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February 19, 2018 Volume 14, Edition 22
All Set
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Rhett Schaefer6
Cooper Strahan5
Matt McCaig4
Mitchell Fink3

Play Makers...Assts
Matt McCaig6
Nate Nalder4
Cooper Strahan4
Austin Chapman3
Mark Donakowski3
Who's Hot…
After a brief absence the FordTough find their way back to the top of the Hot list with three wins in a row.

The Falcons have put together their best winning streak of the season, now out to four games in a row.
...and NOT…
The GT did get a point in a tie this week, but that's not a win so they remain on the cold list for another week.

Second time on the not list for the Bullitts this season with another three game losing streak.
Week 22 Intro :
And then there was one. One more week in the regular season and one more playoff spot up for grabs. Three teams fight for the one lone playoff spot, interesting that no one is eliminated at this point in the season with only one week left to go.

Full slate of write-ups this week. Looks like no one is willing to test out the Gazette karma.

Week 22 in Review :
Marauders 4   GranTorinos 4 :
Soper: Back and forth game. Great goaltending, could've been 10-10, but Vic missed 8 "Golden" opportunities and Killer shut him down!! Bryans with a Bobby orr retro goal ... horizontal to ice as he fired it home.

Thanks to John Crisis for subbing last minute and getting our first tally.

POG: Born with a nice helper on Bryans Bobby Orr goal.

Michell: GT are in desperation mode now, in need of a few critical points to extend the season.
We come out flying and throw everything but the kitchen sink at Killer and he denies them all early in the game. The Marauders come down and first shot has eyes of its own and ends up in the back of the net, with MED wanting that one back. A lot of teams would hang their heads but the GT are not to be deterred and come right back with one of their own to tie it up. Good answer!! GT go ahead on a nice break in from James Hoyt to go ahead 2-1. GT get a couple from Albert and one more from Timmay Raymond and head into the third with a two goal lead. Can we hold a lead? We have been very Red Wingesque in the third period and this proves no different as the "Rauders put on the pressure and tie it up.
Can we at least get the tie and one critical point?
GT defensive strategy fails and we let Joe Z break in all alone on the rookie tender but Marc-Entienne comes up with a huge stop to preserve the tie and gets us one point!!
Next week brings the Cobras and a chance for the GT to control their own destiny and extend the season.
Cobras 5   Bullitts 3 :
DePaoli: The Bullitts strike first and last in this battle, but everything in between was a problem. Bullitts take their 3rd straight loss and need to turn things around quickly as the playoffs are looming in the distance. Bullitts and Boss close out the regular season next week, and then the real fun begins.

Filar: Great game for the Cobras! Thanks to Ryan Jones and Shin Scott for subbing. Thanks to Karl for his hat trick of penalties keeping the rest of us out of the box. Thanks to DiMarco for catching a beautiful pass from Mazur skating in alone on Gardener and putting it up in the net... behind the goal, above the boards but luckily still in the arena. Honorable mention of thanks to Lewis' backhander which should be making it to the goal by now.
Good to get some breaks and have some fun right before the playoffs start.
Thunderbolts 12   Focus 6 :
Tymczak: Well the top 2 players face off and wow what a show! Cooper says hey, I'm no slouch! Great win, probably our best offensive game. Rhett Schaefer can flat out score. But his 6 goal night was no match for the Mccaig and Cooper show! Mccaig finished with 10 points and Cooper with nine! Nalder adds 4 helpers. Johnny Wad opened the scoring with a gritty goal. Then I looked at the score sheet and all I saw was 19,19,19,19,11,19,11,19,11! Thanks to Vic and Gardner for subbing. Up next soap daddy and his Marauders in the last game before pool play starts!

Scollard: The Focus are quickly running out of games in the regular season to secure a playoff spot and desperately need to leave the rink with 2 points following this match up against the high-powered Thunderbolts. Andrew is out for this game and Long Hair Albert fills in and Shinpad Denny is also out and the Beer Burglar elects to go with a short bench and not sub for him. With the short bench and the need to win this game the Burglar advises Boilermaker Rhett to play some longer shifts and score some goals. BM Rhett took these orders well and scored all of the Focus goals in this game (6) and did not leave the ice once in the game but this was not enough when playing against a team like the Bolts. BM Rhett's former teammate at Purdue Cooper Strahan got 5 goals in this game and McCaig, Johnny Wad, and Nebus all chimed in and the Bolts tallied 12 goals to double the Focus tally and completely fill then score sheet. Focus goal keeper Bryan "suave" Sauve's GAA took a big hit in this game as well but at this juncture of the season it may be academic.

One game left for the Focus in the regular season against the Diesels and a GT's win or tie will relegate both the Focus and Rangers to the Toilet Bowl no matter how these teams do in their games. Even with a GT's loss the Focus still need a win in their last game as a tie will not suffice but there is still hope and no quit in the Focus.
Broncos 3   Mavericks 1 :
Kluegel: The Broncos came in to this game looking to avenge an early season 6-2 loss to the Mavericks. Super Sub Albert Quattrin would sub against the Broncos for the 10th time this season.

The Broncos had plenty of opportunities to score in the 1st period but were unable to get one by goalie Zach Cholette. 0-0 End of 1.

Avila would finally get the first tally of the game with 4:23 to go in the 2nd off an assist from Nate Radl. 1-0 Broncos End of 2.

