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gzDate Volume 16, Edition 19
Playoffs!?! Playoffs!?!
So where are we now. At the start of last week, if you had 20 points or better, which eight teams already did, then you were guaranteed a spot in the Playoffs. The website was updated show that there were only 4 Playoffs up for grabs.

But now that another week has gone by, things have crystallized even more. A win by the Bullitts locks them in for the Playoffs as well now that the bottom two cannot get to 19 points.

Also, due to head-to-head wins over over the Galaxies on both occasions it's looking like the Rangers cannot be passed by with their 17 points, but I'm going to hold off another week from locking them in just in case there are permutations that I'm not considering.

That still leaves a couple teams on the bubble including the Marauders and Falcons.

The Galaxies and Blackbirds are not out yet...but they cannot keep losing while everyone around them gains points in the Standings...that's for sure.
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Patrick Maloney4
Tim Alderman3
Cam Barron3
Conner Cecott3

Play Makers...Assts
Jeremy Sharlow5
Vincent Ceccarelli3
Chris Perniciaro3
Adam Quattrin3
Christopher Warren3
Ryan Zack3
Who's Hot…
It's true, this is the first time all season that the Thunderbolts have made it onto the Hot list. Nice time to be peaking.
...and NOT…
Seven games and only one point to show for it (0-6-1) is what the Galaxies are lamenting right now.

Maybe not putting in a write-up will change things up this week ponders the Team Rep of the Focus. Good news, they have already clinched a Playoff spot even though they have a six game losing streak.
Week 19 Intro :
Alright, moving slow this week already and it's only Monday. Time to get this issue of the Gazette up and online as we can't wait any longer for the one hold-out team to put in a write-up. Fun issue otherwise.

Week 19 in Review :
Bullitts 7   FordTough 5 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces another protege led team in the Bullits. Coach Depauli is missing on this evening subbing Albert.

Bullits open the scoring with 2 in the early 1st period. Tough respond back with 5 straight and take a commanding lead. Danny-2 Lucatch- 2 and Yizzie getting goals.

5-2 Tough. All looks good until Pat Maloney and Co make a yuge surge and score the next 5 goals to get a 7-5 comeback victory over the Tough. B U L L I T S clap clap in Marks honor.

Thank you to Nate for last minute subbing.

Great game by Kevin C. As he holds down the fort.

DePaoli: Well, I wasn't there, but from what it sounds like, the Bullitts came to play.... other than the 2nd period, when FT scored 5 consecutive goals to take a 5-2 lead. It appeared to be all Bullitts after that as we came back with 5 of our own to get the win. Nice work Boys!!!
Diesels 4   Galaxies 1 :
Radl: The Diesels hit the ice against the Galaxies for the second time in two and a half weeks. Last time the Diesels came out on top 8-1 and were looking to have a similar performance. The Galaxies weren't havin' any of that and came to play. Galaxies went up early in the 1st and put the Diesels into a daze. Second period drop of the puck, the Diesels start firing on all cylinders again and pop in two within the first minute. One from sub Tom LeFevre and newcomer Mike Hochkins. Both teams battled back and forth throughout the rest of the 2nd and halfway through the 3rd until Ryan "Dangle Jesus" Jones tucked the biscuit in the basket. Tom LeFevre finished off the Diesel scoring with his second of the night to make it 4-1. Great game...its already starting to feel like playoffs.

Akins: "Every time we think we've hit rock bottom, we go a little further." - Luke Glendening, 2/3/20.

I feel ya, Luke.

Much like the Wings, the Galaxies are on hard times. It has been a loooong season. I tip my cap to the guys for continuing to hustle and keep it positive.

And we all owe Zach a debt of gratitude for showing up week after week and facing a ton of pucks.

4 more.
Falcons 5   Focus 0 :

Bordeau: Falcons face off against the high powered Focus offense in week #19. We lost to them earlier in the season.
Falcons continue their strong play and get 3 goals in the 1st period to put the Focus on their heals.Tight play and strong goaltending from the Falcons keeps the Focus off the board in period #2. The Falcons score 2 more goals in the period for a 5-0 lead going into the 3rd period.
Falcons playing for the 0 on the score sheet, shut down the Focus offense in the last period to get Bryan S his first shut-out of the year. Great game from Bryan and the team.
Falcons get a much needed Win to try and stay out of the basement. Thanks to Shin S for subbing. Next week the game of the year for us against the Galaxies!!
SuperChiefs 8   GranTorinos 4 :
Vincent: Taking on the GranTorino's is always a challenge. The game had a flurry of goals and big saves throughout. Gardner played one of his best games of the season stopping breakaway's and multiple point blank shots in the slot. McCaig, who subbed in for Fink, had an excellent game chipping in a pair of goals and assists. Chris Warren celebrating his birthday put up a playmaker (3A) and was strong on both ends of the ice. Sparks and Springer both drove offense from the back end and Finger was sound defensively shutting down the GT's big guns. The combo of Vic/Alex broke out of their "slump" with dominant puck possession and multi goal games. And Stadwick forechecked with the tenacity of a pitbull. Overall, very happy with the SuperChiefs team performance recently and looking to continue to build momentum before season's end.

