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February 12, 2018 Volume 14, Edition 21
The Standings
I get this question just about every year as we get near the start of the Playoffs. Why don't the Standings reflect head-to-head matchups throughout the regular season?

Well, to be's just too much work. I try to make it easy on myself so that I don't have to spend hours looking at all the various permutations to rank one team ahead of another during the middle of the season. So that's why during the regular season the website simply uses the GF-GA differential to break ties.

However, when we get to the actual Playoffs the tie-breakers that are in the Rules section of the website are used to break all ties. That means that head-to-head game results are used way before goal differential.

Thus the Standings page may be different than the actual final results when the official rules are used.'ve been notified.
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Roderic Dolega4

Play Makers...Assts
Jude Berthault3
Who's Hot…
Recent losses by the top 5 teams in the league means that the #6 seeded Raiders are the current king of the hill on the Hot List. Four wins in a row now for them.

The Falcons bust through and get on the Hot List for the first time this season with three straight wins.
...and NOT…
The GT are now 13 games without a win. But they are still holding on to the last available Playoff spot.
Week 21 Intro :
Coming down to the wire for teams trying to get into the Playoffs. Looks like we now have TWO spots remaining with four teams all still alive to get in. What a finish it will be as well seeing as how those teams are mostly playing against each other to close out the season.

Week 21 in Review :
Rangers 3   Focus 2 :
Vincent: Big game for the final spot for the playoffs! Game starts off with an early goal scored by Donakowski that puts the Focus up 1-0. Rangers fight back late in the 1st period with a big goal from Springer after he drives hard to the net and puts one in past the out of position Focus goaltender. After a scoreless 2nd period the 2 teams go into the 3rd all knotted up at 1-1. The Rangers are able to take the lead by chipping in another hard fought goal by Big Bro Dan who is suddenly "on fire" with goals in 3 straight games. Again the Focus goalie poorly positioned and giving up massive rebounds. 3 penalties in a row by the Rangers puts them in a tough position but Lance "Mean Machine" Greane and the PK team are able to kill off the 5 on 3 with no damage to our Reagle. The Rags then get some insurance from a Lidstrom like shot by Owen Winkler that gets through multiple bodies and ends up on the Rangers rep's stick for an easy tap in because the Focus goalie was passing out rebounds like he was selling girl scout cookies. 3-1 Rangers. Focus add one more at the end to make it a 3-2 game and now the race for the playoffs is officially on! Thanks to Chris Warren for subbing for us. On to the Diesels next week for a Valentine's Day Massacre type game!

Scollard: The Focus and Rangers face off in the first game of the week the day after the Super Bowl none the less but that is the way the way the schedule works some times (hopefully we will lose the Monday games next year). Not too many victories in total between these two teams but at this juncture of the season the main focus for both teams is to try to avoid the Toilet Bowl and advance to the playoffs.

The Focus strike first early in the game when Harpo Mark gets one past Reagle the Beagle with helpers going to BM Rhett and Spitfire Julian. The Focus get plenty of rubber on the Rangers net including a 5-3 for more than a minute that could not be capitalized on but can't seem to find a solution to the Beagle and while this was occurring the Rangers develop a 3-1 lead going late into the game. BM Rhett takes matters into his own hands and gets an unassisted goal to get the Focus within one goal. Bryan "suave" Sauve gets pulled from the Focus net and significant pressure is applied but the results are still the same as throughout most of the game and the Rangers come out with the W.

Two games left in the regular season and unless your team has a "1" listed next to it in the FHL standings it is crunch time to be sure!
Broncos 3   Marauders 2 :
Kluegel: The Broncos came into the game looking to avenge an early season 5-0 loss to the Marauders. Kluegel had to pay his debt to Soper in the form of a case of Blue Light before the game due to the previous loss. Both reps would agree to place another wager on this game!

A lot of back and forth action in the 1st period but nobody was able to get on the board. 0-0 End of 1.

The Broncos found themselves on the penalty kill early in the 2nd...the Broncos were able to kill it off but the Marauders continued pressure in the offensive zone. Tom Bryans would tip in a Chris Warren slapper to put the Marauders up 1-0. Just over 2 minutes later, the Broncos were doing a nice job cycling the puck. Kluegel to Kinder to Cam Schmidt, who fired one on net and Alex Wypych was able to clean up the garbage. 1-1. The scoring would continue a little over 2 minutes later when the Broncos let Joe Z walk to the high slot and put a wrister by Brad Gough. 2-1 Marauders. The Broncos would respond one more time before the period expired, when Cam Schmidt fed the puck to Wypych crossing the goal crease...he would pass it over to Pat Maloney with a WIDE OPEN NET. Pat decided to do a triple axel before sliding the puck home. 2-2 End of 2.

