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January 29, 2018 Volume 14, Edition 19
Playoffs!?! Playoffs!?!
It's going to be an interesting sprint to the finish. Not much has been decided yet at this point. No teams are eliminated, which will make for an fun finish and the top few spots are still up for grabs as well. Have fun.
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Matt McCaig4
Austin Chapman3

Play Makers...Assts
James Konstantino3
Greg Pierce3
Ed Rose3
Colin Rossman3
Cooper Strahan3
Who's Hot…
The Bullitts continue their winning ways with another one in the W column this week. They are now undefeated over their last seven games.

The Marauders get the tie which makes then now undefeated over their last four games coming off three wins in a row.
...and NOT…
The GranTorinos have now gone 11 games without a victory.

The Cobras didn't lose, but they didn't win either. No wins in four games now.

The Boss have now gone 0-3-2 over their last five games. Two ties in a row, but that's still cold list worthy.
Week 19 Intro :
Alas, a week goes by and we have a few teams that were unable to get in either their stats or write-ups by the deadline. I suppose I could have waited for another day to see if they were able, but then it makes it look like I'm the one not getting things done. The show must go on.

Only four more games to go until the Playoffs begin... Much is still to be decided.

Week 19 in Review :
Thunderbolts 5   FordTough 4 :
Tymczak: I think we're tired. We are tired from chasing Austin Chapman around the ice all game! Fast game. The law firm of Mccaig, Cooper and Pierce do all the damage! We had control most of the game. Up 4-1 with a few minutes left tough gets 2 goals to make it 4-3. Mccaig answers to put us out of reach with 1:30 to go. Ford tough ruins Alex's goals against with a last second goal. Good solid effort by all! Mccaig with 4 goals, Pierce with 3 helpers gets a play maker award! Good game Greg, best game I've seen you play! Up next kluges and the broncos!

Dalimonte: Ford Tough attempts to extend winning streak to 12 games! Yes there was another game in the streak that was a makeup game from week 2 vs Rangers that allowed the 2017 Tough to set the new streak record, last week vs Diesels.

Tough face the most dangerous player the FHL has seen since Derek Lips retired and Mike Smith from years ago. Most can agree, Mr McCaig is a 6.0.

Well it did not take long for MC to showcase his abilities as from opening faceoff, he walks through 4 Tough players and the current top goalie Demars to put the Bolts up 1-0. Tough strike back quickly as rookie Blair puts a wonderful one timer to Phil Rea replacement Chris Caron and he rifles puck past AC. As the Tough celebrate, we realize our rookie superstar Fink is laying on the ice and not getting up. Coach rushes to see what happened and it appears Fink ran into a big McCaig Shoulder or vice versa, in apparent accident to which Fink does not return to the ice until 3rd period from Tough concussion protocol. And Mitchel finally shaking the stars from his head.

Well, loss of Fink did not help the Tough maintain their momentum and see the Bolts score 2 more from Matt and another nice pass to Bolts other rookie to put the Tough into a 4-1 hole after 2 periods.

Tough try to stop the bleeding and late 3rd Austin Chapman gets on the board to cut Bolt lead 4-2. Chapman strikes again soon after on amazing determined play. 4-3 Tough!!!

McCaig gets a great one timer from sum Yizzie and roof top water bottles one past Demars to stop the Tough comeback.5-3 Bolts.

Tough pull goalie last minute of game, Austin gets his hat trick with goal with 32 seconds left in game to cut lead 5-4. Bolts try a few times to get empty netter to no avail and Tough have a few late shots in Bolt zone to tie game.

I want to send a thank you to Rob Rowland and Rob Werk for subbing for the Tough!

Mitch has recovered from head injury.

Congratulations to the 2017 Ford Tough team for setting new wins streak record of 11 games. This is a record that was set almost 20 years ago.

The Tough face off against the Sope daddy and the Maruaders in attempt to avenge an early season loss.

We will be bringing out the new Head gear for this one.
Cobras 4   Boss 4 :
Filar: Well it's not a loss.

