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March 9, 2020 Volume 16, Edition 23
Playoff Rating Changes
We had a few ratings changes to some guys as we head into the Playoffs. Here are the details:

Dan Middleton is now rated 5.0, up from a 4.5.

Patrick Coliton is now a 3.5, up from a 3.0.

Tom LeFevre is now a 4.5 up from a 4.0.

Adam Gorski is now a 4.5, down from a 5.0.
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Robert Avila3
Tom LeFevre3
Garrett White3

Play Makers...Assts
Garrett White4
Curtis Clark3
Mark DePaoli3
Mitchell Fink3
Tom LeFevre3
Who's Hot…
The Broncos end the season with a tie so that's the first non-win for them now in five weeks.

The Diesels end with a tie also, and the same streak as the Broncos.

The Bullitts get on the Hot List again just before the Playoffs with a three game winning streak.

The Falcons also finish with a tie and a 4-0-1 record over their last five games.
...and NOT…
We bid adieu to the Galaxies and the Blackbirds this week as both teams finish the season on the Cold list...and finish their season.

The Rangers have no wins in their last five games...which also equals a spot on this list.
Week 23 Intro :
The last of the regular season games are now in the books. We survived a season of game reschedules and Zamboni malfunctions and have now arrived at the Playoffs...only to find that the first games that were supposed to be played on Monday have now been rescheduled to Wednesday. Sigh. Hopefully they keep the Zamboni working. Alright, let's get on with the write ups.

Week 23 in Review :
GranTorinos 3   Falcons 3 :
Schaefer: Another blown 3rd period lead, story of our season--7th tie.

Bordeau: Falcons face off against the Gran Torinos in the last regular season game. We tied them in week #12 5-5. Another rubber match.
Gran Torinos come out ready and score in the first minute 10 seconds. Falcons fight back and score mid way thru the 1st period to tie it up 1-1, end of 1st.
Strong goaltending from both goalies keeps the scoring low until the Falcons get the next goal early in the 2nd period for a 2-1 lead. Gran Torinos battle and score 2 goals in the 2nd period to take a 3-2 lead into the 3rd period.
Both teams with stingy goaltending makes every shot count that much more. The 3rd period was tight and scoreless until late in the period when the Falcons pull their goalie for the extra attacker and score off a rebound with 6 seconds left in the game for a 3-3 tie. I thought that we should have "easily beat that team" but their goalie played well!!
Play-offs start next week. Good luck to all remaining teams. Do not have a favorite due to the parity in the league. Well done team reps!!
SuperChiefs 4   Blackbirds 3 :
Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 23

"You don't have to go home but you can't stay here...." Birds conclude the season with a 4-3 loss against the Superchiefs. Good game, competitive, had some excitement at the end as we throw the kitchen sink at the chiefs but alas no goal comes to tie up the game. Good turn out at the Oakwood, much merriment was had.

Reflecting on the season certainly did not go as planned. Injuries plagued our season and we never quite got the whole scoring thing down. Oh well.

I had fun, it was a great locker room, many drinks were consumed and the overall team attitude was positive, which when you are losing can be difficult.

Thanks to the Birds of 2019-2020 and good luck to those in the playoffs.

2020 Final Score: Blackbirds 34, Bobby B 19

Bobby puts up a worthy performance in 2020 but he doesn't score more than the Birds in 2020. However, i was curious if Bobby fared better against other FHL Teams.

Broncos: 44
FT: 38
Diesels: 39
Bullitts: 58
Cobras: 36
Focus: 32
GTs: 43
TBolts: 40
Galaxies: 15
Falcons: 22
Rangers: 44
SChiefs: 45
Marauders: 35

Bobby take solace in the notion that you beat the Galaxies 19 to 15 in 2020. Truly you could say "Nailed it!"

G out......

Vincent: Good game against the Blackbirds. Nice goals from Dan and Vic and the game winner from Warren. Gardner as usual played strong in net. Now onto the playoffs!
Bullitts 13   Rangers 2 :
Moczydlowsky: Welp not easy to win this time a year, let alone missing five including your top 4.