The 3rd period featured a lot of scoring opportunities but the lone goal went to the Broncos. The Marauders were bunched up in their own zone, allowing Avila to break free to center ice. Pat Maloney would find him through the neutral zone for a breakaway...Avila BURIED it top shelf. 3-2 Broncos WIN!!! Broncos WIN a case of beer from Soap Daddy!

Next up, the Mavericks on V-Day!

Soper: Purple People Eaters vs Rauds. Two four on line.
Net minders playing great throughout (Kev-eldae and Gawesome). 0-0 EOF, Stone walls!! Rauds Eastman just misses two tips in a row and the salty veteran, Tommy two tone, has to show him how its done on the tip from Warren. Wypych comes right back two minutes later. Joe Z two minutes after on a sweet shot from Jackson and Soap. Back breaker with 16 secs left in period Maloney deposits one in front to make it 2-2, EOS. Back and forth 3rd period action, till the Rauds fight over a puck at the blue line and Wypch sends a streaking Bobby Avila in on a break away, top shelf. 3-2. Rauds sustain pressure but Gawsome shuts em down for the Bronco win.
POG to John Crisi for subbing day of. Thanks JC.

Sparty Steve led GTs next up.
Oakwood bar night after game ... get your hall passes ladies!!!
Boss 4   GranTorinos 2 :

Finger: Harder game then we were expecting. Boss come out with a much needed win. Eric "Franchise" Peters proves to be large this game with 2 goals. First goal on the first shift after Blake Smith carried the heavy load then a beauty drop pass and with the avenue cleared out for EP to pick his corner. GTs answer back 6 seconds later on a wrist shot that picks the glove side corner on Andy.
Franchise gets his second when BOSS send the entire team to crash the net and Eric finds a loose puck for the tap in. Game tied 2-2 when the play of the game happens. Short handed, Akins takes the team on his back and splits the GT Defense, gets the french goalie to open em up and slides it 5 hole. au revoir la selle. A beauty end to end, beat everyone goal. Coach takes credit as it was his yelling that inspired the effort. Sad that kids today have to be yelled at. That coddling just makes them lazy. Boss complete scoring when the seasoned Vet, Captain John Stadwick shows he still has the Jets and outraces a would-be icing. Goalie Pulled, empty net. Coach in front waving his stick, the captain looks off coach and feeds Rosebud for the gaping cage. Good (get even) call. Games get increasingly tough from here till its over. Boss hope they have what it takes.. we like sneaking in low flyers.
Falcons 4   Mavericks 1 :
Bordeau: Falcons face-off against the Mavericks in week 21. The Falcons score 2 goals in 38 seconds mid way thru the 1st period by FT sub Austin C.
The Mavericks score the next goal early in the 2nd period to get with-in 1 goal. Tight game until the 4:53 of the 3rd period when Falcon long term replacement Curtis C scores on a knuckle puck that fools netminder Zach C to get a 2 goal lead again.
Falcons score an empty net goal with 25 seconds left to finish off the 3rd place Mavericks.
Thanks to my sub Austin C for filling in.
Falcons get their first 3 game winning streak of the season!! Great job men!!

Jones in for JC today on the write up. I'll let you decide if I won or lost the bet.

The weather resulted in much of the team getting a late start in hitting the ice. Thanks to the Bullets and/or ford tough (I drank more beer than water so my memory is a bit hazy) for letting us use your water bottles as we didn't have any.

The Mavericks game plan (codename: LFTG) was to shadow BMac - who is currently responsible for almost 60% of the Falcon's goals. The shadowing started off working. The Mavs were all over him like bad tattoos on JC (thanks for that one Nick)

While Brett was partially covered the falcons subs accounted for 75% of their scoring. Brett did manage an empty net goal though to pad his stats.

Basically, despite some amazing passing and breakouts by Jones, the Falcons managed to get a 2 goal lead. This is typical mavericks though - let them score 2 quick ones then get the next 4.

It could have been 1-1 but the Falcons goalie made an amazing pad save on a rocket of a one-T from Jones on the doorstep.

Then Rookie scoring leader (among players rated 3.0 and lower) and the most handsome of all the Mavs, Jones, made an unbelievable play to steal the puck from the other team and head into the falcons zone - ripping a shot pass low off the goalie's pads and right to one of his adoring teammates to bury - getting himself a point on the Mavs only goal of the game and taking him up to 31 points for the year. It was a beautiful assist.

Then the falcons scored 2 more.

Jones could have had 4 assists if JC and Crisi would have scored more. He was a passing machine setting up teammates left and right with opportunities.

I think that's all the important stuff. I'm off to see if JC also uses this password for his email or facebook.
FordTough 6   Bullitts 1 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces # 2 Bullits/ Defending champs in humpday battle.

