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February 26, 2018 Volume 14, Edition 23
Playoff Upgrades
As we do, prior to the Playoffs we take a look at Player ratings to determine if any adjustments need to be made. This year we had 7 guys get a ratings bump.

They include Jason Blair, Austin Chapman, Mitchell Fink, Ryan Jones, Brett McKenzie, Colin Rossman and Garrett White.

Welcome to your new ratings guys...enjoy the Playoffs.
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Roderic Dolega4
Austin Mazur4
Matt McCaig3

Play Makers...Assts
Nate Nalder3
Douglas Nash3
Who's Hot…
FordTough finish the regular season with four straight wins.

Not to be outdone, the Falcons finish the regular season with five straight wins.

The Diesels also go into the Playoffs on a nice roll finishing with three straight wins.
...and NOT…
The Focus lose three in a row and thus get an early access pass for the golf course.

The GT manage to back their way into a playoff spot based on their efforts in the first eight weeks of the season as after that they have a 15 game streak with zero wins.

The Mavericks take a three game losing streak into the Playoffs and the Bullitts join them with a four game losing streak.
Week 23 Intro :
First off congrats to the FordTough for breaking another very long standing record in the FHL. They finished the season with 39 points besting the previous best total of 38.

Secondly, this is your official notice that if you are interested in running for a position on the FHL Board that now is the time to take action. Both Alex and Mike have indicated that they would like to remain in their positions. So if you want to run you will be running against one of them. We do have a new President coming on to start next season, so some might argue (yeah that's basically me...I would argue) that we don't need a whole bunch of turnover all at once. But these are elected if you want to is the time to let all of us on the Board know. You have until Friday at noon (March 2nd) to us know.

Moving on...only one team tempted Gazette karma this week by not doing a write-up. Which means we have a good turnout for the Gazette. So on with the show.

Week 23 in Review :
Falcons 3   Rangers 2 :
Vincent: Season over. Disappointing end to a disappointing season. Fortunately the losing and frustration never seeped into the locker room. As a rookie rep I definitely learned some valuable lessons throughout. Looking forward to coming back next season with a better effort. Thanks to all the guys that made up the 2017-2018 Rangers and all the guys throughout the season that filled in as subs.

Bordeau: Falcons face-off against the Rangers who are fighting for the last play-off spot. No goals scored in the 1st period let the Falcons know that the Rangers are not going go give us an easy game.
Falcons score the first 2 goals of the game earlier in the 2nd period and the Rangers battle right back with the next 2 goals to end the 2nd period tied up a 2 apiece.
Srtong goaltending at both ends keeps the game tied until late in the period when the Rangers take a penalty and the Falcons take advantage and score a Nice PP goal to end the game.
Falcons want to thank my 4 subs Joe D, Ryan "super sub" Jones, Carl R and netminder Chris G.
Also hats off to the Rangers for a strong game fighting until the end to try and get the last play-off spot.
Next up: Season 2 "The Play-offs"
Raiders 6   Broncos 1 :
Kluegel: Rough outing for the Broncos. Time to regroup and get ready for the playoffs!

McKenzie: Strong bounce back game for the Raiders as we get ready for the real season.

Really this one was the Dolega / Landuyt show. Rod put up a 4 goal night off the backhand breakway move. Jake made all the stops.

FordTough 4   Mavericks 1 :
Dickie Dunn:

Unidentified but reliable sources have informed the FHL Gazette that a St Petersburg, Florida retirement community is negotiating with the Ford Hockey League for the purchase of the Mavericks.

Dalimonte: Ford Tough tries to set the all time FHL total points record in battle vs hot Mavericks with several superstars in play.

1st period, scoreless: Back and forth play by both teams has playoffs feel already.

Tough open scoring in 2nd as Mitchel Fink gets on the board as he tries to surpass McCaig for points title. 1-0 Tough. Tough get on the board again as Fink gets another to put the Tough up 2-0.

Mavericks do not go away as they cut the Tough lead 2-1 on rebound play in Tough zone. 2-1 Tough.

3rd period, Dalimonte gets penalty and Tough penalty kill is able to intercept a pass as Blazing Blair gets the puck and goes in all alone to put Tough up 3-1!!! Late in 3rd, Chappy Chapman gets a breakaway pass and goes in alone on MAv goalie to bury and seal Tough record season 4-1!!!

Up next! Many hungry FHL teams ready to crush the TOUGH!!!


