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February 24, 2020 Volume 16, Edition 21
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Rhett Schaefer5
Matt McCaig4
Collin Peters3
Garrett White3

Play Makers...Assts
Austin Chapman4
Nathan Radl4
Ryan Jones3
Tom LeFevre3
Eric Luebke3
Who's Hot…
The Broncos make it back to the Hot List with three straight wins.

Likewise the Diesels have made it back on the list with three straight wins as well.

And although the Falcons finally gave up a goal this week, they did string the prior two shutouts plus a win together to get on the Hot List for the first time this season.
...and NOT…
Blackbirds, Galaxies, Rangers...
Week 21 Intro :
We get closer to the Playoffs by another week. All the teams are set at this point, just need to determine the order of things and much can change over the next couple weeks. This Playoff format does keep it interesting all the way till the end, that's for sure.

Week 21 in Review :
GranTorinos 6   Cobras 2 :
Schaefer: GT's came out fast and worked hard. Lots of hustle which was a welcomed sighted after some bad games. Brendan played great for them, the game could have easily gotten out of hand without him. Hoping to keep the momentum building going into the playoffs.

Filar: No bueno!
Broncos 4   Blackbirds 3 :
Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 21

Tough matchup versus the top seeded Broncos. Birds not playing for anything the last few weeks but we are out there to play spoiler. Feel like we gave the Broncos more than they were expecting. We take an early 2-0 lead but the Broncos chip away to tie it up and take the lead in the second. We get one back in the third but the Broncos hold us off from tying it up late. Broncos win 4-3. Probably one of our best games of the season. Thanks Dan Middleton for subbing.

Two weeks left.....Rangers up next

2020 Score: Blackbirds 25 Bobby 16

Kluegel: Another sluggish 1st period for the Broncos. Gorski picked the nearside corner to open the scoring and then sub Middleton scored off an assist from Luebke to give the Blackbirds a 2-0 lead after one period of play.

The Broncos responded with a great second period, outscoring the Blackbirds 3-0. Snipes by Barron and Oslzewski along with a tally from Lince gave the Broncos a 3-2 lead after 2.

The Broncos and Blackbirds traded goals in the third...4-3 Broncos - Final.

Special thanks to Brett McKenzie for subbing and scoring our 4th goal.

Next up, the Thunderbolts!
Thunderbolts 3   Galaxies 1 :

Akins: Galaxies' minuscule playoff hopes officially dashed.

Scoring goals has been an issue all season for the Galaxies and it was no different in this one. Kalinski got the G-men on the board first on a nice play with Chase, but the Galaxies gave it back in the last minute of the second. T-bolts went up 2-1 in the third and then added an empty-netter.

Plenty of chances around the net, but we couldn't put them home. Kevin Caldwell played a great game for us in place of Zach who has been shipped off to Florida for work for the next few weeks.

And so goes the Galaxies' inaugural campaign. What we lacked in goals, the boys more than made up for in character. My only regret is that we didn't drink more beer or make it to the bar more often. Something to work on for next season.

60 more minutes of ice time to go.
Falcons 3   Rangers 2 :
Bordeau: Falcons face off against the Rangers in week #21. Falcons beat the Rangers in week #11, and trying to beat up on at least one team this season by beating them twice.
Falcons come ready to play and score on their first shift, 15 seconds into the game. Ranger were on their heals most of the game due to a strong Falcon fore-check. Strong goaltending for the sub Ranger goalie keeps the score close.
Falcons score the next goal early in the 2nd period for a 2-0 lead. Rangers get the next goal with 1 minute left in the second to end Bryan S's approx 90 minutes of shut out goaltending. End of 2nd period 2-1 Falcons.
Both teams trade off PP goals in the 3rd period for another Falcon Win 3-2. This was a great battle, Play-off Hockey all day. It could have went either way. Falcons score a PP goal with 1:18 left in the game. My sub Tom L and the Rangers sub Jeremy S both played great in sub roles. They were in on all 5 goals. True FHL style!! After the game the Rangers got the early boot from their locker room and came and joined us in ours to finish the beverages on hand. True FHL style once again. Its the little things that make this league so much fun, not always about the Win and losses. T.B.

