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October 28, 2019 Volume 16, Edition 7
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks... None

Play Makers...Assts
John Deblois3
Who's Hot…
The Broncos and Focus stay up at the top of this list for another week with both teams getting another win and having equal records thus far this season.

The Marauders put together three wins in a row and earn a spot on the Hot List this week.
...and NOT…
The Blackbirds are now the only team still without a win thus far this season.

The Bullitts have lost four in a row now.

The Diesels lose a close one, and that makes three losses in a row for them.
Week 7 Intro :
A couple no shows on the write-ups this week, but the show must go on. Keeping things short this week, so I'll let the Reps take over from here.

Week 7 in Review :
Thunderbolts 3   SuperChiefs 3 :

Vincent: Good back and forth game with lead changes that ended in a tie. Goals scored by Big bro Dan from a beauty feed delivered by Mitch. Speaking of Mitch he had a nice rush up the ice and hard drive to the net and Alex again gets on the board with a net front goal. The Thunderbolts played us tight all night and got big saves from sub Caldwell. Big Tuesday game against Sope’s Marauders.
FordTough 6   Diesels 5 :
Dalimonte: Ford Tough faces arch nemesis Former Ford Tough legend Deke Kundinger without his star Tassis...

The Diesels dominate the first period and a half and go ahead 4-0. Then the speech comes, when the going gets Tough, the Tough get going from the bench. Dougy Nash starts the comeback 4-1. Then Danny Middleton gets a roof top water bottle rebound 4-2. End of the 2nd.

3rd period, Lake State Laker Lucatch scores beautiful goal from rookies Danny and Ryan Zack! 4-3. Chris C, gets a tip in from the point or somewhere 4-4 with 2:00 left in third.

Colin peters somehow gets a go ahead goal past Andy at the 1:05 mark. Tough are shocked, pull goalie and the replacement for the # 1 pick showcases to all watching why he a new candidate for rookie of the year and goes end to end to tie the game with 36 seconds left. 5-5.

As we are ready to settle for a tie after this comeback, Ryan wants to showcase some more skills and with 9 seconds left in the game, looks like the Great One and gets the game winner!!! The TOUGH WIN!!!! 6-5

What a game! Tough never quit and the speed continues to shocks the FHL audience of 2....


Andy holds on for the W!! over Demars :-)

Kundinger: Diesels jump out to a fast start and score first. Diesels control the play for much of the first period, but can only finish with 1 goal for the effort. Start of the second period was still an onslaught by the Diesels. An early penalty on Ford Tough followed by another penalty on the Tough's Middleton put the Diesels on a 2-man advantage for over a minute. Unfortunately for the Diesels, they would lose Joe White on the penalty due to injury that put a little extra strain on the already shortened bench. Diesels capitalize on the 5-on-3 and pop in 2 goals to go up 3-0. Momentum still in their favor as Nate nets another to go up 4-0! That's when the ice tilted hard the other way. Ford Tough brings the heat and nets 2 goals quickly before the end of the second. Diesels get Joe White back after his time in the concussion tent expires. Diesels stay on their heels in the third and fight to maintain the lead, but the Ford Tough strike late in the period on back-to-back shifts. Diesels finally wake up for a moment and get a timely goal from Collin with a minute left in the game, but that would not be safe enough as the Kaput replacement puts the game on his shoulders and snipes the game tying goal followed up by the game winner with 9 seconds left.

Incredible game that was the tale of two halves. Ford Tough with the unbelievable comeback when it was clearly in the hands of the Diesels to win. Big disappointment for the Diesels! Good thing they have a week off to regroup and get back on the winning track!
Marauders 6   GranTorinos 1 :
Schaefer: Bad game.

Soper: Big game between the GTS and the Rauds.
Thanks to JC (Crisi) for subbing in for Slady.
GTs jump out 12 secs in with a nice pancake pass from Rhett to Austin who slid one in. 1-0 bad guys. The Rauds took a deep breath, got through a shift and decided to play hockey. 6 straight tallies (6-1 final), great net minding from the stone wall Kirch. J had a nice end to end and a three point night (2G, 1A). Avila cashed in on a nice play from Soap and the VEEP (2A). Blair with a rocket from the point (1G). Soap had a three point night (2G,1A). Boom Boom Kasper had 2A on the night.
POG went to Soapdaddy :0)
Great all around effort Marauders.
Up next: Vincent's Super Chiefs.
Falcons 2   Cobras 1 :
Bordeau: Falcons face-off against the undefeated Cobras in week #7. Falcons have been close to that first victory but just can not "get R dunn". Well that changed tonight.
Falcons score the first goal late in the first period. Tight checking hockey for the next period and a half until Falcons have trouble clearing their zone and Tom "The Dancing Bear" Filar keeps the puck in and returns it toward the net where it is tipped by our own Dman into our net. Tied at 1 apiece. Falcons battle and get a PP goal at the 4:00 minute mark of the 3rd period to take a 2-1 lead. Falcons kill off 2 penalties in the 3rd period to preserve their first WIN.
Referees were on edge this game and handed out 12 penalties, most were not legit??
Falcons #1 star was Bryan S in nets, #2 star Pat C with the game winner and #3 star was Steve U who got beat up all game and battled thru it. Strong effort once again from the Falcons, this time on top.
Brendan C "Killer Jr." played very well in nets for the Cobras. Brendan, I'm glad we the Falcons could be the team to give you your first loss in your young FHL career. T.B.

