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September 30, 2019 Volume 16, Edition 3
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Collin Peters4
Andrew Daehn3
Mitchell Fink3
Daniel Middleton3
Rhett Schaefer3
Garrett White3

Play Makers...Assts
Brian Lucatch3
Daniel Middleton3
Chris Olszewski3
Nathan Radl3
Who's Hot…
We start the first official HOT list of the season with four teams making it on the list all with the same 3-0 record. The Broncos, Focus, Cobras, and FordTough all jump out the gates flying this season.
...and NOT…
Two of our 14 teams start out their first three games without a win. The Blackbirds and the Galaxies hope to get one in the win column this week.
Week 3 Intro :
Week 3 in the FHL and the first time the HOT and NOT lists will actually have real teams in them for the season. Looks like things have been and continue to be tilted towards the offense thus far this season. That is how many games seem to go at the start of the season. We had a high of 15 goals scored in one game and a low of seven...which is not much of a low. Perhaps the defense will kick in as the year goes on...

Anyway, write-ups from most...with a few notable exceptions who seem to be tempting fate. I guess we'll see how that goes.

Week 3 in Review :
Diesels 7   Falcons 5 :
Bordeau: Wow another blistering pace. 6 goals scored in the first period. 4 for the bad guys and 2 for the good guys. The good guys score the next 3 goals to take a 1 goal lead with 5:45 left in the 3rd period. Than we proceed to "shit the bed" and let up 3 goals in the last 3 minutes, 1 empty net, 1 PP to lose to the Diesels, 7-5.
WOW what a pace!! The league has gotten younger and faster again this year. Watch out for that Collin Peters kid, he can do it all by himself!! T.B.

Kundinger: First chance of the year for the Diesels to get a little win streak going, but they knew the Falcons would not be an easy win. As with the first two games the intensity started off high. Plenty of scoring in the first period that ends up with the Diesels leading 4-2. Diesels come out soft in the second period and allow 3 unanswered goals to trail 5-4 heading into the third. Diesels get back to work and manage to tie it up. Then shortly after they net another to take the lead! Falcons have to pull the goalie at the end for a final attack, but Diesels fend it off and cap off the night with an empty netter. Big breakout game for Collin Peters with 4g and another stellar game from Radl with 1g 3a. Another great subbing performance by Brendan Caldwell too!

Diesels look to get on the Hot List next week after a season long drought last year!
Focus 5   Blackbirds 2 :
Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 3

Rep tests the Gazette karma.....trying to right the ship.....

McCaig: 3rd week in and we have a full squad for the Focus, ready to take on Giuseppe's Blackbirds. Game starts off slow in front of the sold out crowd of 5. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the ice with how loud the atmosphere can get. Focus get a lucky bounce for the first goal after McCaig shoots it 2 feet wide, picking up the rebound and trying from behind the goal line. Not too long after, the Focus keep rolling with a beauty from Bo in the first period.

Second period sees Yamin put in an absolute bullet from Bo, in his seasonal debut. Gadulka continues to be our wall for us three games in and just might be the best goalie with a food truck in the FHL (waiting on the official polls). The Blackbirds battle hard and play a physical game which wins them some battles in the corners throughout the second period, earning some good scoring chances.

Third period, the Focus were determined to play a possession game and keep the lead we built on throughout the first two periods. Caron puts the final nail in the coffin late in the 3rd to secure a 5-2 victory.

write-up wasn't done Saturday night at 11pm
great team in the locker room and on the ice

rep forgets Yamin's jerseys for his big debut
regulation nets are only 4'x6'

Next week we'll try for 4-0 against Mike's Thunderbolts.
Broncos 6   Galaxies 3 :
Kluegel: Unfortunately, I had to miss this game due to a conflict. I'm told the team played really well. Big game by Chris Olszewski with 2 goals to go along with his first career FHL playmaker!!! "The Rook" Cam Barron continues to impress with another big night...2 goals, 2 assists. Blake and Alex Lince added tallies as well. 6-3 dub for the Broncos, who move to 3-0 on the season!

Special thanks to Tom L for subbing.

Big matchup against Soap Daddy and the Marauders next week. There will be a case of beer on the line, the Broncos are looking forward to the challenge!

Akins: Galaxies play first game as-drafted, but continue streak of disastrous 2nd periods, drop to 0-3 to start the season.

Another Galaxies game, another early goal. Broncos came out flying and got the Galaxies on their heels immediately. About 1.5 minutes into the game, Galaxies left a man by himself in front of the net and gave up the first goal. A few minutes later, Hinkle found Chase breaking up the left side with some room. Chase took it to the net and got the Galaxies on the board. Later in the period, Dare came out to the hashmarks to challenge, but Bryans got around him and walked in by himself to put the Galaxies up 2-1. Things were looking good for the Galaxies, but a bad bounce on a clearing attempt allowed the Broncos to tie it up with 9 seconds left. The Broncos absolutely dominated the second period, and led 5-2 after two. Galaxies found some life with an early 3rd period goal, but faded down the stretch. Some last-minute pressing resulted in goal #6 for the Broncos.

