final.

2 weeks off until our next game, the odd scheduling continues!
FordTough 7   Diesels 2 :
Kundinger: Broken record of a season continues. Playing against Richie "Belichek" Dalimonte's FordTough could not have come at a worse time for the Diesels. It didn't take long for the FHL all-star team to get rolling and once it did, it didn't seem to want to stop. After seven unanswered goals the Diesels finally found a way to put a couple in past DeMars, but too little, too late yet again!

Kevin C. played phenomenally, but we just didn't help him with the rebounds.

Albert earned his sub pay with the 2 goal night.

Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces Protege' Diesels leader and gang on Wednesday night action.

Tough open scoring on nice play by rookie sub sensation Colin Rossman as he gets a pass from Fink. 1-0 Tough. Fink gets next goal on razzle dazzle moves a few minutes later from his fearless leader 2-0 Tough. Tough leader in the box, period ends.

Fink gets his 2nd goal of game with another unbelievable goal. 3-0 Tough.
Permanent sub Chris Caron in for phil rea gets his first rebound goal for the TOugh 4-0. Jason Blair gets on the board from Fink 5-0. Fink from Blair!! 6-0. Rossman from Blair in the 3rd 7-0 Tough...

ALbert in sub role gets 2 goals late to finish game 7-2 Tough.

Thank you Colin and Chris for subbing.

Up next Monday night 5:00 PM, Thunderbolts, top 2 players face off against one another! BUILT FORD TOUGH!!

Great game by Demars as he almost gets his 2nd shutout of season until late heroics by Albert and Co...
Thunderbolts 6   Cobras 4 :
Filar: We let another one slip through our fingers. Thanks to Brett McKenzie, Ruben and Blair for subbing for us this week.
Cobras spotted them a 2 goal lead, as one would, but fought back and even took a 4-3 lead but the Bolts rallied to grab the lead back and got an empty netter with time expiring.

Tymczak: Off the not list! Fast game, both teams skated hard. We went up 2-0 only to give up the lead. Then we lose the lead again. Then we take the lead back for good. Alex gave up a Lazer from the red line by Filar. Hardest fhl shot on record to date! He rebounded well with a stellar third period. Thanks to Rob Rowland and Avila for subbing! Up next is Ritchie and his potent tough!
Bullitts 3   Rangers 3 :
DePaoli: The Rangers come out hungry for a win and a chance to make the hot list right after climbing their way out of the cellar. The Bullitts didn't come out as hungry and struggled to generate a lot of offense. needless to say, we enter the 3rd period tied 2-2, when former Bullitt Matt Springer skates the puck through the neutral zone, walks around the D, and snipes one to take the lead with less than 6 minutes to go.
The Bullitts turned it on from there and scored to tie it up less than a minute later, then with a minute to go, the Bullitts press hard and take the puck to the net where it's centered for a tap in for T-Money, who buries it,but the ref waves it off with a few different excuses. "Your guy interfered with the goalie", "the net was off", all which were absolutely not the case, but the Bullitts have points to spare, and the Rangers are fighting for a spot in the post season, and earn a big point to help their cause.
All in all it was a good battle with a lot of up and down action. Both goalies made some key saves to give their team a chance to win.

Vincent: Congrats goes out to Matt Springer and his wife on having future FHLer, Jacob “C4” Springer last week!

A battle between 2 teams that are having very different seasons. Back and forth through out and the game ends with a controversial no goal call that benefits the Rangers to end the game in a tie. Short write up due to being extremely hungover.
Raiders 5   GranTorinos 2 :
McKenzie: Big win for the Raiders! Thanks to Brett for filling the McKenzie quota.

Michell: The struggles for the GT continue, we come out and play a solid two periods of hockey getting goals from Albert and James and playing solid team defense. The third period plays out in similar fashion until MED makes a nice save, flashing the right pad out and the rebound finds Hot Rod loafing down the wing and jumps on his stick. He makes no mistake putting the puck in the yawning wide open net. A couple minutes later the Raiders knock down a high puck in front of the GT net and it finds it's way into the net.
We just can't seem to catch a break, we had the better of the chances but couldn't cash in then the puck bounces the wrong way.
There is no quit in this GT squad and we are still in control of our own destiny.
We will bring it back next week against the Broncos!!

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Jan 22, 20185:00 PMFordTough at Thunderbolts
Mon - Jan 22, 20186:00 PMBoss at Cobras
Mon - Jan 22, 20187:00 PMFalcons at Diesels
Wed - Jan 24, 20186:00 PMRangers at Raiders
Wed - Jan 24, 20187:00 PMFocus at Marauders
Thu - Jan 25, 20186:00 PMGranTorinos at Broncos
Thu - Jan 25, 20187:00 PMBullitts at Mavericks

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Well, a double-hat-trick takes the first spot this week. Technically Rhett was in on all the goals with a seven point night, and a penalty or two...for the infamous FHL hat-trick.

Robert gets four goals on the evening and Mitchell helps his team with his five point night (3g, 2a).
Rhett Schaefer
Robert Eastman
Mitchell Fink