FHL 2020 - 2021 Draft Order

Draft PickTeamRep NameRep RatingGoalie PickGoalie NameGoalie RatingGoalie RankRating TotalTie Breaker
1ThunderboltsTymczak, Mike2.0 Grashik, Jordan2.5104.59.5
2SuperChiefsVincent, Chris3.5 Gardner, Mike2.0145.56.5
3MaraudersSoper, Todd3.0 De Gagne, Marc2.5115.59.5
4BroncosKluegel, Matt4.0 Samyn, Andy2.0136.08.0
5BullittsDePaoli, Mark4.0 Caldwell, Kevin2.586.513.5
6FalconsBordeau, Tom3.0 Cholette, Zachary3.576.514.5
7BlackbirdsLacaria, Giuseppe3.0 Dare, Jeff3.566.515.5
8DieselsKundinger, Mike4.0 Caldwell, Brendan4.538.520.5
9FocusMcCaig, Matt5.0 Gadulka, Christopher4.049.020.0
10GranTorinosSchaefer, Rhett5.0 Krichiver, Ryan4.529.522.5

Do you like math? Hopefully you do as that is what this page is all about, and how we determine the Draft Order going into every new season. Simply take the rating of the Team Rep and add that to the rating of the Goalie, then use the inverse order of the Goalie Rank as a Tie Breaker where needed and there you have it. The Team with the lowest Rating Total (and lowest Tie Breaker when Rating Totals are equal) gets to pick first in the Draft.

The Final Round of the Draft goes in the reverse order of the Goalie Rank.