Schaefer: Probably one of our worst games of the season. No one skated hard, a lot of coasting around, not covering guys in the slot, a couple weak shots got through, and a few unlucky bounces. It didn't help that the refs forgot their whistles at home--missed a blatant tripping call right in front of them and multiple slashes by both teams.
Broncos 5   Cobras 3 :
Kluegel: Big W for the Broncos against a surging Cobras team who had McCaig subbing.

This game was crazy...The Broncos led 3-1 late in the contest. With 1:18 to go, Alex Lince scored an empty netter to put the Broncos up 4-1. Game over, right? In the words of Lee Corso..."NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND!" The Cobras responded with 2 goals in the next 0:24 seconds...capitalizing on a 3-on-1 off of the ensuing center ice faceoff and then they tipped in a slapshot to cut the lead to 4-3. Cam Barron would add a full ice empty netter to complete the hat trick (off an assist from Jeff Dare) to finally ice the game. 5-3 Broncos - Final.

Great overall effort by the Broncos. Highlight of the game was a one timer by Blake Smith off an assist from Lince. Caldwell Jr had a great game in net for the Cobras, robbing the Broncos on multiple breakaway chances.

Next up, the Bullitts!

Filar: Tough week for Cobras, Broncos outplayed us tonight but we're had our chances.
Thunderbolts 4   Blackbirds 2 :
Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 19

Things get off to a rocky start for us as 10 minutes before game time we are still missing our goalie. Kal misunderstood the schedule change and we scramble to call up other goalies since we are the only game on make-up Wednesday. 6 skaters it is....

We get good pressure early on the Tbolts who look to be hanging back, no one enjoys playing on an empty net. We manage to score a goal to go up 1-0. Tbolts show a bit more energy and go on more of an attack. We do a good job blocking shots in front of the net but eventually one squeaks through, 1-1. Game nears the midway point in the 1st when we look up and see Marc DeGagne hustling in with his pads, 1 minute later in comes Kal. We go from no goalie to two goalies. Kal speed dresses and makes it into the net before the 1st period concludes. 2nd and 3rd period we appear to have lost our tenacity we show in the 1st. TBolts score 2 on us in the 2nd but we answer back with one of our own. 3rd period we can't muster anything against Alex. TBolts score an insurance goal to win 4-2.

Good game overall given how the game started. I would like to note my sparkling save percentage as i made a few before Kal showed up. Good time up at the Oakwood after the game, 4 Birds went up and the lonely TBolt was Al. Thanks to Marc DeGagne for showing up to help us out. We owe him one for making the drive over.

2020 Score Count: Blackbirds 21, Bobby Bumble 13

Onto week 20....MUST WIN

Tymczak: Tough matchup with the Blackbirds, with Gorski out and mccaig stepping in. Blackbird start the game with no goalie. Conversation on the bench was don't be a douche and take a slapshot to try and score. . Kind of backfired on us, because we came out pretty slow. Leave It to our sub to be a douche. Thanks, Pat for not making the Thunderbolts look bad just you. LOL Other than the start of the game with no goalie, the game was very competitive. . Once the goalie got settled in we settled into our game. Took a 3-1 lead. And never really looked back. Up next Filar dog and his Cobra Kai
Marauders 8   Rangers 3 :
Moczydlowsky: Rangers coming out flying!!!! Marauders cant keep up. Period ends 3-1 and then........ we take our foot off the gas pedal and give up 7 consecutive to lose 8-3.

Quick turn around against the struggling Focus Monday.

Soper: Ranger rematch.
Sub Spencer difference in this tilt.
Thanks for subbing.
Rangers dominate first period go up 3-1.
Rauds get next 7
8-3 final.
Sharlow (2G, 5A) Conner (3G) and Simkanin (1G, 2A) have great nights. Fantastic comeback for our hockey club.
VEEP gets his first goal of the year.
Blair adds two assists.
Jay and Conner on the POW list for sure this week.

JC shows at Oakwood to celebrate with the Rauds even though road conditions are bad. That’s what the FHL is all about ... comrades no matter what.
Vincent’s Superchiefs next up on Monday.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Feb 10, 20205:00 PMSuperChiefs at Marauders
Mon - Feb 10, 20206:00 PMFocus at Rangers
Mon - Feb 10, 20207:00 PMFordTough at Blackbirds
Tue - Feb 11, 20206:00 PMCobras at Thunderbolts
Tue - Feb 11, 20207:00 PMGranTorinos at Diesels
Thu - Feb 13, 20206:00 PMBullitts at Broncos
Thu - Feb 13, 20207:00 PMFalcons at Galaxies

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Well, we went back into the history books to confirm this, and it's true, this is Bryan Sauve's first ever shut-out in the FHL. Congrats on that...and with it you get the first star this week. A bunch of goals and assists from the other guys on the list (details above).
Bryan Sauve
Patrick Maloney
Jeremy Sharlow