Our subs did great but we were literally out matched.

Congratulations to the Bullitts on their first victory of they year..... wait that wasn’t their first win? They sure acted like it was their first time

Sorry Marc

DePaoli: The Bullitts are peaking at the right time with 23 goals in the last two games, and we are hoping to carry that into the playoffs. The Bullitts tallied 13 in this game with hatties from Garrett and Tom, playmakers from Garrett, Tom and myself, multi-goal games from Chris and Chuck, a HUGE goal from Martina, and Kevin made some big saves when the game was tight.

I have to add something from last week. I stated Chris was the MVP with 5 points, but the real MVP was Chris Finger since he had to bail Garrett out when he forgot to bring beer, and Chris was in our locker room visiting his 2nd favorite team, and volunteered to pick us up a case. Thanks Chris!!!!
Thunderbolts 2   Diesels 2 :
Tymczak: Season ends as it started, with a tie. Great comeback, hussle effort by the guys. They have a never quit attitude! Timmy Raymond waited till .04 seconds to score his first goal of the season. Up next, pool play. We have a tough bracket, but were a tough team ready for the challenge!

Radl: Diesels and Thunderbolts play a very tightly matched game. The TBs strike first at the end of the first but the Diesels answer quickly in the second with goals from Collin Peters and Jason Blair. It looked as though the Diesels had this one wrapped up with 3 seconds left on the clock and a face off in their defensive end. Diesels win the draw but a TB steals the puck and throws it to the front of the net where Brett McKenzie tips it up and in as the buzzer sounds. Refs count the goal and game ends in a tie. Diesels get a wake up call that the game isn't over until the horn sounds. It's playoff time, it only takes a couple seconds to change a game.
Broncos 3   FordTough 3 :
Kluegel: With the Broncos and the Houston Astr...I mean, Ford Tough...having already locked up the #1 and #2 seeds respectively, all that was on the line during this contest was pride vs. Cousin Richie.

You may recall the Gazette write up from our previous meeting, in which Ford Tough made Andy Samyn a healthy scratch even though he was at the FHL first! To remind Ford Tough of their questionable ethics and strategy, Kluegel brought the trash can on the ice from the Broncos locker room and banged his stick on it as he skated by the Ford Tough bench...reminiscent of the Houston Astros cheating scandal!

Ford Tough has a really good team. Ryan Zack, Lucatch, Middleton, and sub LeFevre really moved the puck and skated well. Ford Tough dominated the first period of action and led 2-1 after one...the lone Broncos goal coming from Blake Smith We were fortunate that Alex Contreraz (subbing for Jeff Dare) made some huge saves or the score could have been much worse after the first period.

The Broncos finally started skating and moving the puck in the 2nd period, with goals being scored by Cam Barron and Blake Smith. Dougie Wilson almost jammed home a rebound but it was not to be. 3-2 Broncos end of 2.

We tried our best to hang on for the 3-2 victory, but with 2:16 to go Cousin Richie won a clean face off to Middleton in the Broncos zone. Middleton skated around the top of the circle to the slot and ripped one top corner. Blake Smith got hauled down on a couple of breakaway opportunities in the final few minutes...we thought he should have been given a penalty shot on one (or both) occasions but that didn't happen. 3-3 Final.

Overall, a very fun game. I have a feeling we'll see these guys again at some point.

Special thanks to Alex Contreraz and Nate Radl for subbing for the Broncos. Great games by both of them.

Next up, Soap Daddy and the Marauders in Game 1 of pool play!

Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces arch nemesis and protege led Broncos.

Broncos come into game using a chapter from my playbook “healthy scratch goaltender”. It is alleged someone was trying to add to their teams trophy case:-)...... Former Tough goalie DeMars not too happy but had a chance to secure top goalie by holding the thunderbolts to 1 goal. Late goal by bolts secures goalie title for broncos to go with President cup...

