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November 4, 2019 Volume 16, Edition 8
FHL Weekly Recognitions
Hat Tricks...Goals
Daniel Middleton4
Michael Akins3
Adam Gorski Jr3
Blake Smith3

Play Makers...Assts
Austin Chapman3
Brian Lucatch3
Who's Hot…
The Broncos are now the only team in the league without a loss on the season. Only one tie blemishes their record, and that was several weeks ago. 15 points out of a possible 16 is rather good.
...and NOT…
The Blackbirds are on the opposite end of the spectrum at this point. Zero points on the season out of a possible 16.

The Bullitts have now lost 5 in a row (with a bye week in there).

The Diesels losing streak extends out to four games now.

Week 8 Intro :
I can't seem to wait long enough to get every Rep to put in a write-up. This week is a bit of an odd one though as a couple of these games were played a while ago and are only now being reported on.

We've now played over 1/3 of the regular season games. There are still several more weeks yet before we start having teams face each other for the second time. Things are a bit tight at the top of the standings with no one running away with things just yet...though a few teams have had some great starts to the season.

Alright, on with the write-ups.

Week 8 in Review :
Thunderbolts 3   Cobras 2 :
Filar: Good close game, 1-1 through 2 and the Thunderbolts get the lead a few minutes into the third. Cobras answer to tie it up but the refs call a kicking motion on the goal. Faceoff moved from center ice and 2-2 to outside the zone and 2-1. Off the draw McKenzie walks in and makes it 3-1. Konstantino makes it 3-2 late with his 2nd of the contest but the Cobras fall short.

Quote of the day(albeit from a text,on the bench, during first shift): Me: are you coming to the game? BEER GUY: Thought the game was tomorrow. Me: any chance your gonna run that beer up here?.....

Clearly we never stood a chance.

Tymczak: Well, we played a complete game! Brandon played well on the other end keeping the score close, stopping numerous breakaways. Alex said we played tight in front of him making crisp, clean passes. He also stopped Filar (the dancing bear) on some good scoring chances. Up next the tough broncos
FordTough 6   Blackbirds 4 :
Dalimonte: ...Ford Tough faces the Blackbirds in early action.

Danny Middleton dominates early action as he scores 3 goals in first 6 min of the game. Tough get other goals from Ryan Zack and Andrew Daehn. as the Tough take a 5-0 Lead in the first period.

Blackbirds fight back to cut the lead 5-2. Middleton scores another late to get his 4th of the game 6-2.

Blackbirds score 2 more in last 30 seconds to make the score 6-4.

Great game by Andy as he stops lots of shots early and late to keep this game in the Toughs hands.

Up Next for the Tough is Cobra Kai!

Lacaria: Volume 2 Issue 8

Testing the gazette karma has not made a difference. Write-up we lose, no write-up we lose. We made some early mistakes and found ourselves down 5-0 after the first period. 2nd and 3rd we get out act together and score 4 goals (3 in the last 3 minutes of the game).

FT are a quick team and we let them roll by early on. I commend the team for not quitting though and getting some feel good goals late in the game. The hits keep on coming to the Birds as we find out some bad news about Dman Fecker pregame (out until the first of the year with a back injury) and then during the game Sabuda goes down with a groin injury in a collision with Birds sub Chris Vincent. Looks like Mark is going to be out several weeks as well.

I hope there is a bevy of 2.5 subs on the wait list, the wounded Birds are in need of some long term subs.
Broncos 5   Bullitts 3 :
DePaoli: A heavily subbed Bullitts team once again takes the ice against an unbeaten team, which seams to be a common thread these days. Overall the game was pretty even with both teams trading off offensive zone pressure, but in the end the Broncos were able to capitalize on more of their opportunities. The Bullitts look to get off the cold list next week.

Kluegel: 8 games in and the Broncos remain undefeated. Blake Smith with a huge 3G, 1A night for the Broncos. Curtis Clark scored on a nice slapper from the point. Alex Lince added a tally as well.

5-3 Bronco victory. Credit to the Bullitts for playing a really tough game, they are much better than their record. Garrett White and Maloney were a PITA to deal with all night.

Nice performance in net by Jeff Dare. Special thanks to Chris Colarusso for subbing at the last minute.