Finger: Speedy game, lots of back and forth. I think the goalies were the difference in this one as both were making solid or acrobatic saves. Lots of scrambling at both net. Blake Smith scores two, Eric Peters off the draw and Subbing in for the good captain was none other than K2 (Kenny Kasper) gets a big goal. Boss have a 3-1 then goals by Mccaig, Yzzye, and the Lewis comet puts our backs to the wall.. BOSS scramble late with a cobra in the box to tie it up When Blake followed his own shot all the way to the back of the net. Rosebud managed the field brilliantly with the playmaker and a strong game. With 6 ties looks like BOSS can play with anyone.. or it looks like anyone can play with us.
our plan is to sneak into the playoffs on the NOT list and catch everyone by surprise. Want to thank the Crew. Having a blast this year with great characters on this team.. oh its colorful in this locker room for sure. BOSS need a win, and a return to glory.
Falcons 3   Diesels 0 :

Bordeau: Here we go again. After lossing to the last place team last week, The Falcons put together a strong performance at both ends of the ice and shut-out the Diesels. Falcons goaltender Kal S. #1 star with his second shut-out in 3 weeks!!
Thanks to my subs this week Paul K and John C. for subbing.
Raiders 6   Rangers 4 :
McKenzie: McKenzie's first game back after a few months and we put together a strong effort to get the W.

Our Top line put in 4 goals, each forward netting 1. Prettiest goal of the year started with a strong breakout from G. Dolega and Layer did the rest weaving through the Rangers giving Reagle no chance.

Layer has a sick stat line this week with 2 goals 2 assists.

The boys are back it on Monday against the Bullitts.

Vincent: Tough loss for the Rangers as their playoff hopes dangle by a thread. Good game played by the Raiders top 3 (Dolega, McKenzie, Layer) resulted in the Rangers chasing the puck too much and not playing sound defense. Max effort needed for next week's game against Filar's Cobras.
Marauders 4   Focus 4 :
Soper: Both goalies have stellar games. "Kev-eldea" Caldwell earns POG honors for his netsmanship.

Tommy B. gets the Rauds their first on a nice deke after Blair and Konsti feed him the biscuit. Rhett gets one, go figure. Tommy B. gets his second on a nice "tweeners" deke on Suave from Konsti. Purple people eaters tie it again 2-2, EOS. Donakowski buries a rebound off a Rhett shot. With 3 mins left, Joe Z. makes a nice patient move to the net and slides one by Suave. Focus score another, 4-3 late. Rauds mount some pressure on the PP and Blair scores with 30 secs left to tie it from tommy and Konsti. "Keveldea" snares a Rhett shot with 2 secs left to keep it a tie. Playmaker to James Konstantino, nice work. Rauder 2nd line puts up a big "ZERO" just like our last President, that was the difference.

Rematch with Gumba, #1 next week.

Scollard: The Battle of Lake Columbia takes place with both teams coming in as drafted and also with 30 packs of beverages in their respective dressing rooms waiting for the post game activity. Before the game started it was not noticeable to either rep but after the game began the gold Focus visiting uniforms were strikingly contrasting to the blue and gold Marauder home jerseys and many players and even the refs had issues with this but the game went on anyway. In retrospect the Focus should have worn their purple jerseys and the Rauds their whites and it would have worked out much better but you learn as you go in life sometimes.

The Rauds strike first in this battle for lake supremacy but BM Rhett responds late in the first period as he frequently does to tie the game with the assist coming from Tom LeFevre. The Rauds get one to go up in the second frame but Spitfire Julian would have no part of this and splits the D and finds the five hole to tie the game again. BM Rhett makes a brilliant feed to Harpo Mark who beats Killer Caldwell to put the Focus up in the game early in the 3rd period. The Rauds get a goal to tie the game late in the period but Harpo Mark gets his second goal of the game shortly after to put the Focus back ahead.

BM Rhett gets called for the only penalty of the game with a mysterious tripping call giving him a Gordie Howe hat trick and the Rauds pull their goalie and end up scoring with 30 seconds left to tie the game. BM Rhett doesn't quit (he never does) with time running out and gets a quality scoring opportunity with 2 seconds left but could not find the back of the net and the game ends in a tie.

POG's in this game for the Focus were G Man who not only blocked two key shots, almost scored on a short handed breakaway, but also brought the 30 pack and Bryan "suave" Sauve who played another solid game between the pipes.
Broncos 4   GranTorinos 4 :
Kluegel: After a two week layoff due to schedule quirks, the Broncos were back on the ice against the Gran Torinos on Thursday.

The Broncos came out a bit sluggish and GT sub Blake Smith was flying up and down the ice early in the game. The Broncos found themselves in a 3-0 hole midway through the 2nd period.