Still out for Tough is Heikkila, in for the Tough is Johnny Deblois.

1st Period: Chapman strikes first from Fink to start the scoring in this matchup at 5 min mark.

A min later, Dalimonte gets a one timer from Chris Carron and Lubes for his 2nd goal of season and it ends up being the GAME WINNER !! . Period ends 2-0 Tough. Fink strikes early from Chappy to put the Tough up 3-0. Late in the 2nd, Tough strike again as Blazing-Blair, from Fink and Chappy put the Tough up 4-0 and then Late Upplegger blazes a slap shot on net as Chappy tips it in to close period 5-0.

3rd period, Fink gets an unassisted goal to close out the scoring for the Tough 6-0. Late in 3rd, Bullit leader skates end to end to break the shutout for Demars 6-1 Tough.

Game ends and Ford Tough secures the Regular Season Title and top seed for the playoffs.

Congratulations my fellow Ford Tough brothers! Great effort all around.

Top seed may not have ever won the FHL TITLE since the Jimmy Claxton led team of the 90's. Should be an interesting remaining 2 months of hockey!

Thank you Johnny D for subbing and playing Ford TOUGH!


DePaoli: In the epic battle of #1 vs #2, the Bullitts come out flat and didn't get much better from there. FT out skated, out passed, and out played us all game. We did have some glimmers of brilliance at times, but there was nothing getting passed DeMars. He stopped breakaways, redirected shots, and everything else we threw at him. Coach finally broke the shut out with 2 minutes to go, but Brandon still got a good piece of the shot and it barely trickled over the line. Gardner played way better than the score shows, and he gave us a chance to win the game, but we didn't take it.
As we near the start of the playoffs, Bullitts need to find their winning ways again.
Raiders 7   Cobras 5 :
Filar: Back and forth through the first, but Raiders step up to take a 6-2 lead in the second. Cobras do just enough to get the fans at home interested but fall short. Thanks to Ryan Jones for subbing.

McKenzie: Another gritty win for the Raiders. Cobra's bring it with two strong lines. Dolega was a force with a 5 point game.

With our defense and tender, we are typically in good shape when we score 7. Cobra's made things interesting, but Jake made all the saves he needed to.

Team is coming together when it counts. The blueline has held strong the last few games even short handed.

Falcons are up next.
Diesels 5   Thunderbolts 3 :
Tymczak: Well, you can't go down 3-0 and expect to come back. Sloppy game on our part. No help to Alex. Landyut played well for the diesel, shutting down our chance for a comeback.

Kundinger: Another week and another cast of unfamiliar characters for the Diesels. With a 3-game losing streak and a 5-game streak without a win, the Diesels light appeared to be getting dimmer by the week to make the playoffs. In a do or die game, Coach Deke makes the call to bring in the big gun, Vic Quattrin, to get the ship back on course. Right from the start, it was Diesels playing fast and strong on the puck to jump out to a 2-0 lead early in the first. Sub Goalie, Landuyt, makes some crucial saves to keep the Thunderbolts off the board. Second period starts out great for the Diesels when Bob Jones splits the D and puts one just inside the post and in on Alex for the 3-0 lead! T-bolts take advantage of a missed defensive zone clear for the Diesels. Sub Avila was able to circle behind the net and out front to snipe one by Landuyt. Diesels strike back after some quick passing to gain the T-bolt zone where Joe K. rips a shot off guacamole's far pad to a wide open Medoro who buries it in the open net. 4-1 as the third period starts. Diesels in full shutdown mode of McQaig, or so they thought, until middle of the third when another turn over in the defensive zone goes to none other than the T-bolt ace! He makes no mistake and lights the lamp to make it 4-2. Next shift, it seems as though the Diesels are reliving Ground Hog's day as they fail to clear the zone again and let McQaig walk in with another snipe to make it 4-3. Big Joe K. follows that up shortly after when he picks off a pass in the offensive zone and blasts one top shelf that ultimately seals it for the Diesels 5-3! A much needed W for the Diesels.

Once again, a big thank you to Crisi, Vic, and Landuyt for subbing!

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Feb 12, 20185:00 PMGranTorinos at Marauders
Mon - Feb 12, 20186:00 PMCobras at Bullitts
Mon - Feb 12, 20187:00 PMFocus at Thunderbolts
Wed - Feb 14, 20186:00 PMMavericks at Broncos
Wed - Feb 14, 20187:00 PMDiesels at Rangers
Thu - Feb 15, 20186:00 PMFordTough at Boss
Thu - Feb 15, 20187:00 PMRaiders at Falcons

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Roderic Dolega gets the top spot with four goals this past week. Jude takes the second spot with the playmaker and Austin has a four point night (2g, 2a) to nab the final spot.
Roderic Dolega
Jude Berthault
Austin Chapman