Bullitts 8   Marauders 3 :
DePaoli: The game started out pretty even and the first period ended with the Marauders up 2-1 on a couple of Cecott goals....wait..... what???? The start of the 2nd is all Bullitts and that would continue for the rest of the game and the Bullitts get a big 8-3 win.

Soper: Thanks to Jeff Dare, Pat Coliton and Dave Maclean for subbing.
Jeff made a ton of saves.
Were leading 2-1 and then the wheels came off the bus.
See Mark's write up.
Diesels 5   SuperChiefs 1 :
Kundinger: This week the Diesels welcomed back Jason Blair from his medical leave. It was also the first time since the beginning of the season where the Diesels played with the full as drafted roster. Unfortunately for the SuperChiefs, that meant it would be a long night. Diesels gave up the first goal from a tip by former Diesel, Vic Q., but that would be the only highlight the rest of the night for the SuperChiefs. Diesels pepper a ton of shots on Gardner and finally get on the board late in the period with a buzzer-beater. Diesels keep the momentum going and take over the game with a frenzy of goals. Collin had another impressive outing with 3g, 1a and Nate was all over the offensive zone tallying 4a as well as Ryan Jones with 1g, 3a. Brandon made several highlight reel saves to frustrate the SuperChiefs all night. Diesels are peaking at the right time and look to keep the steady play going.

Vincent: The SuperChiefs have been good recently. The Diesels are gooder. The game was similar to the last time we played them. We had limited chances and when we did DeMars shut the door. Their forwards, led by Colin Peters, brought waves of pressure on us. Their defense suffocated our offense. Overall, the Diesels appear to be primed and ready for the playoff grind that's upcoming. Thanks to Mike Akins for subbing in.
Focus 6   FordTough 4 :

Ford Tough roll into the Focus rematch game missing Rep Rich while Matt “It was the goalies fault last year” McCaig sub swaps in the cerebral Chris Vincent for the hulking Rubin Jasso (AKA Pops)

Tough carry the play from the start but Focus hold the fort and sure enough Matt “Taco” McCaig gets some open ice and wires a hard shot to open the scoring
Tough come back and get some traffic in front of Gadulka and net two from Yizzi and Zack to take the lead.

Second period finds the Tough in the same spot as the first but the Focus net two from Beaupre and a breakaway by Matt “Hold my beer” McCaig
Tough respond with a nice shot from Zack and Middleton gets open on the penalty kill to take the lead
Focus cycle the puck on the PP and get a shot from the point and move the rebound to Matt “Not done yet“ McCaig who gets a tipped in goal to even it out.

Tough carry the play in the third again but the Focus are disciplined on D and Gadulka is solid in net and can’t score.
Focus get a one timer from Phil Rea (Really? Of all the people….) and an empty net from Matt “I’m gonna’ be player of the week” McCaig to end it.

Good game from Focus and Gadulka who makes some nice saves to keep his team in it and my teammates who carried the play but just couldn’t catch a few breaks.
Thanks to Nate Nalder for subbing yet again. Tough will look to the season finale against the Broncos to tune up for playoffs

McCaig: The boys came out buzzin' tonight. Started things off early in the first 35 seconds of the game with a goal and followed that momentum throughout the game. Big team effort with the Focus playing a solid 30 minutes and Gadulka keeping Ford Tough at bay. Focus had their hands full with slowing the production of Dan and Ryan, who seem to never get tired. Props to Ford Tough for clogging up the neutral zone and making it tough to get pucks deep, but we managed to capitalize on the few chances given to us. The GWG came from Phil with an absolute cannon of a 1 timer. I think he lets the blue jackets borrow it for home games....Another big win to help us out of the mid season slump we were in.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Wed - Feb 05, 20206:00 PMCobras at FordTough
Tue - Feb 25, 20206:00 PMRangers at Blackbirds
Tue - Feb 25, 20207:00 PMFocus at GranTorinos
Wed - Feb 26, 20206:00 PMThunderbolts at Broncos
Wed - Feb 26, 20207:00 PMDiesels at Marauders
Thu - Feb 27, 20206:00 PMBullitts at Galaxies
Thu - Feb 27, 20207:00 PMSuperChiefs at Falcons

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Goals galore this week. You needed at least three with a couple assists to make this list this time around.
Rhett Schaefer
Matt McCaig
Garrett White