To the game: Ryan Zach “FHL Rookie of the year/ Best defenseman “ candidate open scoring on Alec C early in the first. Broncos tie game by Blake Smith 1-1. Danny “Rookie of the year” candidate snipes one over Alex to give Tough 2-1 lead in Second.

Cam “Rookie Of Year” candidate muscles a breakaway by Nick “skating Jesus” Menard to tie game. 2-2

Broncos take the lead 3-2 in the 3rd. 5 min left face off in bronco zone. Coach Dalimonte not winning as many face offs vs Blake, however with Danny behind me I feel extra motivation to win FO draw it tape to tape back and Danny slides to slot and roof top water bottles one over Alex to tie game - GO GREEN!! GO WHITE!! 3-3

Game doesn’t change final standings but big pride on the line as Tough try to extend a 10 game unbeaten streak vs Cousin Matt led teams.😃

Tough get late penalty, tough play tough until 12 sec mark when a blazing Blake Smith gets a Nate Radl pinch interception pass and Tommy L hauls him down in front of Andy. Kluegel and Broncos beg for a penalty shot to no avail👍.

Tough lock Down last seconds to secure the tie and 2nd Place. A yuuge turnaround by the Tough vs last years Toilet Bowl team.

Congratulations to all playoff teams! To Cousin Matt and the Broncos winning President cup.

COBRAS 8-1 if Joe z misses any games. If not 4-1:-)
Mauraders 20-1

Good luck everyone!!!
Cobras 5   Focus 2 :
Filar: Koehler starts us off with a goal from the slot a la Ovi, followed with a nice pass for the assist and finally a little dust up gets Koehler 2 minutes for the Pat DiMarco hat trick.

We played a really good game this week as a whole but POG honors go to Papa Caldwell for stepping in for his son and getting us the win this week.

The season begins... well for 12 of us.

McCaig: Regular season is in the books and playoffs are right around the corner. The Cobras bring out Caldwell Sr. to stifle the focus and it works. The focus put, what seems to be, 30+ shots on net and can only put 2 in. A few defensive mistakes on our end are the difference maker in this one, as we left Gadulka out to dry on a few of these. Time to get ready for playoff hockey...
Marauders 5   Galaxies 1 :
Marauders trying to get off the Cold list face the already eliminated Galaxies in the final game of the regular season. Things start off slow with not much action in the first period. Avila was a man on fire in this game though, three goals and almost a fourth when he made a move on the goalie but just couldn't finish. He did score the same goal twice though, well two goals shooting the puck from the same spot and picking the same corner. Conner also had two goals, but the Refs only gave him one. He made a nice shot, the puck went over the goalies shoulder and across the line, but he didn't celebrate and the Refs didn't count it...but then on the same shift after the face off he scored again and got to tell them that "puck don't lie". Good game all around for the Marauders but now the real work begins. No tie breakers whatsoever in the next round, so if we want to advance we're going to have to earn it.

Akins: As my first season as a rep comes to a less-than-stellar close, I thought I would leave you all with some fitting and timeless quotes:

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over. They say that all good things must end.” - W. Nelson

“Goodnight Irene!” - A. Adonis

“That’s all folks!” - P. Pig

“It’s been real.” - Some chick who used to work at Planet Fitness.

Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs. Catch y’all on the flipside.

Upcoming FHL Playoff Action :
Game C1Tue - Mar 10, 20206:00 PMGranTorinos at SuperChiefs
Game C1Tue - Mar 10, 20207:00 PMFalcons at Diesels
Game A1Wed - Mar 11, 20206:00 PMFocus at Thunderbolts
Game A1Wed - Mar 11, 20207:00 PMMarauders at Broncos
Game B1Thu - Mar 12, 20206:00 PMBullitts at Cobras
Game B1Thu - Mar 12, 20207:00 PMRangers at FordTough

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Garrett White with seven points (3g, 4a) takes the top spot. Tom LeFevre earns his upgrade with the six point night (3g, 3a) and Robert Avila finishes things up with the Hat Trick.
Garrett White
Tom LeFevre
Robert Avila