Spirits remain high despite the rough start, but could certainly use a win. Most likely will need to shake things up a bit with the GT's high-flying offense coming to town next week.
FordTough 8   GranTorinos 7 :
Dalimonte: Samyn: Another tough start Ford Tough as #1 Brandon and Rep Rich are out.
We secure the services of our Alt #1 Brett McKenzie and Ron “MAGA” Martina
GT score a considerable upgrade with Garret White filling it in for “Toe Drag” Dolega
Rep Rich vows a free bar night for a Rhett SO and victory

Fast start as the GT are ready to play
Tough open the scoring slapping in a rebound
GT come right back with a strong fore check and get a slam dunk from Schaefer and I see my cheap bar night vanish
GT follow up with a rebound goal from Chapman.
Tough pick up the play and get a goal from lunch pal Daehn. 2-2

Second period opens up fast again. Tough carry the play but the GT get a wobbler from the point.
Daehn comes back on a breakaway to even the score.
Tough lose a faceoff and Renshaw pokes in a leaker off a net charge.
Tough carry the play Dahen get another to even the score again.
Colarusso continues the charge to retain the lead and Yizzie extends it. Tough up 6-2

Tough work to hold a two goal lead but the flying GT get another from Rhett.
Middleton responds for the Tough.
The GT catch me scrambling again and Chapman cuts the lead to 1.
Tough get another from Middleton.
A strong fore check pins us in our zone and Rhett collects a loose puck and bounces it in off my leg (Dam it!)
The Tough manage to hold the 1 goal lead on a late GT swam and Tough win 8-7.

Great game with no penalties.
Scouting report for the league, be ready to skate when the GT come to town.
Up next is Leg Kick/Head bob Chris Vincent, Sparks and the SuperChiefs on a rare Wednesday matchup

Schaefer: Different week, same story. Poor defensive play by everyone, non-existent officiating, couldn't clear the puck when we needed to, and forwards not back-checking.
SuperChiefs 5   Bullitts 4 :
DePaoli: Bullitts show up out manned and out gunned, and we only have 8 skaters and 3 of them played the game before. The odd thing is we started out really bad, but played better as the game went on. We just couldn't keep up with the relentless attack from both lines of the SC. Caldwell played great in net and gave us a fighting chance, we just didn't have enough in the tank to get it done.

Vincent: After starting the season 0-2 the SuperChiefs faced a “must-win” game to get some positive vibes around the newly formed team. No easy task going up against the veteran team rep Depaoli and his Bullitts. The game starts with an early goal from the Bullitts to go up 1-0. The Chiefs did not hang their heads and kept applying pressure resulting in multiple scoring chances. The Chiefs finally capitalize on a beautiful goal by Wypych as he was able to slip through multiple defenders and beat Caldwell to tie the game at 1. That goal gave the team a major boost and the Chiefs grew the lead to 4-1 score with additional tallies from Wypych and Fink. The Bullitts began to fight back and chip away at the lead but with a final breakaway hat trick tally by Fink and huge saves by Gardner the Chiefs held on for victory number 1 on the season. The locker room beers tasted a lot better than weeks 1 & 2 and the SuperChiefs are looking to carry this momentum into week 4 against early FHL favorites the Fordtough. Thanks to Rob Kalinski for subbing in and bringing a lot of energy and speed to the team.
Marauders 7   Thunderbolts 4 :

Soper: Marauders battle to 4-0 lead through middle of 2nd period. McKenzie/McCaig duo narrow score to 4-2 with couple of quick ones. The "Canon" Simkanin buries one from the slot to get the Marauder train back on track. Avila beats Rogie Guacamole with the same backhand move, twice. Strong team performance top to bottom for Rauds. Sharlow, Avila and Piku (sub) all contribute with 2 goal performances. Impressive goaltending from sub Brendan Caldwell. Alex and Brendan thanks for subbing.
Cobras 4   Rangers 3 :
Filar: Cobras are without their fearless leader tonight, so we decided to have a party. Rangers come out strong and put the Cobra Kai on their heels for the first 5 minutes or so, Brendan kept us in the game until we got our sh!t together. Rangers net the first one but then the Kai answer back with the next 4 … 2 from Tony, 1 from Joe, and 1 from Will Ferrell “THAT’S how you debate!!!”. Rangers get 2 late in the 3rd to make it interesting as there are 3 Cobras in the box so it was a 6 on 3 with the Rangers pulling their goalie. Piku doesn’t let his fans down and gets 2 penalties tonight … classic on ice goon / off ice nice guy. Koehler makes sure he gets on the scoresheet with a penalty as well. Solid effort all the way around, it was quite a show for the lonely fan in the stands.


Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Sep 30, 20195:00 PMDiesels at Rangers
Mon - Sep 30, 20196:00 PMGalaxies at GranTorinos
Mon - Sep 30, 20197:00 PMCobras at Blackbirds
Tue - Oct 01, 20196:00 PMMarauders at Broncos
Tue - Oct 01, 20197:00 PMFocus at Thunderbolts
Wed - Dec 11, 20196:00 PMSuperChiefs at FordTough
Wed - Dec 11, 20197:00 PMBullitts at Falcons

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Tough call this week, but Collin Peters starts things off with four goals on the scoresheet. Daniel Middleton takes the second spot with a six point night (3g, 3a) and Mitchell Fink wins the coin flip among those with 4 points (3g, 1a).
Collin Peters
Daniel Middleton
Mitchell Fink