The Broncos finally got on the board when Kluegel lobbed a puck from center ice, which hopped in front of Goalie DeGagne and beat him under his armpit. Less than a minute into the 3rd, FHL Rookie Cam Schmidt sniped a nice goal top shelf. 3-2 game. The Broncos continued to apply a lot of pressure but DeGagne made some big saves. After another intense offensive possession by the Broncos, GT was able to get an odd man rush and make it a 4-2 game.

With 1:17 to go in the game, Rep Kluegel is given a very questionable hooking penalty after Ruben drops his stick. The Broncos are now down 2 goals with a man in the penalty over, right? WRONG. It appears that Kluegel being in the box is the spark the team needed. With 1:03 to go, Nate Radl would score to make it a 1 goal game off of assists from Maloney and Avila. 4-3 game. Even though they were on the PP, GT iced the puck with about 34 seconds left. The Broncos would take advantage of this, with Pat Maloney delivering a cross ice pass to Avila at the point...Avila fires in a slap shot with 0:10 to go in the game. TIE GAME, 4-4 Final. We will take the point...

Ties 2 weeks in a row and it's amazing how different they feel. Last week we allowed a tying goal with 0:09 seconds left and it felt like a loss, this week we score with 0:10 left to tie it and it feels like a win!

Special thanks to Cierra for subbing.

Next up, the Thunderbolts!

Michell: Not even sure where to start with this game, both teams come in on the opposite side of streaks. GT win less in our last 10 and Broncos with one loss in their last 7 games. Both teams in need of points to stay out of the TB.
GT come out strong with Freight Train jumping on a loose puck behind the Broncos net and feeding sub Blake Smith for the first goal. Blake gets the second goal with a wicked clapper from a sharp angle. Albert gets a shorty on a break away for a three goal lead.
All is good right? Well, Broncos gets the next two, one on a crazy bounce from a center ice dump in. Albert gets another to bump the lead back to two.
All is good right? Bronco rep Sparty Matt takes a penalty with 1:17 left in the game, two goal lead, power play. All is good right? Crazy scramble, puck gets to the post and Nate the Skate pokes it past our sprawling goalie, 1:03 left. Broncos are putting on the pressure but the GT clear the puck to center ice.
All is good right? Fastest player on the ice makes no attempt to play the puck and the ref being asleep at the switch calls icing, face off in the GT end. Another mad scramble and Wypyh finds Avila back on the point with all the GT "helping out" down low and he fires the puck in the net with 0:10 for the tie.
All is not all right! GT did get an important point but once again get screwed by the zebras not doing their job. This has been happening a lot during our streak with refs taking a pass on "inconsequential penalties" which cause the puck to turn over and end up in our net, phantom icings etc.
Another pivotal game next week against the Focus!
Thanks to Blake Smith for subbing and helping out!
Bullitts 5   Mavericks 3 :

DePaoli: The long awaited rematch of #2 against #3 is finally here, and the Bullitts are missing our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th round picks. Coach goes into GM mode and puts a stellar pack together that controlled the game right from the start. JC's mighty Mavs only had 1 or 2 shots on net in the 1st period,and the Bullitts poured it on strong in the last 2 minutes scoring 3 goals. The Mavs score one in the 2nd, but we bounced right back and got the next 2 for a commanding 5-1 lead. The Bullitts got a little loose in the last minute of the game with the big lead, and we gave up 2. Big Mike was solid in net when the Mavs started pressuring later in the game. Special thanks to Ruben, Austin, and Jonesy for subbing and playing great.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Jan 29, 20185:00 PMRaiders at Bullitts
Mon - Jan 29, 20186:00 PMDiesels at Mavericks
Mon - Jan 29, 20187:00 PMThunderbolts at Broncos
Wed - Jan 31, 20186:00 PMFocus at GranTorinos
Wed - Jan 31, 20187:00 PMRangers at Cobras
Thu - Feb 01, 20186:00 PMFordTough at Marauders
Thu - Feb 01, 20187:00 PMFalcons at Boss

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
A second shutout in just three weeks earns Khaled a second top spot on the Three Stars of the Week this season. The rest of the list is dominated by the goal scoring in the same game with Matt and Austin both getting a hat-trick but Matt actually getting four goals.
Khaled Safah
Matt McCaig
Austin Chapman