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March 2, 2020 Volume 16, Edition 22
It's Not Just About Hockey
Who is this little guy? Read the write-up from the Diesels to find out the details.

Congrats and welcome to the world, and a special place in the FHL Gazette this week.
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Blake Smith4
Daniel Middleton3

Play Makers...Assts
Curtis Clark3
Tom LeFevre3
Brian Lucatch3
Chris Perniciaro3
Mark Sabuda3
James Yizze3
Ryan Zack3
Who's Hot…
The Broncos keep their winning ways going. Four straight victories now.

The same is true for the Diesels, they have also put together four wins in a row.

Four is a popular number this week, as that is also the same number of wins in a row that the Falcons share with our other two teams on this list.
...and NOT…
The Blackbirds have heard it said before, a tie is not a win. 0-3-1 over their last four games.

10 without a win for the Galaxies now, three for the Marauders, four the the Rangers.
Week 22 Intro :
Welcome to March, and one week to go in the Regular season. Still some teams that could change positions with one game left to go, but a couple teams are set. Congrats to the Broncos on being the Regular season Champs. They did lock that up this week.

A couple of the guys are making me work by adding pictures into the Gazette this week, I think I need to make that an easier process at some point...but I got it done, eventually.

Week 22 in Review :
Broncos 7   Thunderbolts 4 :
Kluegel: The Broncos won their 4th in a row and clinch the FHL Presidents' Trophy with a 7-4 win over the Thunderbolts. The Broncos got out to a 5-1 lead. Credit the T-Bolts for fighting back and cutting it to 5-3 in the 3rd period. Blake and Alex Lince responded with the next two goals for the Broncos to put the game out of reach.

Huge games by Blake Smith (4G, 0A) and Alex Lince (2G, 1A). Curtis Clark added a playmaker while Doug Wilson and Poodle each chipped in 2A. Even Jeff Dare had an assist!

Highlight of the night was Doug Wilson making his return to the ice after his on ice "incident" several weeks ago. He almost scored a goal on a 2-on-1, which would have brought the house down...but Alex had to ruin it by making a toe save.

Special thanks to Avila and Radcliffe for subbing!

Next up, a rematch against Richie and Ford Tough. I'll make sure to remind Andy Samyn what time the game is so he can arrive with plenty of time to stretch!

Diesels 5   Marauders 2 :
Soper: Rauds $hit the bed.
Krich played great.
"Slick" Mick Perry was the difference for the Diesels. (2G)
BOOM BOOM (POG) with a nice tip in.
Galaxies next.

Radl: First off...CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Kundinger who missed our game to welcome future Diesel #3 into the world...Dylan Robert Kundinger.

Diesels come out in playoff mode and Collin Peters slides the first goal past the net-minder just 31 seconds into the period. Mick Perry and Ryan Jones also tally goals in the first period. The second period was more closely matched by both teams. Collin Peters buried his second goal of the night with just 20 seconds left in the 2nd. Marauders have a surge at the start of the third period and get two goals. Diesels go into shut down mode and stop the surge from going any further. Mick Perry picks a breakout pass late in the third, gets a breakaway and puts the puck where momma keeps the peanut butter. Diesels win 5-2.
FordTough 7   Cobras 3 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces Cobra Kai in a makeup early game of the month. Trying to avenge early loss to the Cobras.
No Joe Z on this night.
Tough open scoring by Dougy Nash on a rebound from Yizzie and Lucatch. 1-0. Danny Middleton- Gets on the board 40 sec later from Yizzie 2-0 Tough. Shin from Ryan 3-0 Tough!Shin states his first goal of the season!! Cobras get on the board in the 2nd 3-1 Tough.
Rookie of the Year candidate Danny M gets another before 2nd period ends 4-1 Tough. Total domination at this point.
3rd Period starts and Dalimonte finally gets on the board as family arrives to game: 5-1 Tough. Danny again for his 3rd of the night from his center Lucatch. 6-1 Andrew D fires a roof top water bottle shaker late in 3rd from Ryan Z. 7-1.

Cobras get a couple at the end to cut lead 7-3 as Tough route the Joe Z less Cobras to secure 2nd place in the Regular season.

Up next, 1st place Broncos vs 2nd Place Ford Tough. I taught him everything he knows showcase! Broncos try to avenge a Andy Samyn healthy scratch and No Lubes beat down to shut down the Broncos Gallup to FHL record books 5-2 loss from earlier in the season. Rumor has it the Broncos may save players for the playoffs :[) CANT WAIT!!!