Filar: Kid Caldwell let us down! Sure he made 35 saves and sure he stopped a penalty shot and sure the 2 goals that were scored on him were after 2nd or 3rd chances. But c'mon we got 1 goal and our goalie needs to play well enough to win that for us!

Falcons dominated most of the game, but couldn't keep offensive juggernaut Filar from getting a goal. Little chippy late but otherwise a hard fought game that kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the end!

Dreams of the perfect season are shattered but our next win streak starts Monday.
Galaxies 4   Blackbirds 2 :

Akins: Galaxies earn solid win over Blackbirds.

With Hinkle MIA due to some confusion over scheduling, Galaxies are forced to pull from the early game for a replacement. Luckily Konstantino was willing and able to help cover the blue line.

Both teams were looking to get their seasons on track after slow starts and are pretty evenly-matched on paper, as the respective Reps seemed to take a similar approach to the draft. Hell, there are even guys from Belle River ON on both rosters.

There was some tentative play from the teams to start the game until Peters broke through the Galaxies' defense and had a good shot deflected up and off the crossbar. Not long after, Will "The Thrill" (as a certain former rep used to call him) Girard (one of said Belle River kids), threaded one in on the short side from the outside hashmarks. Bryans tied up the contest soon after. Late in the 1st, Chase had his pocket picked while attempting to carry it out of the zone. The D got caught out of position and Zach couldn't quite squeeze Eastman's shot enough to keep it out. 2-1 Birds. Early in the second, Chase redeemed his previous error by tying the game up. 2-2 after 2. The Galaxies came out with some previously unseen third period energy and Eddie H. roofed the eventual GWG from his knees! Bryans netted his second of the game around the halfway mark to give the G-men a little cushion and that's how the game ended.

Another great performance from Zach. Crisi and Konstantino also came through big time for us. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me, but I'm guaranteeing a narrow Week 8 victory over the Falcons. Mark it, Dude.
Broncos 6   Rangers 2 :
Kluegel: The Broncos had a 10 day layoff after their previous game and it showed:

1) Alex Lince forgot one shin pad and had to "sweet talk" one of the UM-D female hockey players after practice to let him borrow her shin pad.

2) Blake Smith showed up without any sticks so he had to borrow one of Curtis Clark's 8 foot long twigs.

To the game we go...

With a "feminine scent" in the air, Alex Lince opened up the scoring 3:52 into the game, beating De Gagne low glove side. Rookie of the Year Cam Barron would add a tally before the period was up. 2-0 Broncos End of 1.

The Broncos continued to roll in the 2nd and 3rd. Blake Smith would chip in 2 goals, Alex Lince scored his second of the evening, and sub John Crisi added one as well.

Overall, big 2G, 2A night for Lince and 1G, 2A assist for Barron. Nice W for the Broncos. As usual, Dare was very strong in net.

Special thanks to John Crisi for subbing at the last minute.

Next up, DePaoli and the Bullitts!

Focus 7   Bullitts 1 :
DePaoli: Bullitts play with 8 skaters which proves to be the wrong recipe against the high powered Focus offense and we took a thumping. I had to sit this one out with a lower body injury and it was pretty tough to watch. Bullitts are looking to get back on track real soon.

McCaig: Well, the boys came out buzzin' tonight against the Bullitts. Looking to continue on the good habits we've gotten into from the weeks prior, we found ourselves capitalizing on opportunities and playing a solid defensive game. Right off the rip Yamin, Beaupre, and I find the back of the net in the first period to get an early lead. Fortunate for us, the Bullitts were playing with 8 and it gave the Focus some breathing room to wear them down.

The second saw more of the same from the Focus with 2 great goals by Phil, but not too long after, Layer puts one up for the Bullitts. Focus get one more late second period goal to bring it to 6-1.

Third period had a lot of back and forth between both teams, along with Perniciaro stopping my 1 on 1 rush. Just to rub it in a little more, I get reminded of Perniciaro's rating from the bench by Depaoli as I skate back emptyhanded. Bo puts in the lone goal towards the end of the period and the Focus are still undefeated after 7 weeks of hockey.

Next up the Rangers.

Upcoming FHL Action :
Wed - Oct 16, 20196:00 PMGalaxies at Falcons
Wed - Oct 16, 20197:00 PMDiesels at GranTorinos
Mon - Oct 28, 20195:00 PMThunderbolts at Cobras
Mon - Oct 28, 20196:00 PMBlackbirds at FordTough
Mon - Oct 28, 20197:00 PMBroncos at Bullitts
Tue - Oct 29, 20196:00 PMMarauders at SuperChiefs
Tue - Oct 29, 20197:00 PMRangers at Focus

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
What? John Deblois takes the top spot this week, how did that happen? :)

No shutouts and no Hat-tricks makes the Play maker that he got reign supreme, that's how.

Bo Beaupre and Matt McCaig win the coin flips among those with four point nights (2g, 2a).
John Deblois
Bo Beaupre
Matt McCaig