Cobras 9   GranTorinos 3 :
Michell: GT have a golden opportunity to propel themselves in the playoffs and fail to launch!
Fortunately the Focus find the same fate the next day and we back into the last playoff spot!
We continue to get caught, sending the Cobras off on odd man rushes and top gun Mazur makes us pay as we allow many quality shots from close range.
Subs Scott and Rowland chip in a couple of goals and the blind squirrel finds a nut.
Not the way to head into the playoffs against the FT juggernaut and pool A play!

Filar: Gadulka clears the puck and proceeds to take over Ruben's mind and makes him take the puck into his zone, showcase a few nifty moves then catch his own goalie off guard for a sweet little tuck in goal. And that's how it went for the Torinos.

Going into the playoffs with a win is great, now let's ramp it up boys!
Thunderbolts 4   Marauders 1 :
Soper: Killer Caldwell stands on his head of this could've been a blow out early. Big saves Killer!!!
Early in 2nd, Soap feeds Bobby E. up the middle and he "inside outs" the TBOLT D and "the GUAC" for the tally. Rogie guacamole stands tall and makes some big saves of his own. 5 mins left in 2nd, Keggs slips one just inside the post to tie it. The back breaker: with 7 secs left in 2nd Coop slips one in from an odd angle. Fast 3rd. Rauds pull Killer with a minute left, sustain pressure, but Keggs gets the empty netter to seal it, and adds another empty netter with 4 secs left. Final 4-1. Mikey see ya in pool play.

Tymczak: Final game of the regular season! Let's get pool play going! As I reflect upon this regular season I've noticed one thing, the league has gotten younger and faster. If you don't have at least one or two guys that can move you won't do very well. Guys who used to be our 4&1\2's and 5's are now are 3's and 4's. I hope the new guys enjoy this league as much as some of us old timers do. I also wanted to thank Nate Radl for all the years he put up with us whiny reps! 👏 so good luck to all who made It! Especially to the mavericks, welcome to pool play Jc!
Diesels 5   Focus 1 :
Scollard: The Focus get a gift from the GT's in their beat down at the hands of the Cobras the night before and need to defeat the Diesels to advance to the playoffs. Easier said than done as the Focus can only muster one goal against sub goalie Reagle the Beagle and that doesn't win too many games in the FHL and the the GT gift is "re-gifted" back to them in less than 24 hours. With BM Rhett, Poodle, and Shinpad Denny out for this game the Beer Burglar lined up the best subs available and they all played hard as if it were own team but this game was just not in the cards for the Focus tonight. Many thanks go out to Blake Smith, Staddie and Dougie Fresh for coming out and giving it their all.

To all of my team mates on the Focus this year we didn't make a big impact in the standings but we never quit in any of our games and had some good times both on the ice and in the dressing room - rooms 1 & 2 preferably. Hope to see you all at the banquet in a few weeks and thanks for being on the squad this season! Best of luck to all of you in your future endeavors.

Boss 4   Bullitts 1 :
DePaoli: Bullitts lost again. Good thing we got all of those out of the way before playoffs start.

Finger: Boss ready for the game and start on time. Captain John Stadwick starts boss off with a goal after Jimmy T does all the heavy lifting behind the net. Boss doing their best to throw a monkey wrench in the Bullitt speed machine and commit to the game plan..Second Period Long John Pearson grabs his wedge and chops a bounding puck past the Gardner butterfly. Franchise makes it 3-0 in the third when he refuses to quit and sees a rebound directly to the back of the net. Bullitts respond.... you can't stop him you can only hope to contain him, The Garret Comet circles our zone twice, controlling the puck, we can't catch him, and fires a laser 5-hole to make things interesting late. minutes left, Goalie pulled but Blake works the puck through the entire Bullitt team then unselfishly dishes to Ron Martina for his first ceremonial goal of the year. Outstanding game by Boss Defense and entire Boss team that played hard every minute of the game. Both goalies play very large. Nothing matters anymore as playoffs on the horizon. Pay no attention to us. deet de dee.. under the radar.. nothing to see here.

Upcoming FHL Playoff Action :
Game A1Mon - Feb 26, 20186:00 PMRaiders at Cobras
Game A1Mon - Feb 26, 20187:00 PMGranTorinos at FordTough
Game C1Wed - Feb 28, 20186:00 PMMarauders at Falcons
Game C1Wed - Feb 28, 20187:00 PMBroncos at Thunderbolts
Game B1Thu - Mar 01, 20186:00 PMBoss at Mavericks
Game B1Thu - Mar 01, 20187:00 PMDiesels at Bullitts

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Austin Mazur
Roderic Dolega
Matt McCaig