Filar: It was 3 weeks ago, but the score sheet looks bad! My guess, they played way better.
Blackbirds 6   Rangers 6 :
Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 22

Not that any of this matters for us but this was a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde type performance. We come out on fire and take a 5-0 lead early in the 2nd period. Then we started playing like we had a 5 goal lead. We allow the Rangers to climb back into the game and gift them a 6-6 tie. Never trailed in this game. Credit the Rangers for sticking with it and mounting the come back. Oh well we wanted the 2 points to pass the Galaxies for last place we settle for 1.

2020 score count: Blackbird 31, Bobby B 18

Onto week 23, season finale v Superchiefs

Moczydlowsky: What a comeback! Attitude was good in the lockeroom after the game on what felt like a morale victory. Rangers were down 0-5 and came back to tie the game 6-6. Felt like we dominated the first period especially the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately according to Marc we “lulled him to sleep by dominating play so much” sorry Marc we will be sure to turn and fire a shot or two at you every couple minutes to keep you awake in there!!

Couple great long goals from the points and some nice ones in close too.

Game Monday at 7 to wrap up regular season hockey
GranTorinos 4   Focus 4 :
Schaefer: Hard fought game. Missed a lot of scoring chances, could have easily been a loss without some great saves by Jordan. Robbed Matt on a backdoor one-timer in the 3rd period.

McCaig: With the playoffs fast approaching, it's good to see us getting back on track to our early season pace. Lots of good puck movement and opportunities for the focus during this one. The Gran Torinos are a fast team and it's always a good back and forth game against them. Coming off our first win streak in 2020, we set out to go for a third. Focus open up the scoring Early in the first to set the pace. Gran Torinos answer back with 2 in 30 seconds halfway through. Focus get the momentum going into the second with a goal from Bo and Gadulka with the assist. That momentum was short lived as the GTs put another one in before the end of the period, GTs-3 Focus-2. Second period sees 2 more goals from the focus with a go ahead goal from Caron.

Focus take a penalty in the third period and the GTs capitalize. Focus have a chance to net a 5th on a 1-timer feed from Bo to McCaig, but Grashik manages to throw a leg over to the open net and get a piece of it. We walk out with a 4-4 tie, but played well. Gadulka saw a lot of shots, from a lot of angles, and kept us in it during the defensive breakdowns.

Next up Cobra Kai
Bullitts 10   Galaxies 2 :
Akins: It was a 4-2 game halfway through the third, if that tells you anything.

Nice goal from Eddie Hernandez to kick off the scoring.

Samyn played great for us. We just quit on him.

Fun was had at the Oakwood after.

One more before we can put this season out of its misery.

DePaoli: The Bullitts start slow but finish strong. We entered the 3rd period with a slim 1 goal lead after getting outplayed most of the 2nd period, but then exploded for 7 straight goals in the 3rd for the big win. Chris P. has an impressive 5 point night and edges out Caldwell and Pearson for the MVP award.
Falcons 2   SuperChiefs 1 :
Bordeau: Falcons face off against the Super Chiefs in week #22. We tied back in week #9 so this will be the rubber match. Both teams are "As Drafted" for this game.
Super Chiefs take advantage of an early Falcon penalty and score the a PP goal at the 7:36 mark of the 1st period. Falcons fight right back and score 1 goal in the 1st period to tie it up.
Strong goaltending at both ends keeps the score tied for the almost the rest of the game until the Falcons throw the puck at the net from outside the face off circles to catch Mike G off guard and score a squeeker just under the pads with 41 seconds left in the game. Game Winner!! 2-1 Falcons.
Another play-off style game that could have went either way. Super Chiefs kill off a 5 on 3 for the full 2 minutes late in the 3rd period to keep the score tied. Bryan S was the Falcons #1 star. Team D was the #2 star. And the Beer Man was the #3 star!!

Vincent: Tough loss to Bordeau’s Falcons. Chiefs struggled offensively but were able to kill off a questionable full 5 on 3 late in the 3rd period. The game was close until the last minute when Bordeau squeaked one in to take the 2-1 lead and secured the W. This game had a playoff feel throughout and the Chiefs are looking to get back to our winning ways on Monday against the Blackbirds.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Mar 02, 20205:00 PMFalcons at GranTorinos
Mon - Mar 02, 20206:00 PMSuperChiefs at Blackbirds
Mon - Mar 02, 20207:00 PMBullitts at Rangers
Tue - Mar 03, 20206:00 PMDiesels at Thunderbolts
Tue - Mar 03, 20207:00 PMFordTough at Broncos
Thu - Mar 05, 20206:00 PMFocus at Cobras
Thu - Mar 05, 20207:00 PMGalaxies at Marauders

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Blake Smith with four goals, for a four point night. Dan Middleton also with the four point night with a hat-trick and an assist. But what? Chris Perniciaro with the five point night, two goals and three assists. OK, that's worthy of a spot on this list this week.
Blake Smith
Daniel Middleton
Chris Perniciaro