After a ton of pressure in the offensive zone, a puck finally bounced the Broncos way when a rebound landed directly on Nate Radl's stick. Nate buried it. 2-0 Broncos. Protecting a 2 goal lead, the Broncos go with 3 skaters deep in the Mavericks zone and a turnover led to an odd man rush. The Mavericks made us pay for our mistake as Jeremy Sharlow ripped a shot from the circle. 2-1 Broncos with 2:36 to go. The Mavericks would continue their offensive pressure and ultimately pull their goalie. The Broncos were finally able to force a turnover and a 3-on-1 resulted. Maloney would put home the empty netter from Wypych and Kluegel.

3-1 BRONCOS WIN! Great games by Brad Gough and Zach Cholette in net.

Up next, the Raiders!


Like they've done weekly for years past, as they will continue to do in years future, and as is their ritual, a bunch of out of shape old men met once again and attempted to relive their glory days by attempting to play what they call ice hockey.

A game they attempted. Some goals were scored, some penalties were taken, and when the zamboni smoke cleared one group were declared the winner - yet both groups were still out of shape old men.

Their weekly ritual completed (glory days still unfulfilled) they retired to the locker room for another ritual - the drinking of the beers.... and beers they drank.
Diesels 5   Rangers 1 :
Vincent: Another blown opportunity to get back in the playoff picture. This game featured the Rangers short handed for almost an entire period and that spells disaster. On to the final game of the regular season on Monday.

Kundinger: After last week’s win the Diesels were able to put themselves in a position to control their own playoff fate. A win against the Rangers would punch a ticket to the playoffs. Rangers needing a win desperately, put up a strong fight in the first period. Neither side was able to gain advantage after period one. Diesels finally get the important first goal early in the second after Connor tips in a nice shot fro Joe D. from the point. Next shift the Diesels keep rolling when Joe K. splits the D and snipes one past Cholette. Rangers generate some offense soon after and break their drought to make it 2-1. Rest of the second period is a battle back and forth without any side netting a goal. End of the period, the rangers take a penalty setting up the Diesels with a PP to start the third. Diesels take full advantage with another goal from Joe K! Two-goal lead is huge for the Diesels and this forces the Rangers into a more aggressive defense strategy. Just past the half-way point of the third the Diesels take advantage of a Ranger press. Coach Deke finds Medoro streaking behind the D and he manages to put in the security goal. Last minute of the game with the Ranger goalie pulled, Alex the Iceman, secures victory with the empty netter!

Diesels get on their first winning streak of the season and secure their playoff bid! Thanks to Brad G. for tending net and Crisi once again replacing Adam Q., who has been battling the flu for the last 3 weeks!
FordTough 3   Boss 0 :
Finger: Wow.. first time Boss shut out all year. We actually played great in all 3 zones and gave tough all they could handle. Make shift lineup with 3 subs, one a very very last minute.
Thanks to Hopkins, Rossman and Rowland for bailing us out and giving us full value. We are pretty sure we know how to topple these giants when we see them in the playoffs. trouble might be getting to and past Demars.. Not an easy thing to do.
Congrats to Tough who put together an excellent game plan, once again, poor Boss are out-coached.

Dalimonte: Ford Tough plays Whos the Boss in Thursday action.

First period: No score as Andy and Brandon and a few posts stop all shots ;-)

2nd period: Ford Tough breaks through the Samyn wall as Fink gets on the board from nice passing from Chapman and Blair. 1-0. Period ends.

3rd period: Fink gets on the board again at 6:47 mark from same friends Chappy and Blazing to put the Tough up 2-0 in a back and forth game.

Boss pull goalie late and Fink gives 100 percent effort to get the Hattrick as multiple Boss players fight him off to no avail.. Fink from Comeback Heikkila.

Welcome back Mark!

Great game Brandon who was the star of this game! and Fink with the Hat Trick!

Up Next? I have 2 Pair, 8's and 8's! Mavericks
Falcons 5   Raiders 3 :
Bordeau: Falcons face-off against the Raiders who we owe a loss to after they beat up on us in week #9. Both teams tied with 20 pts going into the game.
Falcons score the first 2 goals, and the Raiders come right back and score the next 2 goals. Tied at 2 end of the 1st period.
We trade off 1 goal each in the 2nd period to take a 3-3 tie going into the 3rd period. Strong goaltending and defense from both teams keep it tied until the 1:54 mark of the 3rd when the Falcons get the next goal to take the lead. An empty net goal with 27 ticks on the clock for the Falcons finish off the Raiders 5-3.
Play-off style game could have gone either way from 2 equally matched teams.
Thanks to my sub Nate L for subbing. Falcons are climbing the standings after going 0-5 in the first 5 weeks.

McKenzie: Tough loss for the Raiders who came in with a few wins in a row. Falcons came out with a two goal lead, but the good guys even it up with two quick goals late in the first.

The second period ends 3 to 3. Brett takes the lead with just under 2 minutes left. We had plenty of chances to even it up, but the Falcons did what they had to do.

Next up is the Broncos.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Feb 19, 20185:00 PMFalcons at Rangers
Mon - Feb 19, 20186:00 PMRaiders at Broncos
Mon - Feb 19, 20187:00 PMFordTough at Mavericks
Wed - Feb 21, 20186:00 PMCobras at GranTorinos
Wed - Feb 21, 20187:00 PMThunderbolts at Marauders
Thu - Feb 22, 20186:00 PMDiesels at Focus
Thu - Feb 22, 20187:00 PMBoss at Bullitts

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Yeah, it says three, but sometimes there just needs to be four. This is one such week. Too many goals and points scored from the goal scorers this week to deny any of them...and we've had so few shutouts so we can't forget that either. Too tough to call for the top spot, so we'll split that this week.
DeMars / Strahan
Rhett Schaefer
Matt McCaig