Next up, a long layoff before the Thunderbolts on November 7th.
SuperChiefs 6   Marauders 3 :
Vincent: Big game for the Chiefs against SoapDaddys Marauders. We were able to grab an early lead in this one and not look back. We received contributions up and down the lineup and big goals throughout. Fink led the way for us with a 4 point performance. Alex and Doug with excellent games on both ends of the ice as well. The Monster Warren was in the Halloween mood early and transformed into a beast during the game. And as usual Gardner was steady as a rock in net. Nice W and now it’s on to Tommy B and the Falcons.

Soper: Not a good night for the Marauders.
Good game for the SuperFreaks! :0)
Thanks to Brendan and Nate for subbing.

See Chris Vincent write up as Soapdaddy was not at the game.
Rangers 5   Focus 2 :
McCaig: Well the focus get their first loss of the season to the Rangers. A few days before, the team got word of a terrible shakeweight incident that left Crisi out of commission for 3 months. Also missing Bo to help round out the lineup. Big thanks to Nate and Sharlow for subbing (and generating all our offense). Hats off to the Rangers for playing a 2-way game that was effective from the moment the puck dropped. Looking to write this one off and get back at it Monday. Not a lot to say except it wasn't our best effort and just gotta move on.

Moczydlowsky: Big win for the Rangers!!!!

Marc stood on his head stopping McCaig on multiple breakways.

Dany went back hand bar down to extend the lead to 4-2.

Charlie Tyson has a break out game scoring a couple goals and having even more scoring chances.

Matt Shultz seals the deal with an empty netter from his own redline.

All the beers got drank in the locker room post game.

Those are just a few of the many game highlights. Rangers looking to get their first back to back wins this week.
Galaxies 5   Falcons 4 :

Akins: Cholette steals one from Falcons for another Galaxies win.

The teams were ready. The refs were ready. Where's Scotty?!?! Evidently, the powers that be neglected to inform Mr. FHL about the Wednesday tilts. A call was placed and Scotty was on his way. In the meantime, former FHL Pres Radl was fortunately on-hand to fill in and . . . well, struggle with the scoreboard controls. As such, the first period was played off-the-clock, so to speak. The resulting scoresheet is also suspect, so the recap is as accurate as possible 2 weeks later.

The Galaxies' firm of Kalinski, Akins & Hernandez was clicking this game. The Galaxies' Rep started the scoring at some point in the first. Middleton tied it up off the ensuing face-off. Akins later found Kalinsky breaking on the backside with a prayer and he finished it with a nice move. After the Falcons tied it up, the Rep got 2 more to complete the hat trick. Ed "Big Goal" Hernandez then put in yet another GWG (3 for 3 in Galaxies' Ws) on a beauty feed from Jones on the rush. The Falcons drew within 2 on a late second period PPG. Zach faced a ton of pressure/shots late in the 3rd. One puck found its way through to make it 5-4, but without his efforts the Galaxies would have been toast.

Everyone's glad to get another win. Hoping the confidence carries through the week off. In an entirely unexpected turn of events, I'm now a forward for the foreseeable future. Go figure. On to the Bullitts next month.
GranTorinos 5   Diesels 2 :
Schaefer: Game was two weeks ago, don't remember but it was a close one.


Upcoming FHL Action :
Mon - Nov 04, 20195:00 PMGranTorinos at Focus
Mon - Nov 04, 20196:00 PMGalaxies at Bullitts
Mon - Nov 04, 20197:00 PMFalcons at SuperChiefs
Tue - Nov 05, 20196:00 PMBlackbirds at Rangers
Tue - Nov 05, 20197:00 PMMarauders at Diesels
Thu - Nov 07, 20196:00 PMFordTough at Cobras
Thu - Nov 07, 20197:00 PMBroncos at Thunderbolts

FHL Three Stars of the Week :
Goals, goals and goals... You needed at least three this week to be in consideration. Dan Middleton had four, so takes the top spot. Michael Akins gets on this list for the first time (ever?) with a Hat-trick and Blake Smith follows suit with the same performance (both had four point nights).
Daniel Middleton
Michael Akins
Blake Smith